Tank.sowing feces on the intestinal dysbacteriosis, how to take?

Sowing on a dysbiosis Specialist, if a dysbacteriosis is suspected, will necessarily direct you to the delivery of a general analysis of feces. It should be noted that it is divided into two types: bacteriological and biochemical. Thanks to such survey methods, it is possible to identify pathogenic microflora and obtain a detailed picture of the intestinal microflora.

In a specialized laboratory make a tank.sowing on a dysbiosis. After some time, the number of bacterial colonies developed in favorable environmental conditions is counted. Due to microbiological examination of the stool, it is possible to detect the degree of sensitivity of microorganisms to antibiotics and bacteriophages.

Under the traditional technique of sowing feces for dysbiosis is the conduct of bacterial analysis. Undoubtedly, he has a fairly good reputation, however, regardless of this, such an analysis also has its negative features. So, in the tank.sowing feces on the dysbacteriosis contains mainly only a part of the bacteria that live in th

e environment of the intestine. But do not forget that on the walls of the intestine is also a large number of microorganisms, which will not be taken into account in the traditional method of examination.

How to sow a crop on a dysbacteriosis?

Inoculation of feces for dysbiosis Preparation of material for inspection requires strict adherence to the rules. Before collecting the feces for analysis requires the use of the right foods for several days. All acute and acidic dishes should be excluded from the diet. Under the ban is the use of alcoholic beverages, antibiotics and a tank.preparations.

The material is folded in a sterile jar, or in a specialized container that is on sale. The bank should be well washed, sterilized and dried. The analysis for sowing on a dysbacteriosis is spent in her. The lid of the container must be tightly closed.

It is forbidden to take feces from the toilet bowl. It is necessary to carry out emptying on a clean ironed rag or in a pot, doused with boiling water. This is due to the fact that extraneous bacteria from the environment can enter the material.

Cal is taken from different places - 4 or 6. This procedure is carried out using a specialized spoon or conventional, but sterilized. If mucosal or blood impurities are present in the feces, then they must be collected first, since such components are the subject for a more thorough examination of sowing on dysbiosis.

In case of holding a traditional tank.sowing on a dysbacteriosis, storage of a material in the refrigerating chamber during several days it is forbidden. It is necessary to collect material from the morning before eating and for 2 hours to deliver to the laboratory. It is worth noting that it is forbidden to cause an act of defecation by artificial means, since this will affect the results of the analysis.

Results of sowing on the dysbacteriosis

Tank.sowing on a dysbiosis It is impossible to diagnose without carrying out laboratory tests. Only after the results of the survey are deciphered, the opportunity is given to draw up the correct treatment tactics. Even with all the recommendations and the right lifestyle, there is no guarantee that the imbalance in the intestinal cavity will be normalized, and there will not be a dysbiosis.

To ensure the normalization of microflora, you will need to take the tank.sowing feces for dysbiosis once again. Only after the doctor gives out the conclusion that the intestinal microflora has normalized, it will be possible to calm down. However, it is worth remembering that if the bacterial equilibrium has been violated at least once, the microflora can easily be disrupted the next time. With the strengthening of the immune system, observing the right way of life, you can forget about the appearance of dysbiosis for a long time.

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