Diet after surgery or removal of the pancreas, resection with pancreatitis

After operation The organ located behind the abdominal cavity, which produces and removes into the duodenum pancreatic juice, is called the pancreas. In addition, it synthesizes hormones( insulin), which in the disease ceases to be excreted from it. Removal of any part of the gland is called pancreatectomy, which can affect organs in close proximity:

  • small intestine and stomach( removal of part)
  • spleen( operation is rarely done)
  • gallbladder
  • nodes lymphatic( removal is used very often)

After surgery, doctors prescribeall, without exception, patients the following recovery measures:

  • diet after pancreas operation
  • food with enzymatic supplements that help to process food
  • insulin intake for regulation in blood sugar( removal of the gland reduces the production of it by the body)
  • the remote organ requires safe bath and shower intake( according to the doctor's recommendations)

Diet after removal of pancreaticThe gland begins with two hungry days, then a gentle power mode is

used for the remote part. The operation is considered especially risky for people who have:

  • lung or heart disease
  • accustomed to unsystematic nutrition( the diet is prescribed for life)
  • smokers( the remote part requires termination)
  • at the age of forty
  • obesity

A diet is necessary when removing or resection of the pancreasfor the physiological rest of this organ. Full food starts from the third day, the products are allowed:

  • tea without sugar with cracker( only at the beginning of the diet)
  • rubbed soups( if the operation went without complications)
  • buckwheat and rice milk porridge( milk is then homogenized, diluted with water)
  • protein omelette(the removed organ allows no more than ½ eggs per day)
  • stale bread( only white, from the sixth day)
  • curd, 15 g butter butter per day

Diet after resection with completely removed or cut out severalE pancreatic duct first two weeks of very tough, with calorie restriction, a week into the diet add a little meat and fish. The food is cooked for a couple of weeks after the operation, then the patient can start eating boiled foods. The food immediately after the operation uses the replacement of carbohydrates( mainly, "fast") and fats with proteins. Fats provoke abundant release of enzymes, with which the rest of the gland does not cope. Carbohydrates cause fermentation in the stomach, gases begin to press on the stomach and pancreas, causing pain.

Diet after removal of the pancreas Gastroenterologists prescribe nutrition in the form of the fifth diet, the first option. After two weeks, the caloric content of the ration increases, the second option begins to be used. Diet after the operation with pancreatitis part of the pancreas gland allows you to avoid complications in the future, under the complete ban are fatty foods, acute, acidic. Of great importance is the individual patient's tolerance. After removing any ducts of the pancreatic gland with dieting the food becomes fractional, frequent. Before going to bed, the patient drinks a glass of curdled milk, which can be periodically replaced with warm water and honey.

Morning meal consists of two breakfasts, the interval between them is four hours. The first time the patient eats porridge, the second - puree from potatoes, Jerusalem artichoke or carrots. The food after such an operation can alternate for weeks, adding to the first breakfast a piece of boiled meat, in the second steam omelet. Soups are prepared vegetarian, without mushrooms( which are completely banned).Meat or fish are served for the second and for dinner. In the afternoon snack menu, usually consists of cottage cheese, tea with milk.

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