Symptoms and treatment of scabies at home: in adults, in children

With timely diagnosis and subsequent treatment, scabies will not give you much trouble. But it is important to know what are its first signs. Therefore, today we will tell you how to determine, start treatment and quickly cure scabies in children and adults at home, what are its symptoms and the first signs, show you photos of patients with scabies.

How to identify the disease at home

To determine the scabies outside a health facility is simple enough if it is not a neglected case, since forms such as Norwegian scabies or scabies lymphoplasia are specific, often without the typical symptoms of scabious dermatosis, whichare itching and scabies.

To accurately determine if a person has been infected with itch itching, you need knowledge about the general symptoms of the disease, the specific manifestations with particular forms of scabies and symptoms characteristic of women, men and children.

The symptoms of scabies are described in the video by Elena Malysheva:

The essence of the d

Scabies are an insidious disease, and in different forms this tick-borne dermatosis shows less or greater danger in the form of weighting of the disease and many complications. Pathology is caused by a subcutaneous tick - arachnid scabby parasite Sarcoptes scabiei.

His females, getting by a physical touch to the infected person on the skin, immediately take root under the horny scales and begin active development of habitats - gnawing tick-borne channels, laying eggs and secrete saliva, glandular secret and excrement. These organic compounds provoke the development of a pronounced allergic reaction in the form of painful itching, eruptions of various forms( papules, vesicles), and strong combs in which the skin is damaged, and streptococcal and staphylococcal agents easily enter it.

General symptoms of scabies

scabies symptoms The period of hidden development of the disease( incubation) can usually last from 3 to 14 days, but if you carefully inspect the skin, the place of the introduction of the itching can be seen in the first hours after infection. As soon as the females begin to gnaw the skin, highlighting the oral secret, the signs of scabies grow.


  • is an intolerable itch, which has the property of increasing by night - the time of special activity of females, and also after washing with hot water;
  • tick-borne subcutaneous canals that look like inflamed straight or sinuous lines of grayish-whitish color with tiny bubbles at the ends;
  • is an allergic puffiness along the subcutaneous courses, which develops in response to the action of active substances in the parasite secretions;
  • papular-vesicular eruptions, combs and crusts on them.

Species and specificity of the disease

The following varieties of scabies are distinguished:

  • typical;
  • scabies of cleanliness;
  • nodular( nodular) or scabious lymphoplasia;
  • Norwegian;
  • pseudocyst( pseudoraportosis).

Different forms of scabies have common features, but differ in specific symptoms. They are united by the fact that initially rashes, scratching appear on the most delicate areas - in the interdigital spaces on the hands and on the sides of the palms. On the elbows often visible bloody or pus-covered crusts from scratching or purulent - a symptom of Ardi.

First signs and features of


women In addition to the usual zones where zudna females are introduced, the mite affects women:

  • buttock zone and gluteal folds, groin, zone around the anus;
  • labia;
  • skin under the breast;
  • areoles around the nipples.

In men,

In men, typical for scabies, rashes appear:

  • in the lower abdomen and near the navel;
  • under the skin of the penis, scrotum, around the anus, on the buttocks, in the groin;
  • on the legs( knees, popliteal cavities).


scabies symptoms man In children because of intolerable itching, signs of scabies are often confused with symptoms of acute eczema. Specificity of manifestations of scabies in a child is expressed in the fact that the rash is of a very diverse nature( polymorphic), and manifests itself in areas of the body that are not characteristic of adult patients.

Children 7 to 14 years old are affected:

  • brushes, wrists, elbows, feet;
  • buttocks and folds underneath, genitals.

In infants and young children, tick-borne canals and rashes are less likely to be found in typical places such as the side surfaces of the palms and the area between the fingers, but more often reveal:

  • on the soles of the feet and soles;
  • face, neck, back and head.

Therefore, in children, anti-malignant medicine treats the whole body together with the face and scalp under the hair. Very often, mites are affected by baby nails, which are covered with cracks, become loose and brittle.

Polymorphism of the rash in children is manifested in the formation of various elements:

  • vesicles, blisters, red spots, wet sores;
  • lenticular papules( skin dense reddish-brown convex formations resembling lentils);
  • pustules( vesicles) and vesicles( small vesicles containing exudate);
  • small infected inflamed papules;
  • multiple brushes, covered with blood crusts.

Knowing about the first symptoms and signs of scabies, let's talk about her treatment at home with folk and pharmacy.

Home Treatment

A typical form of scabies, pseudoraportosis and even scabious lymphoplasia can be cured at home. The exception is the Norwegian form of scabies, which is intensively treated in the hospital due to the special severity of all manifestations, serious complications and high infectiousness.

The diagnosis and treatment of scabies and lice in children will be described in this video by Dr. Komarovsky:

Detection of the tick duct

A typical subcutaneous canal, gnawed by a female tick, is usually easily visible under a magnifying glass. The end of the course ends with a tiny bubble, often covered with a blood crust. Inside, sometimes a tiny dark dot is visible - the body of a tick.

To accurately see the itch channels, the houses use the simplest method - iodine solution is wiped out where suspected moves are suspected. The skin near the tick-borne channels is loosened, inflamed, easily absorbs iodine and stains more intensively, so the itch immediately becomes noticeable, like a darker strip or a sinuous curve.

At home, you can use anti-bacterial( anti-drug) drugs with exact observance of the rules. On how to get rid of scabies at home using drugs and med.sredstv, we will tell below.

Anti-scratch drugs

Basic rules of the

Basic rules:

  1. Before the treatment, wash thoroughly using a washcloth and soap to remove some of the itching from the body. When washing, the upper layer of the skin is loosened at the same time, the pores are opened, and the pharmacological agents from the mites penetrate deeper into the dermis and scabies.
  2. All acaricidal( anti-scratch) drugs are rubbed into the skin with bare hands, as the epidermis of the hands and fingers is affected first.
  3. Children under the age of three are treated with the entire surface of the skin, including the face and head.
  4. Acaricidal drugs in low concentration, designed to treat children, will not help adults who are infected with scabies.
  5. All the funds are left on the skin for a long time( Lindan till 6 o'clock, the rest - up to 12), in order to guarantee the destruction of ticks. Then a shower with soap is taken - preferably with tar, green - and all the linen changes.
  6. To relieve scabies of children, ticks are used with a concentration of 2 times less than recommended for adults.
  7. All parasitologists( including foreign) are recommended to use parasitologists 2 times - on days 1 and 4, although the instructions of foreign agents often assign single use. Double treatment is associated with the cycle of reproduction of the tick. All acaricidal ointments, emulsions, aerosols are fatal only to adults with itching, without causing any harm to the eggs. On the 4th day, young larvae hatch from eggs, which are eliminated by the secondary use of the remedy.
  8. It is highly inappropriate to use any antisabiotic agents in increased concentration or longer than the prescribed course of treatment, as is often done "for guarantee".
  9. All clothing, pillows, blankets, underwear, toys, articles of use must undergo processing for the destruction of the itch. Ways - hot iron, boiling for 5 - 10 minutes, packing for 3 days all things in closed plastic bags, hanging clothes in the air for 2 - 4 days. Such treatment is mandatory in order to avoid re-infection from ticks left on the laundry, surrounding objects or clothes.

The danger of prolonged therapy with acaricidal drugs

how to get rid of scabies at home Unreasonably long-term treatment can easily cause so-called post-scabic dermatitis, which is difficult to treat and often mask signs of scabies, confusing the clinical picture. The reason why patients exceed the duration of treatment is prolonged itching, which continues after treatment with acaricidal drugs.

But such an itch is provoked not by mites that have already been killed, but their toxins left in the skin, or the anti-sting drugs themselves, which often cause such an allergic itch. With such symptoms, the dermatologist is immediately consulted, who will advise a short course of glucocorticosteroid ointments and antiallergic medications that quickly relieve inflammation and itching.

The most effective acaricidal preparations:

  1. Benzyl benzoate .Ointment( 10% in pediatrics from 2 months after birth, 20% in adult patients) and an emulsion of 20%.Each treatment is carried out in the evening in connection with the activation of ticks at night. After treatment( on days 1 and 4), it is permitted to take a shower after 12 hours of benzyl benzoate on the body.
  2. Serum ointment ( 20 - 33% for adults, 3 - 5% - for infants from 2 months old) is an effective and harmless remedy, inexpensive and time-tested. Smear on the skin every evening with a course no longer than 5-7 days.
  3. Permethrin in pharmacological forms of lotion, cream, aerosol, ointment is an effective anti-malt drug. Allowed for kids over the age of one. Course 3 - 4 days with daily use.
  4. Spregal aerosol ( France).Effective, but expensive, odorless drug. Vapors are dangerous if inhaled due to toxins that kill ticks. But if you reliably isolate the respiratory organs from vapors, Spregal is allowed to use in pediatrics from 2 months. The instructions say that the drug destroys larvae and eggs, but the domestic medicine recommends conducting a two-time spray treatment with an interval of 3 days to ensure and prevent re-infection of parasites that have emerged from the eggs.
  5. Lindane ( lotion) is applied to the skin with a swab, washing it off after 6 hours. For reliable destruction of itching lotion is used twice - on the 1 and 4 day of treatment.

The folk methodology of

Recipes for home treatment of scabies can bring both benefit and harm if their individual components provoke an allergic reaction, which often develops very intensively( especially in children).For this reason, home treatment is initiated after detailed consultation with an infectious disease specialist or dermatologist.

In addition, folk methods often involve mixtures in which the main active substances are sulfur, tar, which are already present in the pharmacy pharmacological acaricidal drugs.

Basic home recipes( exclusively for use on the skin):

  1. Mustard oil. Garlic( head) rubbed until "kashki", pour half a liter of mustard oil. The mixture is cooked, stirring, over a small fire for 20 minutes. Then filter, cool and spread on the skin( it is desirable to treat the entire body, excluding the face and head).Dangerous! Mustard is a strong allergen.
  2. A block of household soap is rubbed and put on a small fire until melting. One onion and garlic head are crushed and interfere with liquid soap. The mixture is cooked for about 10 minutes. Cool and apply like soap when washing twice a day.
  3. In sour bread kvass put more salt and warm to such a temperature that the hands became hot, but there was no danger of a burn. They keep their hands in kvass. The remedy is unreliable, since the treatment of individual sites is not capable of completely destroying all the itch under the skin in hidden places.
  4. Lavender oil is used for rubbing into the skin 5 - 6 times a day.
  5. Crushed celandine( 1 large spoon) is added to thick cream( 2 spoons) and insists on cold for 24 hours. The mixture is used in the evening, leaving the body for 12 hours. They are also used in certain areas, applying ointment on the bandage as a compress, but this treatment does not destroy all ticks living under the skin.
  6. Places of combs, rashes, tick-borne channels are smeared with pure tar, without removing 6 - 7 hours. Then wash off with a warm decoction of the althea root. The remedy facilitates itching, destroys the itch.
  7. From turpentine with linseed oil( boiled lean oil) make a mixture of 1 to 2. Lubricate the site of lesions. Important - turpentine - a dangerous tool!
  8. Mix one liter of 20% ammonia, 25 grams of Spanish fly in powder, 50 grams of root of calamus, green walnuts, elecampane high. The mixture is insisted for 2 weeks. In a liter of water, add a mixture of oregano, mother-and-stepmother, celandine, St. John's wort and boil for 20 minutes. After percolation, mix with the obtained tincture of ammonia. Used as rubbing or for lotions( with boiled water).Lack - while preparing the remedy, scabies for 4 days can be cured by any pharmacy acaricidal drug.
  9. Lubricate scabies lesions on the skin with a mixture of sulfur with the inner fat of the pig( 1 to 2).
  10. Juniper berries( 100 g) are poured with boiling water( 10 liters) and kept on fire for 15 minutes. Decoction of juniper washed the whole body or make a bath, pouring the broth directly into the container and adding warm water.
  11. Safe means - water-soap baths. Soap is bred in warm water to a thick soapy foam, which is spread on the baby's body, leaving for 30 minutes. The rests are washed off with water and lubricate the baby's skin with the following ointment. Carbonic potash, sulfur and smalets are mixed 1: 2: 1/8, lubricated, leaving for 3 - 4 hours. If the child complains of severe itching, wash immediately!
  12. A sulfuric ointment is made from 1 part of powdered sulfur and 4 parts of lard fat, as a greasy ointment base. Rub after washing with soap and water 2 times a day.
  13. 13. Pork fat( 1/2 large spoonful) is added to green soap and powdered sulfur( 1/2 tablespoon).In the mixture, a teaspoon of pure tar is added, mixing to homogeneity. Rub the skin twice a day( the last time - in the evening).
  14. The crushed leaves of the Ledum are mixed in equal parts with the pork fat and the root of the hellebore white. The mixture is kept in the oven( it is possible in a water bath) for 6 hours. After straining and cooling, apply a remedy to the affected areas with an itch 2 times a day.
  15. Pork fat( 4 tablespoons) is heated, adding to it the crushed root elecampane. Hold 10 minutes on a quiet fire. Carefully filter the mixture and injected 2 large spoons of sulfur powder and liquid tar. The mixture is made homogeneous. Ointment is treated with rashes 4 to 6 times a day. Remove the remedy or with warm water, or by rubbing the skin with the decay root of elecampane.
  16. Tomatoes( 1 kg) are fried in vegetable oil( 0.5 liters) and whipped to a homogeneous mixture in the form of an ointment. Three times a day, the places affected by the itching are treated.

Important! Any remedy applied in the wrong concentration or with a disruption in the duration of treatment can result in:

  • to mildly affect the itching, their eggs and the resumption of the disease with renewed vigor;
  • to the development of dermatitis, as many drugs aggressively affect the skin, especially - the nursery;
  • to the occurrence of strong and unpredictable allergic manifestations.

Some other ways of home treatment of scabies will tell this video:

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