Fukortsin: composition and dosage forms, indications and contraindications for use

In pharmacies, you can buy medicines, which were well known until recently, but now they are often unfairly forgotten. Such drugs include fukortsin. At a budgetary price, the drug has a worthy effectiveness.

Features of the drug

The drug acts in the direction:

  • disinfection( antiseptic),
  • prophylaxis and destruction of fungal infection.

Along with the pluses, there is also some point that obliges users to exercise caution when treating the remedy. Ingredient phenol when ingested can cause a toxic reaction. Therefore, do not apply the medicine on large surfaces, as well as open wounds.

Fukortzin as a drug is considered in this video:

Dosage forms and prices

The drug is a solution. Manufacturers produce a product in bottles of dark glass of different capacities: 10 ml and 25 ml.

The drug has an average cost of 75 rubles per bottle with a capacity of 25 ml.


Fucocine in its composition has such ingredients:

  • resorcinol,
  • acetone,
  • phenol,
  • fuchsin basic,
  • boric acid.

The drug has the directivity:

  • antifungal effect,
  • antiseptic action,
  • acts as a disinfectant.


Active active substances provide the preparation with antiseptic properties. The action of the drug is effective in combating microbes and fungi.


How the body reacts to the ingredients of the remedy and how it displays them - no such studies have been carried out. The drug is for external use.

It is assumed that its action is limited and occurs at the site of application to the surface of the skin. It is only known that phenol has the ability to enter the bloodstream, which gives recommendations for a more cautious use of the drug.


The drug is prescribed for use in such cases:

  • fungal infections,
  • minor skin lesions:
    • cuts,
    • wounds,
    • cracks,
    • abrasions;
  • furunculosis,
  • herpetiformis psoriatic impetigo,
  • streptoderma,
  • nodular scabies,
  • chickenpox,
  • bullous dermatitis,
  • erosion,
  • ostiofollikulit,
  • zoster pink,
  • ulcers on the skin( bacterial lesion),
  • need for disinfection of skin surfaces after the certain medicalmanipulation( ear piercing).

Instructions for Use Fukortsina

  • Fucorcin solution can be used up to three times a day. Using tampons or cotton wool discs, it is applied to damaged areas.
  • It is not recommended to lubricate the skin by covering the areas with a solid, non-interstitial coating. This is due to the fact that phenol toxicity is possible with this use.
  • With chicken pox, fukortsin is applied pointwise with the help of ear rods.

This video is a review of the application of Fukorcin from herpes on the lips:


The agent is not used in such cases:

  • if there is a need to apply a disinfectant on a large area surface,
  • if a person suffers from chronic allergic dermatoses,
  • if a child of a childup to twelve years( pregnant women).

Side effects of

The drug may cause side effects. This is due to the fact that one of the ingredients that make up the drug - phenol easily gets into the blood. If the amount of substance exceeds the threshold that is harmless to humans, then the appearance of negative symptoms may occur:

  • nausea,
  • headache,
  • weakness,
  • diarrhea,
  • dizziness,
  • vomiting,
  • respiratory distress.

In case of side effects, the drug should not be used. It is necessary to wash off the remnants of the remedy from the surface of the skin and seek the advice of a specialist. You may need to undergo symptomatic treatment.

When applying the solution to the affected areas, in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication, there is a brief burning sensation and even pain. Symptoms pass by themselves.

Special instructions

  • The drug is not well washed. Neutralize the color of the dyed skin with a solution of aspirin.
  • After applying the product, you should wait until it dries. After that you can use, observing precautions, by other means.

Interaction with other medications

To avoid allergic reactions, it is necessary to avoid simultaneous application with fucorcine of other drugs containing boric acid, phenol, and also it refers to hormonal agents. An example of drugs not shown for simultaneous use are:

  • clotrimazole,
  • griseofulvin.


Users are well informed about the effectiveness of the drug. It dries pustules and small skin lesions. On problem areas, crusts quickly appear, which promotes healing.

Despite the fact that little children are not recommended to use fucorcin, some parents used it when their children suffer from chickenpox. They respond positively to the effect of the remedy:

  • did not cause any side effects, the
  • was dried and passed faster than in the same cases, when greens were used to lubricate the pimples.

Analogs of

A drug that would have the same basic active substance, but was called otherwise, no. There are means of a similar action, but having a different composition.

These are topical preparations:

  • sanguirithrin,
  • acebin,
  • fucaseptol,
  • brilliant green solution,
  • tejmurova paste,
  • octenesept,
  • salicylic zinc paste,
  • saladase.

This video will tell you how to wipe Fukortsin from the skin:

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