History of pancreatitis, propaedeutics of the pancreas

A history of pancreatitis in propaedeutics The appearance and development of pancreatitis is associated with impaired pancreatic function. At the same time, inflammatory processes are inevitable. Often the cause of exacerbations is malnutrition, alcohol abuse, weakened immunity, poisoning, intoxication, allergy and heredity. Violate the work of the body and psychological factors: lack of sleep, nervousness, stress, haste, food in the dry.

Propedevtika pancreas involves knowledge of the symptoms of the disease. The main of them are: vomiting, nausea, heaviness after eating, loss of appetite and stool. The pain that occurs with pancreatitis gives to the left hypochondrium, back and heart. Khudaba is one of the external signs of the manifestation of the disease.

Complete recovery of the affected pancreas is rare, most often the disease becomes chronic. Exacerbations not only increase, they become longer. In addition to the fact that the pancreas produces enzymes that are responsible for the breakdown of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, th

is body controls the level of sugar in the blood. Failures in the work of the body contribute to the development of diabetes mellitus.

The history of pancreatitis in propaedeutics includes monitoring the dynamics of the disease from the time of the onset of the first signs and until the beginning of treatment. Analyzes, complaints of the patient, dates and regularity of the manifestation of the disease, previous medical appointments and examinations - all this is included in the medical history and is important for the accuracy of the diagnosis and the effectiveness of further treatment. Any prognosis for pancreatitis is done after studying the degree of organ damage. Only after this treatment is appointed for the removal of dead tissue. This may be a medication or surgery, everything depends on the seriousness of the complications.

The most effective treatment and prevention methods are: bed rest, refusal of fatty and alcohol, abstinence from food in the first days of exacerbations and medical supervision. When treating the main task - to remove the inflammation. Pain is removed with the help of antispasmodics. When chronic pancreatitis requires the use of antibiotics and pancreatic enzymes. Depending on the medical history, a doctor prescribes specific medications, but the most important thing for pancreatitis is a diet.

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