Diet for weight loss in pancreatitis

For losing weight The main difference between pancreatitis and other diseases is the absence of symptoms. Citizens are 30% more likely to suffer seizures than villagers. Diet for weight loss can be used in all other cases, but not with pancreatitis. The disease( especially exacerbation) is characterized by two to three days of complete starvation and a sharp decrease in calories during the recovery period. The food value of the menu is normalized only after a month of low-calorie nutrition. Diet in pancreatitis prohibits the following foods that usually prohibit healthy people for losing weight:

  • ice cream - excess white sugar, flavors, dyes, emulsifiers, stabilizers, increased fat
  • baking, bread, baking - the presence of starch, a large amount of carbohydrates leading to fermentation,as a result, gases press on the intestine and pancreas
  • mutton fat, beef and pork fat - cholesterol, excess fats
  • acute, fried - excluded from all diets for weight loss
  • poultry, meat, fish fattyComrade, broths on these p

Thus, feeding on the recommendations gastroenterologist patient with pancreatitis no risk to gain weight at all. Therefore, the problem of choosing a diet for weight loss before him can not stand in principle. The menu consists of dishes with steamed or boiled products:

  • lean fish, rabbit, chicken, turkey, veal, beef
  • decoctions, jelly, infusions of herbs and fruits
  • cereals - buckwheat, rice, oats
  • small portions of vegetable and butter
  • pasta
  • low-fat dairy products( preference is given to homogenized)
  • steam omelettes, eggs in dishes
  • soups only on vegetarian broths
  • stale bread( only from wheat)

From such a diet you are logicallyflows that their own diets with pancreatitis( 2, 5n, 5a) have everything you need for weight loss. The pancreas does not allow the body to gain weight in the event of abnormalities in its functioning, in addition, the patient is severely dehydrated when recovering from an attack. Therefore, two and a half liters a day are necessary for the body in any case.

Many dishes in the diet for weight loss and nutrition at pancreatitis are similar. The difference is that the sick body in pancreatitis forces to eat in a similar way to maintain remission, while the diet for weight loss is not respected by all. Cases of healing, including folk methods, are known to medicine. The chronic stage presupposes adherence to therapeutic nutrition throughout life.

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