Chronic inductive pancreatitis

Treatment of chronic inducible pancreatitis Indurative pancreatitis( chronic form) is accompanied by calcification and appearance of stones in the pancreas, as well as fibrosis of its tissues, which can cause blockage of the ducts.

Indurative pancreatitis develops as a result of recurrent acute pancreatitis. At risk are lovers of alcoholic beverages and abundant high-calorie food, as well as patients with various diseases of the digestive system, proceeding in chronic form, affecting the duodenum.

Indurative pancreatitis is characterized by attacks of acute pain localized in the right or left hypochondrium and giving up in the back. Patients may complain of the surrounding nature of the pain, as well as attacks of nausea, vomiting and stool disruption. At the same time, the patient is afraid to eat, fearing new attacks of pain, which inevitably entails a loss of body weight.

The chronic course of inducible pancreatitis entails the formation of stones( calcinates), which leads to difficulty in the outflow of juices of the pancreas. Fu

rther development of the process entails an increase in the main duct of the gland, as well as the formation of cysts and changes in the structure of the pancreatic parenchyma.

It is possible to diagnose induction pancreatitis when performing an ultrasound or radiographic examination. The detection of calcifications in the pancreatic tissue in the image is evidence of the long-standing course of the disease and serious pathological changes in the gland tissues.

Depending on the severity of the patient's condition, the presence of severe pain, body weight deficiency and other indicators, conservative or surgical treatment of chronic inducible pancreatitis is chosen.

In the conservative treatment of inducible pancreatitis, great importance is attached to maintaining a healthy diet, a low-calorie diet and completely refusing any alcohol-containing beverages. Anesthetics are also prescribed that relieve spasm and replace enzymes, the production of which is difficult due to disruption of the pancreas. The mineral waters of Truskavets and Yessentuki can help in treatment.

If conservative treatment does not give positive results, surgical treatment is necessary, during which the main task is to eliminate the obstruction of the main duct of the pancreas.

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