Treatment of pancreatitis at home, how to treat the pancreas at home?

Treatment of pancreatitis at home For those who are wondering whether pancreatitis treatment at home is possible, first of all the most important information: pancreatitis is not so simple and harmless a disease to treat it without the participation of a doctor. That is why all the following advice should not be used by those who have experienced an attack of pancreatic inflammation for the first time, as well as those who have not been able to cope with the bouts of pain caused by exacerbation of pancreatitis within the first 12 hours( from the moment of the first attack).

Ideally, treatment of pancreatitis at home is allowed only for those patients who received emergency therapy in a surgical hospital, and then were discharged to continue the fight against the disease at home. The fact is that sometimes the treatment of pancreatitis lasts several months - it is quite understandable that you will not have such a term in a hospital.

Most often, the main problem for a patient with chronic inflammation of the pancreas is pain attacks

. If a survey was conducted and it is known that there are no irreversible destructive processes in the tissues of the pancreas, independent use of antispasmodics, for example, no-shps, is allowed. Home confrontation pain can also be achieved with the help of cold applied to the pancreas.

An important condition for the successful treatment of pancreatitis, even if it is carried out independently at home, is to ensure a sparing physical and psychological regimen. Do not abandon hospital treatment just because you have a home repair or you urgently need to go to work - believe me, adherence to the necessary conditions of therapy will only accelerate recovery and will allow you to return to a full life in the shortest possible time.

Well, of course, the most important condition, without strict adherence to which it is impossible to talk about the successful treatment of inflammation of the pancreas, is a strict diet. Exclude any products that can provoke irritation of mucous: acute, salty, sour, fatty, marinades, smoked products, etc. The first few days are desirable complete starvation, and then - a fractional diet food( 5-6 times a day in small portions, at regular intervals).

Home treatment of the pancreas

Pancreas treatment is possible not only with the help of medicines and physiotherapy procedures. Folk remedies allow to carry out treatment at home quite successfully and allow maximally restore the functional of the body. The most effective and effective of them are very accessible to every person. This is oats, potatoes and herbs.


Home treatment of the pancreas Exacerbation of pancreatitis, as well as the pain accompanying it, at home can quickly be removed with oat broth. It is often used as an ambulance for various ailments of the body. It is prepared very simply: oat flakes boil in water for several minutes. Also, this so-called "elixir of health" is made from this cereal. For this, 1 cup is poured with 1000 milligrams of water and boiled over low heat for a quarter of an hour. The liquid merges into the thermos bottle and is infused for 12 hours. The elixir is ready. It should be taken twice a day for 1 month. Practice shows that home treatment with oats is very effective in all diseases of the pancreas.


Pancreatitis - treatment at home Freshly squeezed potato juice is a topical and miracle cure for home treatment of pancreatitis. To make it, peeled potatoes are grated over a grater. Mass is spread in gauze and squeezed. The resulting juice is drunk at 100 grams two hours before a meal. But to help this home remedy in 10 minutes, you should drink 1 glass of low-fat kefir. In addition to fruits, the inflorescence of potatoes can be useful for the pancreas. Of these, make a decoction and take before each meal for 30-40 minutes for 2 weeks. Prepare it quite simply: 1 tablespoon is poured with 1 glass of water, boiled for a quarter of an hour and gets out. The drug is ready.


How to treat pancreatitis at home? An excellent remedy for treating the pancreas at home is an affordable blueberry. To prepare the medicine you need 1 teaspoon of leaves of the plant. It is steamed 1 cup boiling water and insist for 45 minutes. Leaves squeeze, and the liquid is drunk in small sips for 1 time. In a day you need to drink 2 servings. And so for a month. Beneficial effect on the pancreas has Japanese sophora, yarrow, stigma corn, St. John's wort, valerian root, immortelle, fennel, peppermint and rose hips. In some cases there was a complete restoration of the pancreas functions.

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