Diet for pancreatic diseases, pancreatitis, nutrition with a diseased organ

Pancreas Diet When pancreatitis, patients take food baked, cooked or cooked in a double boiler. The pancreas, a diet for which excludes cold and hot dishes, reacts too strongly to any stimuli. The patient should exclude acute, fatty, sour, otherwise, the disease will worsen, or the disease will go to the chronic phase. The main characteristics of the diet are:

  • the name of therapeutic diet - diet 5p
  • restriction of carbohydrates, fats
  • substitution of two thirds of vegetable proteins
  • rejection of extracts
  • inadmissibility in the diet of cellulose of crude type
  • decrease in energy value

Diet for pancreatic disease in adults and children is prescribedtime of remission, with exacerbations and at the moment of recovery. The disease accompanies them from the moment of diagnosis until the end of life. In soups, there is no meat, mushrooms and fish, because these broths cause increased littering. Diet with the disease "pancreas" can include a chicken egg only in the composition of the dish, half

of the yolk is a one-time, in some cases daily, norm for the patient. Only in this case the disease will allow to live fully.

The disease diet includes meat and fish of low-fat varieties that can not be harmed by the pancreas. The patient can use:

  • home fresh curd
  • meat with a piece( very soft), turkey, chicken, rabbit, veal
  • percussion, cod, trout
  • rice, semolina, oats, buckwheat and barley porridges
  • vegetable oil in food up to 15 grams per day
  • butter inside dishes up to 30 g daily

The disease affects the body responsible for the production of a substance that allows the splitting of fats, carbohydrates and proteins that come with food. Therefore, diet food for the pancreas should be maximally crushed in all possible ways. Porridges are wiped, cooked to a state of semi-cohesion, vegetables are grated on a grater. In remission, you can experiment with products within reasonable limits. Pork is easier to digest than beef, it is safer for the pancreas, you just need to properly prepare the dish.

The main characteristic, which is different diet for pancreatic disease - frequent meals little by little. The patient should diversify the diet, it is useful for other organs. A complete rejection of fresh fruits or vegetables is useful for this disease, but, leads to the emergence of new ones. Sour-milk foods diet, useful for the stomach, are allowed. They should have a minimum fat content, only acidic is completely banned. Patients should eat five or six times a day.

Diseases of the pancreas, diet Gastroenterologists attach great importance to diet therapy. Without it, it is very difficult to restore metabolism in the patient's body, stop the progression of the disease. Diet in patients with pancreas varies at different stages. The first week after the attack, use the first model, after which they switch to the second model of the fifth diet. It is designed for a long time, changes in it are necessary so that the organism is not deprived of diversity.

Deficiency of protein in the body is compensated by increasing it in food up to 120 g. "Fast" carbohydrates, which are present in sweets, jam, sugar and honey, are limited to 300 g. Fats are poorly digested, therefore, they are limited to 80 g. Pancreatitis pancreatitisproceeds with loss of water in the body trying to recover. Its excess must be compensated by copious drinking all the time of the disease. Doctors recommend juices of fruits and some vegetables, weak tea with a small amount of milk. Milk is best used homogenized, because the fat in it is crushed, which reduces the work of the body for its cleavage.

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