Signs of the disease and effective treatment of cerebral circulation disorders in cervical osteochondrosis

1 Therapeutic actions

Therapy required to detect this destructive condition includes several major treatment strategies:

  • increased lumen in vessels supplying the brain with blood;
  • enrichment of the brain with oxygen and, as a consequence, restoration of its working capacity;
  • dilution of blood to facilitate its flow through the vessels;
  • improving the health of the spinal column.

The first of these ways of treatment provides for the mandatory use of medications. Most often these are medicines that help to relax the smooth muscles, so they allow you to expand the blood vessels. This kind of pharmacological products also reduces the frequency of nerve impulses responsible for spasmodic vasodilation, providing a flow of blood. The group of such drugs include: Actovegin, Euphyllinum, Trental, Nicotinat xantinol. The best is called Trental, because only it from the number of vasodilator drugs improves the rheological properties of the blood.

The use of drugs with an

tioxidant effect helps to reduce the process of negative peroxide oxidation of fats, as well as disruption of the integrity of nerve cell membranes. Preparations from this group are presented in the form of Mexidol and vitamin E.

Nootropic drugs are also used, the purpose of which is to improve metabolic processes in the brain tissues.

To improve the cerebral circulation caused by osteochondrosis of the cervical region, so-called venotonicks are used. Their main purpose is to increase the outflow of venous blood and restore microcirculation.

In cases of acute complications in the form of cerebral edema, diuretics and osmodiuretics are prescribed.

There is also the use of analogues of histamine mediator, and the need for them is due to the property of activating histamine receptors and reducing the symptoms of imbalance.

Do not forget about the use of vitamin preparations, which have a positive effect not only on the metabolic processes in neurons, but also on the improvement of cognitive functions.

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Special attention is given to the use of chondroprotectors. They restore the surface of the vessels that were damaged during the development of the pathological process.

Improvement of the state of the cerebral blood flow can depend on many factors of the individual characteristics of the patient and the course of the disease. That is why the selection of adequate treatment with drugs can be entrusted only to an experienced doctor who, based on the data obtained during the diagnosis, will be able to adequately assess the situation and prescribe effective therapy. It is better to refuse from self-treatment and services of suspicious manual therapists.

2 Non-pharmacological therapy

As a supplement to the treatment, massage, exercise therapy, electrophoresis can be prescribed. It is possible to use folk remedies.

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The diet of the patient is of great importance, since it is the food that sets the tone for the person's well-being. The first item here will be the exclusion from the list of products of fried, flour, alcohol and fatty. Replace all of this with a large amount of vitamins and fiber, and as you know, they are found in vegetables and fruits. Do not forget about the useful properties of greenery. The food should be fractional, that is, often, but in small portions. Abundant overeating can lead to an overload of the body and a deterioration in overall well-being, which will definitely affect the condition of the vessels. Salted, smoked and spicy foods are also excluded from the diet. Beneficial effect on the state of the vessels affects the use of cereals, including oatmeal and buckwheat.


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Always and everywhere it is said about the high role of an active way of life in maintaining one's own health. Cervical osteochondrosis and the disturbance of cerebral circulation caused by it is also no exception. Indeed, it is for certain that it is the low level of mobility, the sedentary lifestyle, the long work behind the computer that lead to the development of cervical osteochondrosis. It turns out that for the prevention of neck disease you need to move more.

To non-medicinal means of struggle with cerebral circulation disturbance include visiting a sauna and a sauna, but not hot and only on the recommendation of a doctor, because although this procedure is pleasant, but still has a number of contraindications.

The most effective way to influence damaged areas is to massage the cervical spine. It can be point, vibrational, classical.

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In case there is no possibility to visit the massage room often, then you can conduct it yourself.

Regular adherence to these simple rules will allow not only to get rid of pain in the cervical department, but also improve the flow of blood to the brain. By the way, these are excellent preventive measures to prevent violations in the cervical department, compliance with which will allow for years to remain healthy and full of energy.

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