Geranium: medicinal properties and contraindications

Geranium is known as an ordinary houseplant, but it has a sufficient amount of useful properties that allow it to be used for the preparation of various traditional medicine. It is worth considering the medicinal properties and contraindications of geranium, which species of this plant will be most useful for health, from what diseases can help.

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Geranium is a common houseplant that you can actually findpractically in every house. In fact, there are many varieties of this ornamental plant, some of them have much more pronounced useful properties than others. The height of the stalk of geraniums is usually in the range of 40 to 50

centimeters, the leaves are round, have a rather fresh smell. Geranium blooms, it has red and pink inflorescences.

This flower is extremely unpretentious, but quite pleasant to look at, it does not require special conditions of detention, so it is so often found in homes. However, few know about the health benefits of this plant. Some experts in traditional medicine argue that with the help of this flower can cure a number of different diseases.

The healing properties of geranium fragrant, which can also be grown at home, are almost as pronounced as in the more common variety. Different types of geraniums in terms of chemical composition are practically not different, so do not separate them in describing the useful properties of the plant.

There is also geranium meadow, the medicinal properties of which are also quite pronounced, but it grows in wild conditions, just like geranium marsh. If you can use the home forms of a plant, do not rush to collect wild varieties of a flower, field or meadow geranium for medical purposes is currently used much less often.

Important! It is worth remembering that various traditional medicines based on medicinal plants can be used exclusively as an additional treatment for diseases. Do not completely abandon conservative treatment.

The healing properties of geranium room

It is worth knowing what this flower helps with. In fact, the list of various diseases in which a plant can be applied is quite extensive. For therapeutic purposes, almost all parts of the plant can be used, for the preparation of various means, leaves, stems, flowers, roots are used. From the flower is obtained oil, which is also used in medicine. The healing properties of the leaves of geranium room allow you to make various traditional medicine directly from them.

In general, even the presence of a flower in the room has a positive effect on health.

  1. This plant releases into the air bactericidal substances that help kill various bacterial infections. The plant makes the air a little cleaner, it positively affects the state of the human respiratory system.
  2. The main medicinal properties of the blood-red and other varieties of geranium are antiseptic, bactericidal, blood-forming and blood circulation in the body.
  3. Geranium helps reduce headaches, helps cope with various colds of the nasopharynx.
  4. Also this plant and various agents based on it have a diuretic effect, it helps the normal functioning of the digestive tract.

Geranium helps to get rid of stagnation in the body, so it is also effective for various pathologies of the pelvic organs. It is used against diseases like hemorrhoids, this flower is able to help cope with infertility in the complex therapy of this condition. Geranium has its own healing properties for women, this plant helps to improve the condition of the reproductive system, helps with menstrual pain.

The healing properties of geranium oil

The essential oil of geranium usually focuses in itself all the useful strength and effectiveness of this plant. Essential oil can be used in almost all diseases, which can be positively influenced by this flower.

  1. Geranium extract can be used for various respiratory diseases, inflammatory diseases of the nasopharynx.
  2. Also, the essential oil of a houseplant helps to get rid of a headache, even quite intense, similar to a migraine.
  3. Essential oil has a positive effect on the state when depressed, it is suitable for aromatherapy with depressive, mild neurotic disorders, for colds and flu.

In addition, essential oil can normalize the pressure, it can be used as a strong anesthetic. It helps to cope even with a strong toothache, helps to fight menstrual pain in women, other pain syndromes that can occur in a person, even if they are accompanied by an inflammatory process.

Also, essential oil is used to prepare various products for the skin. It helps to improve the condition of the skin, remove foci of inflammation with frequent rashes, acne. In this case, often the extract of geranium is included in various pharmacy and cosmetic creams, or they can be prepared at home on their own.

Important! It is worth remembering that essential oil is usually always concentrated, so it should be used with caution, it can trigger the onset of allergies.

Geranium oil healing properties


Despite all the useful properties of this plant, it has a number of contraindications, when its use should be completely discarded or used with great caution.

  1. The plant should not be used to treat children. Various means on its basis can only in extreme cases be used exclusively externally, you can not take broths and infusions based on this flower inside.
  2. You should not take the inside of the flower with various serious pathologies of the circulation, with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract like peptic ulcer. Also, do not use geranium during pregnancy, during child bearing it can provoke miscarriage and other troubles.
  3. Do not use this plant when allergic reactions occur. In the presence of serious chronic pathologies of different organs should first consult with a doctor, only then start taking and using drugs based on geranium.

If you experience various allergic reactions, rashes on the skin, itching, hives, and other unwanted effects, it is worth stopping treatment with this home remedy. Also it is worth remembering that the flower itself will not help to cope with serious pathologies. In case of serious illnesses, do not forget about conservative therapy, selected together with the attending physician.

Geranium contraindications

Recipes of

It is best to use a variety of pharmacy products based on geraniums, since it is also less likely to be mistaken, all the ingredients are already correctly selected. However, if there is no possibility, the following methods of preparing and using geranium for medicinal purposes can be used.

  1. Decoction. Its easy to cook. You need to take one tablespoon of dried herb geranium, pour a glass of hot water, then keep on low heat for 10 to 15 minutes. Then drain, dilute with clean water, cool. Use according to the intended use, depending on the disease to be cured.
  2. From toothache you can take one leaf of geranium, mash it in your hands to make juice, this side to attach to the sore spot. You can also take a cotton pad, impregnate with essential oil of this plant, attach to a sick tooth.

These are the main methods of using geranium. Other techniques, such as the use of geranium juice for the treatment of cataracts, are not so safe. In any case, before using it is worth consulting with a doctor.

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