Nutrition for pancreatic necrotic pancreas and menus after it, what can you eat( eat)?

nutrition with pancreatic necrosis The diet after pancreatic necrosis should take into account all the weak points of your body, give you the opportunity to get the most vitamins, minerals and at the same time easy to digest and digest, without causing an increase in the level of pancreatic secretion. You should start to get used to fractional nutrition 6 - 7 times a day, eat at regular intervals.

For a long time, and even better - forever, you'll have to exclude fat, ice cream, confectionery, chocolate, bananas, dates, grapes, figs, mushrooms, spinach, sweet pepper, sorrel, onion, eggplant, radish, turnip,radish, garlic, white cabbage, corn and barley porridge, various spices, legumes, fatty dairy products, whole egg dishes and a lot of yolks, by-products, sausages, canned goods, fatty fish, fatty poultry and fatty meat, smoked products, milk soups, cabbage soup, borsch, okroshka, beetroot, jam, layerth and pastry, chilled and carbonated drinks, soups, fresh bread, wine, coffee, cocoa and alcohol.

After reading the list of what

you can not, you may have doubts about whether there is food left for you? Yes, this food is left, and adhering to the strict diet in the first months after pancreatic necrosis, you then, with the support of your doctor, you can gradually expand your diet, occasionally indulging yourself with your favorite but forbidden dishes at the moment.

food after pancreocherosis At first, after you returned home, it is important not only how often you have meals and what you eat, but also what temperature you use the dishes. With pancreatic necrosis, food should be at room temperature, that is, not hot or cold. You are more correct to eat crushed or grated products, because in this form they are better absorbed.

In the first days after pancreatonecrosis, the menu of your diet can include: stale bread, crackers and dry unsweetened cookies, 30 g butter a day, 10 g of refined vegetable oil, weak teas with the addition of milk or lemon, decoctions of rose hips, green peas, zucchini,pumpkin, beetroot, cauliflower, potatoes, and carrots in boiled form. Also, your food for pancreatic necrosis can be varied due to pasta and cooked porridge on the water, low-fat varieties of birds, beef and fish, low-fat dairy products and vegetarian soups made of grated vegetables.

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