Treatment celandine polyps, enema( syringing), how to drink( take) juice?

Treatment of celandine polyps Even official medicine recognizes that treating polyps with celandine can be very effective. The plant has a fairly wide range of action. Decoctions and tinctures, cooked from it, have an anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, bactericidal, wound-healing effect. But most importantly, the substances contained in the plant block the development of benign and malignant formations. That's why the celandine from polyps is so actively used.

In our country, clinical studies were conducted, they showed that the correct treatment of celandine polyp by the celandine helped many to get rid of the need for surgical intervention. Using the described plant for medicinal purposes, it is important to remember that this is a poisonous plant. It contains about 20 alkaloids, some have properties similar to morphine, others are the strongest anesthetics, others increase the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, improve digestion, enhance the production of saliva.

When answering the question of how to dri

nk celandine with polyps, it is important to remember that alkaloids are the strongest poison, an overdose can lead to seizures and to a vegetative system disorder, so it is so important to observe the available dosage and use the follicular remedy only after the appointment of a doctor.

Conditionally all the preparations prepared from celandine are divided into two types: those that are taken orally through the oral cavity, and those that are delivered to the intestines with enemas or syringing. In the official medicine, this method is used most often from polyps. Cooking them at home is easy.

Clefts with celandine from polyps

Clefts with celandine from polyps You can prepare the contents using the following recipes.

Recipe # 1.To prepare the solution, it is necessary to take the dry crushed leaves of the described plant. On the floor of a liter of boiling water two tablespoons. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and placed on a water bath. There, the celandine is cooked for 10 minutes, then the solution is cooled and filtered through gauze. Entering the enema is carried out in three stages. First, the patient is placed on the left side, with a rubber pear, a third of the solution is injected through the anus. Then the patient should lie down five minutes, then it is turned over to the opposite side and the other two thirds are injected. After this, the patient can be turned on his back. In this position, he should spend about forty minutes. The course of treatment consists of seven such daily procedures. In this form, celandine against polyps is most effective.

Recipe # 2.To prepare another enema with celandine from polyps, it is necessary to take a mixture of different herbs. The solution is brewed from celandine, scallop, St. John's wort, calendula and the twill. The treatment collection is made up of three parts of celandine and twig and two parts of a scallop, St. John's wort and calendula. All components are thoroughly mixed. To prepare the infusion it will take only a tablespoon of herbs, it needs to be filled with a glass of steep boiling water and insisted for five hours. Strain, pour into an enema and pour into the intestines before going to bed at night. Carry such treatment polyps with herbs until complete recovery. But this method can not be used for more than a month. If there is a need for further treatment, doctors recommend taking a break for two weeks and only then resume the course.

Recipe # 3.To prepare another enema with celandine from polyps it is necessary to take dry grass, but to it additionally it is necessary to add calendula and millennial. Herbs are mixed in equal amounts, and then a tablespoon of the collection is taken and brewed a hundred grams of boiling water. The solution is very dense and viscous, to soften the doctors recommend adding a few drops of corn oil, the same composition can be produced douching celandine at polyps.

Infusions and decoctions of celandine with polyps

How to drink celandine with polyps? Together with enemas you can combine the reception of decoctions and infusions. Many do not know how to drink celandine at polyps. For ingestion, tinctures, decoctions and juice are prepared from it.

The infusion is prepared like this. Two tablespoons of dry herbs are brewed with a glass of steep boiling water, put the dishes in a water bath and are tormented on it for 25 minutes. Then cool to room temperature, filter and take 70 ml ten minutes before eating.

Very effective treatment of polyps with juice from celandine. It is prepared quite simply. The newly mashed plant is grinded in a meat grinder, the resulting mass is laid out on a gauze napkin and squeezed out with it. Next, the resulting juice is mixed with pure alcohol( proportions of 0.75 ml of juice per 200 ml of alcohol).The two liquid ingredients are mixed by shaking and poured into a dark bottle. If it is well corked and placed in a refrigerator, the drink will be well preserved. Therefore, polyps can be treated in the winter. To drink such a medicine you need a scheme in the morning on an empty stomach, starting with two drops, daily increasing the dosage by two drops, bringing the amount to 16 units.

Knowing how to take celandine with polyps, you can try to defeat the disease without surgery.

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