Drugs for the treatment of acute pancreatitis, enzymes, pills, antibiotics, which take when exacerbating the pancreas?

medicines for the treatment of acute pancreatitis For the treatment of such a disease as acute pancreatitis, it is very important not only to timely select the most effective medicines and preparations that are able to extinguish inflammation of the pancreas as soon as possible and completely restore its functions, but also to take them strictly at the doctor's recommendation.

As acute pancreatitis is a serious enough and dangerous disease, a whole complex of medicines is used for its treatment, which, thanks to the diversified action on the human body, extinguish all manifestations of this disease. Conservative therapy recommends the use of several drug groups as a drug treatment.

The first group - enzyme preparations, such as creona or mezima. Such drugs and medications compensate for functional pancreatic insufficiency in acute pancreatitis, as well as ensure the rest of this body, removing from it an extra burden. Mezim is taken in the form of tablets, usually in the amount of one tablet per reception, three to four times a day before meals.

Medicinal preparation kreon is taken in the form of capsules, which are resistant to the destructive effect of gastric juice. To increase the effectiveness of drug enzymes, as well as reduce the aggressiveness of gastric juice, drug therapy is supplemented with drugs that suppress the secretory functions of the pancreas( omeprazole, gastrozole).

The use of enzymes in acute pancreatitis is a forced measure that can significantly reduce the burden on the pancreas. They facilitate digestion, making it more physiological. Mezim forte, Pancreatin and Penzistal, have a mild effect and are suitable, both for the treatment of acute pancreatitis, and for the removal of the pain syndrome characteristic of an attack. A small list of contraindications, good tolerability and minimal number of side effects are their main advantages. The second most frequent use is Creon, which refers to more complex medicines and has two acid-resistant membranes, therefore, capable of longer "survival" and exposure to the duodenum. Gastroenterologists, in addition to these medicines, appoint Hermitage, also available in capsules. He effectively performs substitution therapy. Inpatient treatment of acute pancreatitis involves choosing one of these or another enzyme, depending on the severity of the disease and its course. In the acute period, and especially at the initial stage, drugs are used to purify the blood from excessive amounts of pancreatic enzymes.

For severe disorders of diarrheal nature, such as heartburn or belching, the patient is advised to take antacid medication, such as maalox( in the form of tablets) or diamond( solution).However, it is not necessary to get too involved with such medications for the treatment of this disease, because such drugs and drugs can have a certain side effect and, if overabundance, will not provide proper treatment, and will further exacerbate the situation and make drug therapy ineffective.

Also in conjunction with the above, for the treatment of acute forms of pancreatitis, take a number of specialized drugs - antibiotics. Particularly justified is the use of antibiotics in the complications that this disease causes. Without such medications as antibiotics, treatment of a single case of pancreatitis, accompanied by sepsis or peritonitis, is not enough. In order to treat this disease, it is widely recommended to take both antibiotics in the form of tablets, and preparations in the form of injections. And it is worth noting that the specific name of such medicines is selected strictly individually, for each case. After all, many antibiotics have a number of contraindications, and the possibility of their use depends on the form of the disease.

Enzymes for acute pancreatitis As treatment for pancreatitis, pain medication is used. After all, relieving the pain syndrome is the paramount task for the doctor in the process of treatment. It is only the health worker who can choose the correct pills or injections with an analgesic effect, assessing the complete clinical picture of the disease. As drugs, drugs that act on the muscles in a relaxing manner, such as mebeverine, claston or dicetel, or the usual no-spa and papaverine, are also used.

In addition to all listed antibiotics, tablets and injections, complex medication therapy includes some types of medications such as fat-soluble vitamins.

When treating, remember that among all the variety of medicines that can be taken, only an experienced doctor can choose the most effective drugs for treating the disease. And you will need to observe the exact dosage and priority of taking medications.

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