Diet for pancreatitis for a week, №1, protein, detailed, examples, №9

diet for a week with pancreatitis Pancreatic diseases( pancreatitis) are not grounds for a monotonous diet. Variety allows the body to receive the necessary trace elements and vitamins, which are contained in various products. The diet for a week with pancreatitis depends on the stage of the disease, at the time of exacerbation, the restrictions are severe, the calorie content is reduced. In remission, experiments with small doses of prohibited products are permissible, depending on the tolerability and the approximate condition of the pancreas.

The protein diet can alternate with oatmeal, which, in combination with the reception of a golden mustache, buckwheat-kefir nutrition and the intake of a tincture of the barberry root, often completely heals the organ( if surgery has not been used).The detailed scheme of diet 1 for pancreatitis is as follows:

  • in a half-liter jar of buckwheat soaked with low-fat kefir in the evening
  • the resulting delicious product is eaten in two ways - on an empty stomach in the morning, before goin
    g to bed in the evening
  • the process lasts two weeks, on the fourth day, put the barberry root on 10days
  • at the end of the first stage ready tincture, which is taken in the morning, at lunch, in the evening half an hour before meals
  • the third stage of the diet does not require preparation - in a liter of water, a cup of scrolledoats, which is eaten once a day instead of a second breakfast for 21 days.

After entering remission, the approximate diet 1 with pancreatitis is notable for the abundance of fish dishes. The product can be boiled using different sauces that change a tasty dish. This is also protein nutrition. Detailed change of sauces for a week can consist of the following sauces:

  • Polish sauce - the flour is dried in a hot skillet without oil, mixed with fish broth and half egg, boiled for five minutes( suitable for protein diet)
  • Sour cream sauce - dried flour mixed with three spoonssour cream, a cube of oil, half a glass of vegetable broth and boiled for about five minutes( safe for pancreatitis)

An example of a diet for pancreatitis can include vegetable broths, meat and fish, steamed or boiled,shi, pureed through a sieve, baked fruit. You can diversify it with a new combination of porridges and meat dishes, an unusual preparation. A delicious table 1 with protein nutrition for a week can include a curd casserole, the approximate recipe of which is given here:

  • first of all soaks up a third of a glass of raisins
  • , then four eggs are beaten, vanillin and sugar
  • added to it; then a half-curd of cottage cheese, half a cup of mango, baking powderand salt, pour a glass of kefir
  • and then add raisins to get the liquid dough
  • in a multivarquet the mixture is baked for an hour in a pan, in the oven it's enough molds and 40 minutes
  • Detailed diet 1 in cases of acuteThere is a hospital in each hospital room, which is placed in the pancreatitis of all patients. Delicious food will be available to them only after two weeks, and adherence to the diet will avoid repeated visits to the hospital. The first week is the lowest calorie with a detailed study of the internal organs. Cottage cheese, fish and rabbit meat are included in the protein diet in pancreatitis. One of the dishes of this delicious table 1 is the soufflé:

    • you need skimmed fresh cottage cheese( one and a half packs), five spoonfuls of sugar, a butter cube, a small package of sour cream, one egg, twenty grams of semolina and half a glass of
    • milk in the blender all the ingredientstake only the yolk)
    • added whipped protein( you can add grated carrots)
    • for about forty minutes the mixture laid out in the form, cooked on a pair of

    Chicken meat includes a delicious diet with pancreatitis, one of the dishes is sufl. A detailed recipe for this protein dish:

    • requires a little cream butter for it, a couple of carrots grated, 5 onions, a spoonful of cream and a hundred gram of poultry fillet, a pair of egg whites
    • in a blender chop the fillets, onion and carrots
    • combine the paste with whipped proteinscream
    • is cooked in a steamed form set in a 140-degree oven

    The approximate energy value of a souffle for a diet is 200 kilocalories, it contains thirty grams of protein, three grams of fat, no more than two grams of carbohydrates, and no fiber at all.

    Diet No.9 with pancreatitis

    Diet No. 9 was developed for people with diabetes, but can also be used for pancreatitis, in case of a violation of carbohydrate metabolism. The main features of this dietary nutrition are the following characteristics:

    • low energy value - no more than 2500 kcal during the day;
    • fractional and frequent meals in small portions;
    • sharp restriction of carbohydrate food;
    • adequate protein intake;
    • is a limited intake of fat.

    Diet №9 with pancreatitis Therapeutic diet number 9 with pancreatitis implies a complete ban on products that are a source of free carbohydrates. This includes sugar, jam, all kinds of confectionery and sweets, as well as baking and baking. Also in this list were all sweet fruits, excessively fatty foods, smoked products, salinity, canned food.

    The list of allowed products is quite wide and it provides a varied and tasty diet. This is, first of all, low-fat meat, fish and poultry in boiled form, dairy products, with the exception of fatty cheeses, sour cream and sweet yogurt. Certain types of cereals, non-starchy vegetables, as well as sour or sweet-sour fruit are shown.

    The main goal of the treatment table number 9 is to normalize the functions of carbohydrate metabolism and prevent the development of possible complications.

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