Flucinar: instructions for use, price, reviews, analogs, indications

As an effective anti-inflammatory agent, Flucinar has a balanced composition and has a pronounced effect even with significant skin lesions. Flucinar is a representative of the class of synthetic glucocorticosteroids, which have a pronounced effect on inflammatory dermatological processes, removing the main symptoms and reducing itching, burning of the skin.

So, let's take a closer look at the indications and instructions for use, the prices of the ointment( gel) Flucinar, its analogs and reviews about it.

Features of the preparation

Modern and effective, Flucinar has a wide range of effects, so it can be used in short-term exposure courses for severe skin lesions. With its help, the most vivid symptomatology is quickly removed, the process of skin regeneration and regeneration of damaged cells improves.

The application of Flucinar is not particularly difficult. Skin covers quickly perceive the active substance of the drug, while healthy skin areas are not subjected to any negative impact.

The composition of the drug is balanced, the effectiveness is provided by the accompanying components: the percentage of them determines the manifestation of the rapid effect of the remedy even in particularly advanced stages of dermatological lesions.

Composition of Flucinar

The active substance of the agent under consideration is fluocinolone acetonide. Additional components of any dosage form are the following:

  • Propylene glycol;
  • Ethyl alcohol purified;
  • Glycerol;
  • Disodium Edetate;
  • Monohydrate;
  • Citric acid;
  • Distilled water.

Flucinar today can be found in almost every pharmacy, the choice of the dosage form of the drug increases the degree of convenience of using it.

Dosage forms

Presented in two pharmacies in the city's pharmacies, Flucinar may have a slightly different cost. Gel and ointment Flucinar have the same composition, but the gel is absorbed more quickly into the skin and can be applied to even sensitive areas of the skin.

The gel is offered in aluminum tubes and cardboard boxes, the ointment is presented in tubes of 50 and 75 ml. Both of the dosage forms are accompanied by an instruction on which you can read the rules for using the drug.

  • The cost of gel is from 160 to 385 rubles per packing.
  • Price of ointment Flucinar - from 210 to 390 rubles.

Pharmacological action

Flucinar differs from analogues with a high degree of efficiency, which is due to the good reactivity of the active substance and the balanced composition. Having a pronounced vasoconstrictive effect, the active component of the agent under consideration provides a reduction in pain sensations, eliminates the initial stages of inflammatory processes on the skin and stops long-term inflammations.


Dermatological agent Flucinar is absorbed by the skin, and due to rapid penetration it has a restoring effect even on particularly affected areas of the skin. Accuracy requires the application of funds to deep skin folds due to increased sensitivity in these areas.


After completion of the application, the constituent components are excreted for a short time by the kidneys. Due to the high effectiveness and the ratio of the drug to the group of synthetic glucocorticosteroids, Flucinar should be applied in short courses after a break, which should be at least two weeks. Duration of treatment should be appointed by the attending physician-dermatologist, taking into account the peculiarities of the patient's organism and the specificity of the current disease.

Further we learn, from what helps( for what it is applied) ointment Flucinar.


Flucinar is used to treat the symptoms of many skin lesions. The less neglected the stage of the pathological process, the sooner the visible improvement in the skin condition is recorded.

Indications for use of Flucinar include the following conditions:

  • Dermatoses of various nature,
  • Eczema( including nursery) and erythema;
  • Pink and flat lichen;
  • Psoriasis manifestations.
  • Mixed seborrhea.
  • Dermatographic urticaria.
  • External otitis media and diffuse otitis media.

After several first applications of Flucinara on the affected areas of the skin, there is a decrease in the degree of sensitivity of the affected skin, the removal of itching and burning. Since these symptoms significantly worsen the general condition of the patient, eliminating them or reducing the intensity allows to stabilize the general condition.

Instruction for use

The use of the drug is prescribed by the attending physician after diagnosis. The method of application is detailed in the attached instructions.

  • Flucinar should be applied to the affected areas of the skin with a thin layer, not rubbing.
  • To places with increased sensitivity, ointment or gel are applied with extreme caution, this also applies to elderly people, whose skin in deep folds is especially thin and becomes very sensitive.


Contraindications to the use of Flucinar include inflammatory processes on the skin with its significant thinning, which is noted in the elderly. Oncological processes, hypersensitivity to components and a tendency to an allergic reaction can also be considered a contraindication to the use of this dermatological drug.

Side effects of

  • To side effects with the use of Flucinara can be attributed to the increase of skin itching, the formation of a few rashes on it, the manifestation of reddening of affected areas. If these symptoms occur, the use of Flucinar should be avoided, replacing it with a similar one and treated under the supervision of a physician.
  • To side effects can also be attributed to hair loss in the area of ​​skin treatment, the appearance of acne and thinning of the epidermis.

Special instructions

  • Pregnancy and child age require extreme accuracy when using Flucinar.
  • Also caution should be exercised during lactation.

Interaction with other medications

When carrying out complex therapy, there were no cases with elevated allergic reaction or a decrease in the effectiveness of Flucinar. The use of antihistamines in the manifestation of lesions of the allergic nature helps to speed up the removal of the symptoms of the underlying disease, improve the patient's condition.


In the opinion of most patients who have already used Flucinar in the treatment of eczema of the skin, dermatitis, this broad-spectrum medicine perfectly copes not only with the initial stages of skin lesions, but also with neglected ones, in which the symptoms can be detected with the naked eye and exerts a significantnegative impact on the patient.

Many patients noted as one of the important advantages of the ease of use of both dosage forms of the drug. And the absence of an allergic reaction in the course of complex treatment makes it possible to eliminate skin manifestations more likely. Short-term courses of using Flucinar, which are usually prescribed by the attending physician, ensure the acceleration of complete recovery and elimination of unpleasant manifestations associated with the underlying disease.

Do Flutzinar have analogues that are cheaper, we will find out below.


Analogous preparations that have a similar effect may be considered dermatological agents Sinaflate, Flucort. They also quickly affect the affected skin and eliminate the underlying symptoms of skin diseases.

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