What medicines are taken with bronchitis: list

medications for bronchitis Ulcerative, dry cough - the initial stage of bronchitis. A wet, heavy cough with phlegm is his next step. For a long time, an impassable cough, sputum greenish - possible signs of pneumonia.

To prevent complications, the first symptoms of bronchitis need to start treatment with certain drugs. Medications from bronchitis are widely represented in pharmaceuticals, all new products appear on the shelves every day.

And it is worth considering that each drug has its own direction and each individual way of use. In this article, we will discuss how to treat bronchitis in adults with medicines, and what drugs are used for this.

Drugs for coughing with bronchitis

In adults, the main drugs in the fight against bronchitis, of course, can be called cough drugs that affect directly the bronchi, phlegm and cough center. They are usually called expectorants, that is, those that help quickly move away from the mucus that accumulates on the walls of the bronchi.

To expectorants can include:

  1. Pectolvan, Plantain syrup, Alteika, Prospan, Pertussin, Mukaltin;
  2. Lazolvan, Bromhexidine, Flavamed;
  3. ACS( acetylcysteine).

The antitussive medications are prescribed at the first stage of the disease in order to suppress a superficial dry cough. If the cough has already become wet, then these funds are not shown.

  1. Broncholitin;
  2. Paxeladine;
  3. Stoptussin.

Combined preparations of from cough. They contain substances that suppress the cough center, and have an anti-inflammatory effect, and stimulate the activity of the respiratory system.

  1. Sinekod;
  2. Plantain syrup;
  3. Herbion;
  4. Kodelak fito;
  5. Bronchicum;
  6. Broncholitin.

It is worth knowing that preparations of expectorant and antitussive drugs are not at all prescribed at the same time : this combination is very dangerous for human life, because it leads to the accumulation of a large amount of sputum in the lungs, and as a result, the form of bronchitis passes into total pneumonia. Read also how to choose syrup from a cough.

ATSTS with bronchitis

Antibiotics for bronchitis

Aminopenicillins :

  • amoksiklav;
  • amoxicillin;
  • arlet;
  • augmentin.

Antibiotics of this series are destructive to the walls of bacteria, their action is directed only at harmful microorganisms, and there is no harm to the body as a whole.

Macrolides :

  • Macropen;
  • sumamed.

Block the multiplication of microbes due to disruption of protein production in cells.

Cephalosporins :

  • ceftriaxone;
  • cefazolin;
  • cephalexin.

Antibiotics of a wide spectrum of action, well cope with microorganisms resistant to penicillins.

Fluoroquinolones :

  • ofloxacin;
  • levofloxacin;
  • moxifloxacin.

Antibiotics for bronchitis of a wide spectrum of action, their frequent use leads to disruption of the digestive tract, provokes dysbiosis.

amoxiclav in bronchitis

Do I need antibiotics to treat bronchitis?

Because in most cases, the causative agents of bronchitis are viruses, it makes no sense to take antibiotics. However, if the temperature does not decrease within 5 days, strong weakness, weakness, dyspnea appears, sputum becomes green and abundant, and signs of a bacterial infection appear in the blood test, then they can not be avoided without their appointment.

Antibacterials of a wide spectrum of action are preferred: cephalosporins, protected penicillins, macrolides.

Do antiviral drugs need treatment for bronchitis?

If bronchitis occurs against the background of influenza, then it is possible to connect antiviral drugs for therapy. You can use interferon preparations intranasally, that is, instillation into the nose of both children and adults.

To popular antiviral drugs, which are primarily intended for adults, include:

  1. Amiksin;
  2. Arbidol;
  3. Rimantadine;
  4. Interferons;
  5. Amizon;
  6. Viferon.

The use of other antiviral drugs for acute respiratory viral infection and influenza is widely advertised and recommended, however, there is no convincing research and evidence of their effect and safety, therefore the decision to use them is a private matter for everyone. Especially, if more than 2 days have passed since the onset of the disease, there is no sense in starting them, the effect does not have to wait .

Viferon with bronchitis


It is also very effective cure for bronchitis with a nebulizer. The peculiarity of this method of treatment is that the nebulizer turns a medicinal substance into an easily digestible aerosol.

Drugs can be quite diverse - phytopreparations, antibiotics, bronchodilators and mucolytics. Nebulizer is used not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of bronchitis.

Regimen for bronchitis

It is necessary to observe a predominantly herbal, cereal, milk diet, during the period of illness the body especially needs vitamins, preferably if it is natural vitamins - fruits and vegetables.

At the very beginning of the illness, it is just necessary to keep bed rest for 2-3 days, then you can have a half-fast mode for 3-4 days, when it becomes easier, the temperature will be normal, you can go out and make small walks in the fresh air, better in the park, and not along the highway.


Respiratory gymnastics

At home, you can perform the following respiratory gymnastics:

  1. Stand upright. Deeply inhale and spread arms or hand aside. On exhalation, return to the starting position. The number of repetitions is 15-20;
  2. In the upright position on inhalation, raise your arms up above your head. On exhalation, take the original position. The number of repetitions is 20-30;
  3. Carry out chest turns on inspiration at first to one side, and then to the second. On exhalation return to the initial state.

The above exercises can avoid bronchospasm - a narrowing of the lumen of the bronchi. Nevertheless, they do not relieve the cause of the disease.

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