Diet for pancreatitis - recipes for dietary nutrition, menu number 5( 5p) for the pancreas

Recipes Leaving the state of crisis in remission allows meat consumption. Under the ban is still the broths, but the diet for pancreatitis recipes for meat dishes begins to include. Do not stew and fry the product, use the liver, brains, kidneys, lamb, duck and goose, sausages and canned food for diet number 5. Dietary recipes that will not cause exacerbation of the pancreas, consist of dishes:

  • Souffle beef with steamed rice
  • Meat sauce with dairy sauce( both forms of diet number 5)
  • Pudding with steamed vegetables
  • Boiled veal, chicken( safe for pancreas remission)
  • Veal, rabbit or chicken steam cutlets
  • Zrazy stuffed with rice, egg with carrots,na
  • Potato pudding with beef
  • Cabbage casserole with veal( diet of the second model)
  • Steam rolls
  • Boiled beef stroganoff( safe for the pancreas with stable remission)

Fish contains no less protein, gastroenterologists include pike, perch, bream, carp, pike perch,cod, trout as a dietary food. This product is usually prepared:

  • Meatballs - mix scrolled fillets and cooked to viscous rice porridge, balls are formed and cooked in a double boiler( diet 5p)
  • Fish with "Polish" sauce - boiled water is poured with a sauce of divorced and boiledfive minutes of flour with chopped half of egg( diet food at remission)
  • Casserole cod in milk sauce - let it boil for five minutes, the fish with the chopped carrots is poured with a sauce of flour, hot milk and olive oil and baked 40 m(the dish is safe for the pancreas only at the time of remission)
  • Cod fillets - from a mixture of scrolled fish and salted bread soaked in water form in a cue ball and cook for ten minutes.

At the moment of entering remission dietary prescriptions in the menu with pancreatitis completely exclude salt, but they allow sugar( dietary food is 5n strict).Every day the patient should consume 2.5 liters of liquid in the form of broths, fruit drinks, juices. Gradually increase the calorie content and the number of products. For the safety of the pancreas, diet 5( 5p) uses breakfast and lunchtime recipes:

  • diet rice porridge without milk
  • semolina on water
  • diet carrot puree with lean fish
  • potato mash with lean meat, safe for pancreas

Menu dietary nutritionconsists of fat-free sweet cottage cheese for a mid-morning snack, a glass of water with honey for the night, which can be replaced with a glass of curdled milk. At lunch, the patient eats boiled meat with vegetable broth, puree purée to choose from and a grated apple. Diet 5 with pancreatitis of the second option begins, two weeks after the attack, lasts from six months to a year. Dietary recipes can be modified, modified, the indicators remain unchanged:

  • Carbohydrates - 450 g
  • Fats - 40 g
  • Proteins - 100 g

Pancreas - diet, recipes Gastroenterologists include in dietary nutrition with pancreatitis recipes that require less energy for the body to absorb components. To add to the menu, they recommend avocados and kiwis, which contain enzymes that are similar to substances that the pancreas creates in normal condition. Recipes for dietary nutrition in pancreatitis include several types of oat based jelly:

  • According to Momotov, one-third of a glass of kefir, four tablespoons of large and three hundred grams of small flakes are poured in a three-liter jar with warm water, aged for a couple of days and filtered, flakes washed with two liters of water(with pancreatitis - four times a day for a few sips)
  • According to Izotov - the ferment is dissolved in cold water, evaporated to the desired state, adding at the end a little oil( drink warmper cup)

Kissel in pancreatitis is considered a separate meal, therefore, it should take three hours until the next breakfast of the diet. Take the product regularly.

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