Causes of gastroduodenitis

Causes of gastroduodenitis Inflammation of the lining of the stomach and duodenum is called gastroduodenitis. The reasons for it are quite diverse. This disease is a form of chronic gastritis. Specialists divide the forms of the disease into permanent( systematic and pronounced pains) and acute( short-term painful sensations).With a constant ailment, the pathology of the motor-evacuator and secretory function of the stomach takes place, with further restructuring of the gastric membrane.

The manifestations of the disease in adults and children are markedly different, but eventually lead to the defeat of all departments of the digestive tract. This process is due to the fact that the duodenum produces hormones that affect the functions of the organs of the digestive system. As a result of the development of the disease, the stomach, pancreas and bile ducts are affected. Most often in the case of chronic gastroduodenitis, the patient feels cramping pain in the epigastric region. The patient is also concerned about the urge to

vomit and the constant heartburn.

The main causes of gastroduodenitis

Causes of gastroduodenitis For the formation of inflammation there must be a combination of several factors: heredity, stressful situations, illicit nutrition, various gastrointestinal diseases.

To psychogenic reasons gastroduodenitis include increased nervousness and nervous system disorders. Doctors explain this by the fact that under stresses in the human body a variety of processes are formed: salivation, excessive secretion of sweat, the launched defecation mechanism. At the same time, the cause of stress is starvation, an incorrect diet and the use of harmful products.

Also among the prerequisites of the formation of the disease, the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, responsible for the ailments of the duodenum, is noted. When it multiplies, erosions and ulcers occur, aggravating the process of inflammation.

For these reasons, with gastroduodenitis, you need to eat regularly and eat well and try to avoid stress. Since today we live simply in a furious rhythm of life, not everyone can completely eliminate the causes that provoke the formation of this disease. Therefore, experts call gastroduodenitis a disease of the XXI century.

Experts can determine the main cause of the disease development in several ways. First of all, with suspicion of the disease, endoscopic examination is appointed, which makes it possible to identify the cause of the disease in the form of hyperemia of the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum.

Another way to diagnose gastroduodenitis is to study the histology, which can determine the extent of the inflammation process, which is an important cause of the disease. The same technique doctors detect the presence of atrophy.

In addition, the examination of the gastrointestinal tract is performed using ultrasound. An obligatory condition is a water-filled stomach.

Often doctors to establish the cause of gastroduodenitis prescribe a pH-metry and fluoroscopy. To determine the level of acidity, the patient is given a swallowing probe.

The type of pathological condition is determined by the diagnosis of infection. Only after determining the type of pathology the specialist is able to make the appointment of correct therapy.

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