Treatment of pancreatitis( pancreas) in the acute stage, how and what to treat?

exacerbation of pancreatitis treatment Given the seriousness and danger of such a disease as pancreatitis, especially in the stage of its aggravation, treatment should be started immediately, as soon as the patient noticed the first signs of pancreatic dysfunction.

Please note that pancreatic dysfunction, such as pancreatitis, is treated only in a hospital setting, independent treatment of the disease can not be dealt with in any case. The first stage of pancreatitis, during which it is necessary to remove the inflammatory process from the pancreas and calm the exacerbation of the disease last from one to five days. Further exacerbation of pancreatitis, in most cases passes into necrosis and treatment is almost not amenable.

Treatment of exacerbation of pancreatitis begins with the removal of the pain syndrome. In fact, the aggravation of this disease is associated with severe pain, in some cases leading to a painful shock in the patient. Further, a scheme for treating a patient is developed, which includes measures aimed at suppress

ing the secretory functions of the pancreas, removing symptoms of enzymatic intoxication( if any).Also, in the stage of severe exacerbation, a patient is treated for the patient with pancreatitis, aimed at restoring the electrolyte balance, maintaining the necessary oxygen level in the patient, restoring the enzymatic functions of the pancreas, which is very important for this stage of the disease.

During the treatment of the stage of severe exacerbation of this disease, it is very important not to aggravate the situation even further and not to increase the inflamed condition of the pancreas. Therefore, in the first few days of exacerbation, such patients are prohibited from eating, and only allowed to drink non-carbonated mineral water. Further in the course of treatment, depending on the severity and severity of the patient's condition with pancreatitis, the doctor appoints the appropriate dietary table.

Despite the fact that the acute stage of such a disease can pass as suddenly as it begins, one can not ignore the manifestation of the disease. In the absence of timely treatment and qualified medical care, pancreatitis can easily go to the next stage, called necrosis, which is virtually irreversible and leads to the complete death of tissues and pancreas. And life without a pancreas is impossible in principle, so a patient with a diagnosis of necrosis, in most cases, face organ transplant or death.

How and what to treat an exacerbation of the pancreas?

How and what to treat an exacerbation of pancreatitis? At the next exacerbation of pancreatitis, without fail, it is necessary to undergo a course of therapy. Otherwise, as a result of systematic inflammatory processes that do not stop, the pancreas can atrophy altogether. Either the disease will go to oncological form. Which, unfortunately, is not uncommon.

The essence of treatment for exacerbation of pancreatitis, is the strict adherence to diet and taking a number of medications of different spectrum of action. For example, in order to relieve pain, patients are prescribed such drugs: baralgin, no-shpu, papaverine.

In addition, the patient must also take enzymes. This therapy is necessary in order to maximally "unload" the pancreas. Most often, it is recommended to take such funds: counter-cal, trasipol, gordoks. However, alone, without first consulting a doctor, you can not use drugs.

In a number of cases, exacerbations of the pancreas, patients are treated and prescriptions of traditional medicine. It is very useful to drink before eating 50 ml of brine sauerkraut. No less effective is the vegetable juice from fresh potatoes and carrots. It is also taken before meals. Both liquids are natural enzymes.

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