The first symptoms of arthritis of the fingers, prevention and treatment

Arthritis of fingers of a photo Arthritis of the fingers is a serious progressive disease, leading to disability in the absence of proper treatment. This disease is by no means the lot of elderly people - disfiguring joints the progression of the inflammatory process can begin in people of any age.

As with any other disease, to get a good effect and completely get rid of arthritis of the fingers, you have to start fighting with it as soon as possible. That is why the treatment of this ailment must be carried out quickly, qualitatively and, most importantly, on time.

Reasons for

Why arthritis of the fingers occurs, and what is it? Speaking in general, arthritis is an inflammation of the joints of the human body. Any joints can become inflamed, however, most often it appears on any small joints. For example, it is a common disease of the joints of the fingers and toes. For the most part, arthritis is a woman's disease. According to statistics, men face this ailment in two, and even three times, less often women.

The main characteristic of any arthritis is the inflammation of certain organs. The causes of its appearance may be several factors, and depending on this arthritis of the joints of the fingers is the following types:

  1. Infectious diseases .This cause is called the main cause of this disease. Disease of the joints of the hands can become a complication of many infectious diseases, for example, colds, SARS, influenza. The risk of complications increases if the patient has suffered the disease on his legs. People suffering from diabetes, tuberculosis, and HIV infection are more likely than others to suffer from this complication.
  2. Exchange disorders lead to the development of non-infectious types of arthritis .This form of the disease is typical for the elderly, as well as suffering from certain occupational diseases or in the presence of violations of the endocrine glands.
  3. The transferred injuries and bruises of the joints , joint operations, hypothermia create favorable conditions for inflammation and destruction of the joints tissues
  4. The hereditary factor is also of great importance. Although there is no exact scientific justification for the genetic mode of transmission of the disease, numerous observations confirm the fact of the development of arthritis in the immediate family.

To determine the type of arthritis of the hands - this is the most important task, since all species have the same first signs, but the treatment of each of them can significantly differ.

Arthritis of the fingers

Symptoms of finger arthritis

The causes of arthritis of the fingers can be different, and the symptoms are in many cases similar( see photo).This appearance of swelling, swelling. The skin acquires a purple hue, a weakness appears in the hands. It happens that the temperature rises.

We list the first and main signs of arthritis of the fingers:

  • swelling of the diseased joints;
  • reddened skin in lesions;
  • increase in body temperature during exacerbation;
  • dependence of pain syndrome on seasonal changes - pain often occurs in the cold season;
  • strong pain syndrome with the movement of the fingers, the pain intensifies after a long period of rest;
  • with exacerbation appears stiffness of movements, the patient can not even pick up any object;
  • pain intensification closer to night;
  • with rheumatoid arthritis, there is a symmetrical lesion, in which, with the lesion of one hand, the other is necessarily ill;
  • weakness, impaired appetite and sleep.

If the lesion was caused by infectious arthritis, complications can occur in the form of inflammations of a purulent nature. In this case, the general condition of the body also worsens( increase in the temperature of the whole body, malaise, a weak appetite).

Treatment of arthritis of the fingers

Depending on what is the cause of arthritis of the fingers, the treatment is selected individually.

In the case of gout, our actions are aimed at normalizing purine metabolism, reducing the concentration of uric acid in the blood, and uricosuric and uricodepressant drugs and diet will help in this. With rheumatoid arthritis, all our efforts are aimed at modulating the immune response, and immunosuppressors, cytostatics and the latest methods of treatment, such as monoclonal antibody therapy, are used.

The leading role in the treatment of arthritis, especially of rheumatoid origin, belongs to the basic anti-inflammatory drugs, which are prescribed for long-term use( minimum 3 months, maximum for life).Drugs of this group are able to suppress the activity of immunosuppressive cells and stop the pathological process, lasting for a long time, after the drugs are withdrawn.

For the treatment of arthritis during the remission period, methods such as:

  • physiotherapy( electrophoresis, magnetotherapy, UHF heating, etc.) are successfully applied;
  • physiotherapy and massage of hands;
  • baths and applications using therapeutic mud, essential oils, paraffin;
  • acupuncture.

In the advanced stage, the arthritis of the fingers practically does not lend itself to medical treatment. An alternative is the establishment of the prosthetic joint by surgery.

Arthritis of the fingers of the hand causes

Folk remedies

It is permissible in a complex with medicines and other procedures to treat arthritis of the fingers of the hands with folk remedies: self-made ointments, compresses, infusions and decoctions of herbs, baths. Naturally, the required methods must be agreed with the attending physician.

  1. Honey has antiseptic properties, and cinnamon antioxidant properties of .A reliable tool for relieving pain, this is a honey compress. One st.l.honey mixed with 1 tbsp.l.vegetable oil and 1 tbsp.l.dry mustard. Heat the mixture and apply to the joints for 1 hour. Repeat daily. A mixture of honey and cinnamon, from 1 tbsp.l.honey and ½ tsp.cinnamon, must be applied daily on an empty stomach.
  2. It is useful in the inflammatory process before going to bed to reel up a leaf of white cabbage on a sore spot. Do this so it is necessary to significantly alleviate the condition.
  3. Since inflammation is a very important damaging factor, it is possible to prepare with an anti-inflammatory effect of .Five garlic heads are crushed and poured with 100 grams of vodka, 10 days insist in a warm dry place, which is protected from the sun. One spoonful is taken half an hour before meals, three times a day. The use does not end until the tincture from this composition is finished in the container.
  4. Folk healers praise compress from the grated onion .He, along with the juice, is tied to the sick joints and keeps at least half an hour. This procedure is repeated several times a day.
  5. Well helps with arthritis massage with a mixture of olive oil and celandine. For its preparation we take eleven three tablespoons, pour one liter of oil and leave in a dark place for two weeks. Then the tincture should be filtered and used for massage.

All folk remedies can only be used as a preventive and temporary measure. To avoid unpleasant consequences even in the early stages of the development of arthritis in the joint tissues of the finger, you should seek specialized care.

Arthritis of the fingers treatment


In order not to waste time, effort and money for the treatment of this complex disease, observe the following preventive measures:

  • temper, play sports and therapeutic gymnastics;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • watch for body weight;
  • quit smoking;
  • discard alcohol;
  • limit the amount of salt and sugar consumed, and instead eat a few cloves of garlic daily.

You also need to enrich your diet with vitamin E. It should be remembered that you can not lift weights, overexert, and you have to do exercises every day, swim and stretch.

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