Yeast from hops at home

Yeast from hop

Yeast is a cooking aid necessary in the manufacture of a variety of different products, without yeast it is impossible to cook some sorts of bread or beer. The product can always be found in shops or manufactured independently. It is worth knowing how yeast is made from hops at home, for the preparation of which they are suitable afterwards, than they can be replaced.

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Hops - a perennial plant with a long curly stem,covered with thorns. Fruit of hops - small cones, which are used for the preparation of yeast and activation of fermentation processes in the manufacture of beer, other similar beverages. Cones are small, fresh - brig

ht green. Hops have a recognizable fragrant smell.

Hop contains a variety of resins, various substances that help in the process of fermentation, provoke its development, so the bumps of the plant are so often used in the manufacture of yeast and a number of products based on fermentation. Hops, malt, most often used for making kvass and beer, for mead, but based on such yeast, you can also cook pastries, some other products.

In addition, hops are used in folk medicine, this plant is generally considered curative. Natural, home-made yeast based on plants can also be useful for health. It is also necessary to consider the basic useful properties of hops and various means based on it.

Important! However, it is worth remembering that when making yeast at home, you need to strictly follow the recipe, otherwise they can turn out to be ineffective.

How to prepare yeast

It is worthwhile to consider the basic ways of making a yeast product based on hop itself. In addition to the cones of the plant, yeast may require other ingredients, such as bran, potatoes. There are many different recipes, choosing the right one follows from the simplicity and the availability of suitable products.

Yeast produced at home should not be stored for a long time, they will quickly lose their properties, as a result they can even become harmful. The product is usually stored for no more than three months - six months, stored in a gauze bag suspended in a cool enough dry place. Before adding yeast to anywhere, they should be steamed in hot water.

Yeast from hops at home

This recipe is the simplest, yeast obtained in this way can be used for making moonshine, beer drinks, bread, whatever. For the preparation of simple yeast, other products are not needed, the cones of the plant are sufficient.

  1. Usually take a small amount of cones, it does not matter whether they are fresh or dried.
  2. Cones are poured with hot water, then boiled for an hour.
  3. Cooled decoction should be well filtered, remove cones and their remains.
  4. In the ready-made broth you need to add sugar and flour, flour should be exactly twice as much as sugar.

The ready solution should be put in a warm place for a couple of days. After two days you need to grate a couple of boiled potatoes, then the finished mashed potatoes are added to the solution. This mixture should be kept warm for a day. During this time, the yeast yeast ripen.

From dry hop

For making yeast by this method, only dry hops are suitable.

  1. First you need to prepare a decoction, as in the previous recipe, after making it you need to cool only to forty degrees, it should not be very cold.
  2. Then add a little flour and sugar to it, mix thoroughly so that no lumps form.

Then you need to put the solution in a warm place for infusion, usually keep the yeast for a few days. Then the finished product can be used for making various dishes and drinks.

From hops and bran

In addition to simple hops, you can also use bran. This recipe is more suitable for making kvass.

  1. For manufacturing, you need to take a bit of fresh, better dried cones of hops, then cook on their basis a decoction: boil the cones should be for an hour on moderate fire.
  2. After cooking, the broth should be filtered, cooled.
  3. In the prepared broth add one kilogram of flour, mix thoroughly, after which, when the mixture is finally cooled, about another hundred grams of flour.
  4. Wheat flour should be taken, other varieties are not suitable for making yeast.

The finished solution should be placed for 1.5 days in a warm place for fermentation. After the expiry of this period, add 200 grams of flour and 300 grams of bran to the solution, after which the yeast is aged for another 4 to 6 hours. The finished mass should be dried, after which it can be used for cooking something.

Important! Also it is necessary to observe a number of rules when making yeast based on hops. To make the finished product completely satisfied, it is desirable to use exclusively glassware when cooking, wooden blades are also acceptable. Metal dishes can adversely affect the manufacturing process, should not be used.

Also sometimes in the recipes used whole cones of hops, without the prior manufacture of yeast. This method is suitable only for the production of alcoholic beverages, however in this case it is worthwhile first to make yeast, since so hop will be the safest.

Yeast from hop and bran

In addition, it is worth remembering that sugar accelerates and intensifies the fermentation process, sometimes it is added to house yeast to speed up their cooking. Do not do this, if the recipe does not specify, without sufficient experience, there is a chance to spoil the finished product. After the expiration date, if the yeast acquires an unpleasant odor, their consistency varies, and it is necessary to abandon further use. Spoiled yeast can not only be ineffective, they can harm a person's health.

Benefits and Harms

Hops, all natural products based on it, can be used not only in cooking. A large number of useful substances, various resins, vitamins, essential oils, flavonoids have a positive effect on the body, due to which the plant, its cones can be used as an auxiliary treatment for a number of diseases.

First of all hops, hop yeast positively affect the state of the digestive tract. They help to normalize the normal process of digestion, promote the proper functioning of the stomach and intestine. However, it is worth remembering that positively the plant affects the body only in moderation.

Also, substances contained in hop yeast products have a calming, sedative effect on the body. In small amounts, they help reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality, cope with the effects of stress.

Important! In addition, the extract, hop yeast is used for the manufacture of various products for external use. In particular, they are used to prepare natural products for hair restoration.


It is worth remembering that any substance is useful only to a certain extent, in small moderate amounts. Usually, there are no contraindications to the use of yeast hops, they can be used by everyone. To strict contraindications can be attributed only to individual intolerance of the drug, for example, if after the use of yeast an allergy has arisen, then they should not be used.

Important! Particular care should be taken when using hops in alcoholic beverages.

Otherwise, if you do not abuse hops, especially for medicinal purposes, there are no other contraindications and side effects. The main thing when using this plant and products on its basis is a sense of proportion, in excessive amounts it becomes harmful to health.

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