Honey with intestinal dysbacteriosis, treatment with propolis, is it possible to tincture from it?

Honey for dysbiosis Infringement of intestinal microflora still did not give any pleasant sensations. Such an ailment can be treated equally with the help of pharmaceuticals and folk methods. However, the latter do not have a large number of contraindications for immune protection, even if it is as weak as a child's. Thus, the use of honey and propolis has a beneficial effect on the intestines in the treatment of dysbiosis. Each patient should know what properties are provided by both beekeeping products, and whether they can be consumed at all?

About the availability of nutritional and healing properties of honey, our distant ancestors also knew. In Russia, the product used to be called "liquid gold".It is not surprising at all that honey in the treatment of dysbacteriosis is quite in demand among all folk remedies.

This product is unique due to its complicated composition. So in it there is, according to one source, about 70, and in accordance with another, up to 200 different micro- and macro elements, which ar

e so necessary for the body.

An important property of honey in the treatment of dysbacteriosis is the presence of antibacterial effect. So, any type of pathogen infringement of microflora can not resist the action of honey. This refers to staphylococcus, fungi, intestinal and other infections, and it is this pathogenic state that predominates in the intestinal cavity that causes the disturbance of its microflora, due to the displacement of bifido- and lactobacilli. That is why the treatment of dysbacteriosis with honey is a sure way to get rid of pathogenic bacteria in the digestive tract.

In addition, honey has anti-inflammatory effect, and also acts as a soft stimulant of intestinal peristalsis, which serves as the basis for its administration in cases of microflora disorders accompanied by constipation.

Honey can also normalize digestive processes, because it contains a lot of substances with enzymatic activity that improve the digestion of food. If we take into account the fact that the disturbance of the microflora mainly appears in diseases of the digestive tract, it is clear why the use of tincture from honey can lead to a rapid improvement in the well-being of patients.

Treatment of disbacteriosis with propolis

honey with dysbiosis Propolis, or bee glue, has no less value in the treatment of dysbiosis. Propolis scientists found about 200 useful substances. Due to the fact that it has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effects, it acts as an antibiotic agent of natural origin. Therefore, the effect of propolis tincture on dysbacteriosis will be aimed at ridding the intestines of pathogenic microorganisms.

Like whole honey, propolis can have anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, both products can exert an immunostimulating effect, which helps the body in its own struggle against infection.

With the combination of both, the possibility of rapid treatment of dysbiosis is provided. In folk medicine there is such a remedy: one and a half months it is necessary to drink a glass of water or broth of wild rose in the morning and evening with the addition of 10 g of propolis tincture. Immediately after eating.

Before using such tools, it is worth consulting with an expert.

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