Treatment of flax seeds with gastric ulcers

Flax seeds with an ulcer Due to its healing properties, flax seeds with ulcer have an anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect due to the enveloping action on the walls of the stomach. In the composition of vegetable grains there are vitamins, organic acids, fiber and polysaccharides. Among the variety of fatty polyunsaturated basic acids, special attention should be paid to substances of the Omega-3 group, the plant substance of which is especially important for the life of the organism as a whole.

Due to the high content of polysaccharides, flax with gastric ulcer provides an enveloping effect. Seeds, when interacting with a liquid, begin active release of polymeric carbohydrates, and water acquires a viscous consistency. A natural substance also causes an antibacterial effect. In general, flax seeds with gastric ulcer perform the following biological functions:

  1. protection of the mucous epithelium from the corrosive effect of acidic medium;
  2. plant subcellular structures help to repair mucosal defects;
  3. replenishment of the body's energy reserve.

Treatment of flax seed ulcers

In order to prevent exacerbations, flax seed with gastric ulcer can be added during the preparation of meals, as well as in beverages. To remove the symptoms of the disease, from the flax are prepared decoctions and infusions.

Flax with a stomach ulcer How to prepare the decoction:

  • Take 1 tbsp.seeds per liter of boiling water.
  • The mixture is put on a water bath and boiled for 15 minutes.
  • Then it is set aside and allowed to stand for two hours.
  • Decoction is taken 15 minutes before meals 3-4 times a day.

For a positive result, this course of therapy should be at least two months. This applies to any medicinal product based on medicinal herbs. And since the symptoms of the disease worry patients mainly in the fall and spring, then the treatment regimen can be made for the entire period of these seasons with small interruptions. Thus, it is possible to achieve complete remission.

It is easier to treat ulcers with flax seed with the help of a regular infusion. This will require:

  • One liter of steep boiling water.
  • 50 gr.powdered herbal grains that dissolve well in water.
  • The resulting mixture is covered and left overnight to get the finished medicine in the morning for the whole day.
  • On an empty stomach, 15 minutes before a meal, 100 ml of the drug are drunk, and the remaining infusion is conventionally divided into equal parts and consumed during the day.
  • The admission rate is calculated for 1 month.

Even if the symptoms go before the prescribed time, do not stop taking the medicine. It is compliance with all the rules of use that provides a positive result for any therapy.

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