How to treat stuffed and chapped ears at home

Every person can catch a cold, and this happens in any environment. As a result, the ear can develop inflammation, which causes a strong pain syndrome. To avoid negative consequences, it is very important to start treatment of pathology in time.

Cold-sensing ears

Inflammatory lesions of the middle ear or auditory tube lead to sharp and shooting pain in the ears. In most cases, it is a bleeding ear, or otitis. This is a general term for a whole group of pathological processes.

Symptoms of

At an early stage, a person becomes stuffy in the ears and the hearing quality decreases for a short period of time. These manifestations usually occur after exposure to a draft or strong wind. As the anomaly progresses, there are such signs:

  1. Increased pain syndrome at night. In this day, discomfort is significantly reduced or completely absent.
  2. Pulsating or aching pain in the ears. In some cases it has a shooting character. In this situation, discomfort remains almost constant, disappearing
    only for a short time.
  3. Fixing the ears during swallowing. If there is such a symptom, this indicates the appearance of excretions from the middle ear.
  4. Increase in body temperature.
  5. Enlargement of lymph nodes.
  6. Pain in the teeth. If such a symptom occurs, there is a risk of an erroneous diagnosis.
  7. Headaches and migraines.

Symptoms of ear diseases

symptoms of ear diseases

How to cure at home

After consultation with an otolaryngologist, therapy is usually performed at home. The patient is hospitalized only in difficult cases - with suspected meningitis, mastoiditis and other serious disorders. If there is fluid in the ear, the tympanocentesis is indicated. In this situation, the doctor performs a puncture of the membrane, with the help of which purulent contents are extracted.


These medicines must be prescribed only by a doctor. The specialist can write:

  1. Otypax - helps with acute otitis media. It can not be used in cases of high sensitivity or damage to the eardrum. The agent should be administered 4 drops 3 times a day.
  2. Sofradex - is used for the treatment of external otitis acute or chronic form.

Similar drugs have such medicines as tsipromed, normaks, otofa, otinum. To accelerate the healing process, you can use vasoconstrictive drops for the nose. The doctor can prescribe drugs with such active substances:

  1. Phenylephrine - this category includes such tools as vibrocil and rinse. Their action lasts 4-6 hours.
  2. Xylometazoline - found in preparations of otrivin and adrianol. On average, the duration of the effect is observed 6-10 hours.
  3. Oxymetazoline - is included in the preparations nazole, nasivin. These agents provide a lasting effect of more than 10 hours.

Thanks to the use of such tools, it is possible to reduce the swelling of the mucosa. They are forbidden to use more than 5 days, as there is a risk of developing medical rhinitis.

The most popular drops for the treatment of ear diseases

how to treat colds


Medication is prescribed depending on the features of the course of the disease. Its components include:

  1. Antibacterial substances. Most often, antibiotics should be administered to children under 2 years of age with bilateral inflammation or severe otitis symptoms. In this situation, doctors prescribe penicillins or cephalosporins. Anesthetics.
  2. Antipyretics.


With this method of treatment it is possible to warm up the ear and cope with painful sensations. Most often for compresses use natural substances. In addition, they often contain alcohol or vodka. So, the most effective tools include:

  1. Compress from vodka. To do this, you need to warm up alcohol and moisten gauze in it. Then apply a compress to the affected ear, wrap the film, and tie a handkerchief from above. This compress is recommended to be left overnight. It will be much easier in the morning. Onion Compress. For him, you need to grind the onion and squeeze the juice. It is recommended to heat the product with a steam bath. Moisten cotton wool in warm juice and place a swab in the affected ear. Wrap the scarf and leave for a few hours. To avoid a burn, onion juice is mixed with boiled water.
  2. Oil and propolis. To prepare the medicinal mixture, the olive oil is mixed with the extract of propolis in equal parts. In the resulting solution it is recommended to moisten the cotton wool and place it in the affected ear.

Simple folk remedy for ear pain:

Folk recipes

Ear drops that help with colds can be done at home. This will require the following ingredients:

  1. Camphor oil. This product needs to be heated a little, then inject 1-2 drops into the affected ear in the morning and in the evening. Then put the cotton wool in the ear hole and fix it. This ingredient can be replaced with nut or almond oil.
  2. Infusion of chamomile. This drug is widely known for its therapeutic and anti-inflammatory characteristics. The prepared broth should be filtered, then inject 1-2 drops into the ear. It can also be used to wash the ears.
  3. Onions. Bow the onion together with the peel to bake in the oven. After the beginning of the isolation of juice, it should be squeezed and injected into the ears.

Folk recipes for ear pain

folk remedies for the treatment of ear diseases

What can and can not be done

If the pain in the ears has a pulling but not pulsating nature and there is no temperature and purulent discharge, one can be treated independently. To do this twice a day you need to do a dry warming compress or lay in the ears of cotton wool soaked with boric or camphor alcohol.

It is also very important to keep the affected ear warm. Any hypothermia can cause a deterioration in well-being. With a small inflammation, these measures should help. If after a few days there is no relief, you need to contact an otolaryngologist.

How to quickly cure a cold-cut ears see our video:

Danger of self-treatment

Self-administration of medications or folk remedies is fraught with serious deterioration of well-being. What helps one person can bring significant harm to others.

In this situation, dangerous complications may develop - full or partial hearing loss, the pathology of the tympanic membrane. Therefore, with ear inflammation, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Prevention of

To prevent inflammatory damage to the hearing organ, you should follow these precautions:

  1. Eliminate all risk factors. To do this, you need to treat viral infections on time and prevent water from getting into the bath. Negative influence is caused by hypothermia and strong wind. Therefore, in cold weather, you should wear a hat.
  2. Rules of hygiene. When developing rhinitis, you need to blow your nose properly. To do this, it is recommended to close the nose hole alternately.
  3. Surgical prophylaxis. In some cases, a special drainage tube should be inserted into the middle ear. However, the advisability of this method should be agreed with the doctor.

Cold ears can cause serious inflammation and severe pain syndrome .If you do not start therapy, there is a risk of dangerous complications that can lead to hearing loss. Therefore, the first symptoms of pathology should be the basis for a visit to the otolaryngologist.

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