Airfit bactericidal spray for colds

Unfortunately, a stuffy nose and runny nose has become a fairly common problem among people of all ages. There are many reasons, but the main one is an unfavorable ecological situation. In most cities of post-Soviet countries, air is very polluted with gases from cars, factories and factories. As a consequence, it contains many pathogenic bacteria.

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According to estimates of specialists in the average city, there are more than 40 thousand bacteria per 1 cubic meter of air. As you guessed it, this environment adversely affects a person and his respiratory organs, increasing the

likelihood of flu, colds, viruses or other airborne diseases. But urban air is not the main problem - often people become infected with diseases in places of large concentrations of people. In such places, bacteria are several times larger, and they pose a threat even to healthy people with strong immunity, not to mention children whose protective functions are not strong enough. Especially for fighting this situation, the leading scientific experts of Russia created the Airfit spray.

What is it?

Airfit is a unique bactericidal spray developed by Krasnoyarsk specialists from the scientific and production company Latta and manufactured exclusively on the basis of natural ingredients. This drug is designed specifically to combat the spread of diseases transmitted by airborne droplets, which is especially important in the off-season and winter, when the number of colds increases.

Spray Properties:

  • kills pathogens contained in air, reducing their concentration by 75%;
  • has a long-lasting effect( 12 hours);
  • getting into the body, increases its protective functions;
  • destroys putrefactive bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • increases appetite;
  • improves sleep quality;
  • calms the nervous system;
  • allows you to eliminate the bacteria that live in the air conditioner.


To the above does not seem to you unfounded statements, let's see why such a high effect is achieved. Of course, the effectiveness of the drug entirely depends on the components that it includes.

There are 3 variants of the Airfit spray, which differ in the basic active substance:

  1. Cedar oil is a source of a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and macronutrients that get into the human body by airborne droplets. In addition, cedar oil is successfully used to enhance the body's protective functions and prevent respiratory diseases.
  2. Fir oil has powerful antiseptic, bactericidal and disinfecting properties. It is effectively used for prevention of acute respiratory diseases and colds. It increases the protective functions of the body.
  3. Root of marsh aura has a beneficial effect on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, increases appetite and improves digestion. Has anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect.

Spray does not contain preservatives, fragrances or other synthetic additives, and therefore absolutely safe for the health of adults and children.

Mechanism of Exposure

How do all these components affect the human body? Airfit operates on the principle of coniferous forest. The fact that in coniferous vegetation contain phytoncites and terpenic carbohydrates - substances that have a very powerful antibacterial effect and increase the human immunity. As you saw above, all types of sprays are made on the basis of coniferous vegetation. After spraying the drug in the air, its components spread through the room and after 15 minutes they destroy the vast majority of pathogens. In addition to the action in the external environment, phytoncides affect the person and from the inside, getting into the body through the respiratory tract. Starting from the nose and passing through the nasopharynx into the lungs, the components of the spray eliminate all harmful microorganisms. The impact of Airfit is not limited to the respiratory system, substances of the drug enter the stomach, where they kill putrefactive bacteria and improve the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract.

Results of clinical trials of

To confirm the high effectiveness of the Airfit spray, scientists from the Siberian Federal University and the Russian Research Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants conducted clinical studies, the results of which showed:

  • , a decrease in harmful microorganism concentration in the air by 75% 15 minutes after spraying;
  • the effect of the decline continues for another two hours, during which the spray destroys 80% of the bacteria;
  • after 2 hours the concentration of bacteria begins to increase and after 12 hours reaches 70%.

Who is shown and what is needed?

After talking with leading therapists in Russia, we found out that Airfit is recommended to apply:

  1. to those who work in crowded places( schools, theaters, metro);
  2. For children and young people attending educational institutions.
  3. People who are immunocompromised after illness at home and in other rooms.
  4. Absolutely everyone in the off-season and winter with the goal of preventing and strengthening the protective functions of the body.
  5. Everyone who wants to take a preventive course from ARI, ARVI, cold and viruses of the Flu.

Breathe freely with Airfit

Advantages over analogues:

  1. Absolutely safe, and therefore can be used even by pregnant women.
  2. Does not cause allergies.
  3. Recognized as leading otolaryngologists in Russia.
  4. Efficacy is confirmed by clinical studies.
  5. Copes even with influenza viruses.
  6. It is made on the basis of exclusively natural components.
  7. Does not include synthetic additives.
  8. Can be used by people of any age.
  9. Not addictive.
  10. Has a long and high-quality effect.

Airfit helps to get rid of colds


The spray should be applied in enclosed spaces: schools, car parlors and public transport, apartments, offices, etc. Use the spray is very simple. To do this, take the bottles, remove the cap and spray the substance by pressing the dispenser. As a rule, 2-4 short presses are enough for a room, the size of a room in an apartment. Accordingly, if the room is more or less, then the spray will also need more or less. Effective action of the drug lasts 12 hours. Manufacturers say that one bottle of Airfit is enough for 30 days.

Contraindications and side effects of

As already noted above, Airfit has no contraindications and does not cause side effects because it is made on the basis of exclusively natural ingredients.

Where to buy bactericidal spray Airfit

The drug is best ordered on the supplier's website by clicking the button "Order Now".Before clicking you need to fill in a small questionnaire, which indicates the country in which you want the spray to be delivered, your name, so that the manager knows how to contact you and the phone number so that you can call and clarify all the nuances of the order. After sending the questionnaire, the manager contacts you within half an hour.

Important! Do not get a spray on third-party sites or from untested suppliers, you may face forgery!

Price Airfit

The drug today can be obtained at a very affordable and affordable price.

Official site

The cost of Airfit in Russia is 1390 rubles, in Ukraine 359 UAH, in Moldova 399 lei, in Kazakhstan - 6690 tenge.

Customer Reviews

Below we suggest that you read reviews of real buyers who have already purchased and use the Airfit spray, as well as with the opinion of a professional therapist.

Oksana 26 years

Customer feedback
I am very often ill in the autumn-winter period, but because when I got pregnant, I was very worried that I would catch it and the baby would do it. I addressed this problem to my therapist, and she advised using Airfit bactericidal spray. I began to spray it in the apartment, took it for a visit and a job, and you do not know what was my surprise and relief when, after the end of the winter, I suddenly realized that I had never once become ill. The spray is very happy! It really is an effective and high-quality drug that helps people to stay healthy! I recommend to everyone!

Hope 23 years ago


This year when the next epidemic of flu broke out, for some reason I began to worry very much and began to look for ways to protect myself. On the Internet I came across Airfir spray. At first I was very afraid to order, because a big allergic person, spring is the worst time of the year for me - I constantly sneeze and run from the nose. But after consulting with my allergist, I decided to make a purchase and this was the right decision! The drug is an excellent remedy for allergic people, he never caused me a single sneeze.

Olga 32 years old

Ольга 32 years old

My son is 4 years old, and the last year he became very sick. Comes for one or two days in the kindergarten and immediately runny nose, cough, and sometimes even the temperature. Any contact with a sneezing or coughing person resulted in illness. Once upon an appointment with our new pediatrician, I heard from her about the Airfit Spray. For a long time I did not hesitate to order the drug and began using it at home and asked the teachers to use it in the kindergarten( of course, it took long to convince them that it was safe).Now I'm incredibly pretty! For autumn and half of winter my daughter was ill only once!

Expert opinion - Filonenko Maria Ivanovna, therapeutist


As a therapist physician, I regularly come across people with viral diseases and colds. Especially their number increases in the cold season. Unfortunately, not many people understand that adherence to the simplest rules of hygiene is necessary, but not enough to protect themselves. A very small number of my patients wear masks in public places, and in general takes at least some preventive measures. That's why for me, the Airfit spray is a real find. Firstly, it is absolutely safe, and secondly, a truly effective drug allows you to clean the air of the room from virtually all bacteria. This is a real breakthrough, which, I hope, will reduce the annual number of diseases and epidemics.

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