How to know the sex of a child without uzi at home

How to know the sex of a child without uzi at home

Of course, every parent is very interested in what his baby will be: a boy or a girl? I want to arrange a child's room in advance, buy a stroller and toys, and it all depends on the sex of the child. Of course, the most popular and affordable way to find out who your baby will be is to have an ultrasound. However, this procedure gives a result only at the 23rd week of pregnancy. So what if you want to know the answer sooner? To resort to alternative means!

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How to determine the sex of a child without ultrasound

Even long before the sex of the child learned to determine with the help of medicine, our ancestors invented their metodes. Of course, their reliability can not be guaranteed, however, as is known, folklore does not preserve irrelevant information. Let's see what our grandparents offer us.

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According to the table of Ludmila Kim

Or the second name of the method is the "Chinese calendar".The table is a 27x13 field. The first vertical column is the age of the future mother( from 18 to 45), the first horizontal line is the month of conception. The cells of the tables are colored in 2 colors( in this case blue and blue) of which one color corresponds to the boy, the other to the girl. In our example, blue is a girl, and a blue boy.

It's very easy to work with this table: we select a line with the age of the future mother and correlate with the month of conception month.

Table of conception

For the blood group

Another tabular method for determining the sex of a child is a table of blood groups. The table is a 5x5 field. In the first column and row are inscribed blood groups, most often the column is responsible for the mother, and the line for the father. The main part of the table is the cells with the inscription "boy" or "girl".To determine the sex, you need to know the blood group of both parents and correlate them in the table.


Byblood cycles

It is believed that in men and women several times a year the blood is renewed( 4 and 3 times, respectively).The cycles of renewal are calculated in equal periods from the day of birth( ie, the man every 3 months, the woman every 4).So, which of the partners at the time of conception, the blood was "cleaner", the future baby will be of that sex.

You can make calculations as follows: divide the age of the parent by the number of annual updates. For example: mother 19, father 22, total is obtained:

19: 3 = 6,3;
22: 4 = 5.5.

As a result, the number of people who obtained a smaller number is bloodier and "newer".

By the date of ovulation

This method allows not only to determine the gender of the baby, but also to plan it in advance. The method is based on the difference of spermatozoa, which contain X and Y chromosomes. The former are considered less mobile, but more tenacious, the latter - on the contrary. Thus, the X chromosomes getting into the uterus can stay there for several days, and, waiting for ovulation, fertilize the egg. In that case, wait for the girls. If the sexual intercourse occurred during the period of ovulation, then, most likely, a boy will appear.

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Folk signs of

In addition to specific methods, there are still many people in the people with the help of which our ancestors tried to determine the sex of the future child. Does it really concern them? It's up to you. For the convenience of perception, imagine the signs in the form of a table

Waiting for the boy if Waiting for the girl if
The urine of the pregnant woman needs to moisten the grains of barley and wheat
first the barley of first sprouted wheat
The swollen legs The woman begins to lose beauty
Ask the pregnant woman to showyou hands
will show palms down will show palms up
Thread the ring pregnant through a string and hang over the stomach
swinging from side to side makes a circular motion
If the stomach is elongated, angular If the stomach is round
Easy pregnancy Severe toxicosis

Statistical data

Statistics, of course, does not give 100% guarantee, however, focusing on it, you can with a certain probability say who you should beexpect. So, how to determine the gender of the child by the home method.

According to the research, the sons appeared more often:

  • at conception in the autumn;
  • in young mothers;
  • in full women;
  • at favorable times.

With their daughters, everything is exactly the other way around, they are born:

  • mainly at conception in the spring;
  • in more mature women;
  • in lean patients;
  • in adverse periods of time, wars, cataclysms.

Determining the sex of a child with the methods of modern medicine

So, let's proceed to exact scientific methods for determining the sex of a child. The methods listed below are fully confirmed by studies and give a guarantee of 90%.

Blood test for DNA

This test is conducted in the clinic and allows you to determine the gender of the baby 5 days after the test. What is the essence of this method? During pregnancy, the women in the blood gradually begin to appear cells of the baby.

Blood test

This method can be used starting from the seventh week of pregnancy. In addition to determining the sex, this test will identify various diseases, determine the risk of their development.

Urine analysis test

The main advantage of this method is the possibility of using in early terms and pregnancy. This is done with the help of the "TestPol" product. The test is conducted at home and represents a drug that must be placed in the urine of a pregnant woman. Contacting her, "TestPol" is painted in a certain color, which depends on the sex of the child: green - a boy, an orange - a girl.

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