Flax with pancreatitis, treatment of the pancreas with seeds, flax flour, decoction of the seed, are there any contraindications?

Flax with pancreatitis Decoction of this plant removes intoxication, has an enveloping effect for the gastric mucosa. Flax with pancreatitis removes the pancreatic tumor, restores both basic functions of the organ. In folk medicine, only plant seeds are used, from which a special broth is prepared. Lignans that contain flax seed, with pancreatitis slow down the division of cells, stabilizing the tumor, inhibit the emerging similar processes. The product is nutraceutical( health-improving), therefore, it is used in medicinal preparations:

  • Tykveol
  • Pancreatic grasses P5
  • Andro-pro
  • Travisil
  • Tadimaks
  • Phytoprostane

Flax seeds reduce blood cholesterol, Omega-3 normalizes blood pressure, reduces the risk of blood clots, coronarydisorders. Fiber stimulates the activity of the intestine, the enveloping effect is created by polysaccharides. Postoperative patients and patients with pancreatitis emerging from the crisis, flax is recommended to strengthen immunity. The mucus secretes only ripened seeds, it

is acid-fast, therefore, the enveloping effect persists for a long time. Any chronic inflammation is treated with mucus according to a prescription:

  • ingredients - boiling water, seeds
  • process - pour and shake for a quarter of an hour, drain
  • dosage - in all meals per spoon

Oil from this plant reduces cholesterol, heals wounds, has a rejuvenating effect. Polyunsaturated acids, which are rich in all products from this herb, are similar to those contained in the human brain. Among the other biologically active substances present inside the oil and broth, note the vitamins( P, PP, E, B, A), protein. It contains useful lecithin and selenium, which removes metals from the body( heavy metals).

Flaxseed with pancreatitis as part of the curative fees

Flax seed for pancreas Herbalism is topical at all times, is characterized by a high level of safety, easily combined with prescriptions of official medicine. Flaxseed is a collection used by folk medicine to heal patients with chronic pancreatitis. The recipe looks like:

  • four parts of dandelion, burdock, plantain   
  • two parts of the tooth, sores, sage, buckthorns
  • three parts of St. John's wort, flax, blueberry leaf
  • five parts of the hairpin, wheatgrass

For a two-month course, two tablespoons of brew should be brewed in a half liter thermos each day. The thermos is enough for four meals a day, the procedure is repeated daily, the breaks between the "linen" courses are four times shorter than the procedures themselves and make fourteen days.

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