Why during training eats: reasons, recommendations

Ejaculation of the ears, which occurs during sports, delivers a lot of uncomfortable sensations. Most often the problem disappears by itself after a couple of hours after the completion of training.

If the congestion returns regularly, then, most likely, it signals a health problem, or that the athlete, performing the exercises, allows a number of errors in their technique.

Sometimes, congestion can be accompanied by pain. This may indicate sudden pressure changes that occur inside the ear canal. Therefore, monitor blood pressure during exercise, especially if you are not a professional, preferably throughout the entire workout.

How physical exertion affects the hearing aid

The occasional laying of the ears during exercise is not a pathology. However, if this happens often enough, then it is necessary to pay attention to this problem. Physical loads of any plan affect the body as a whole, including the hearing aid.

For example, with cardiac loads and with force loads, the flow of blood

to the head increases significantly, which rapidly increases the pressure in the ears. Similar effects have acrobatic exercises, various flip flops and long standing on the head( yoga).

Positive and negative effects of

Sports activities certainly have a positive effect on the state of all systems in the human body. Fitness of any kind, aerobics, swimming, tennis, gymnastics and many other things perfectly strengthen the body, increasing its protective functions. As for the auditory system, sport is an excellent prevention of many ear diseases, such as otitis media, inflammation of the auditory nerve and inflammation of the Eustachian tube, lymphadenitis.

Effect on the vestibular apparatus

vestibular training The vestibular apparatus is incredibly sensitive. For its development there is a huge number of special exercises, which are actively used by acrobats and circus performers.

However, if you do not do any acrobatic sport specifically, then special training to maintain the state of the device is not required.

Conventional strength training and gymnastics have almost no effect on the state of the vestibular apparatus.

Another thing, if we are talking about yoga or about all sorts of martial arts and martial arts. In this case, the trainings schedule involves a number of exercises that can significantly improve its stability.

Why lays the ears of

The process of laying the ears can occur for a variety of reasons. Most often in the auditory canal there is a sharp pressure drop, which leads to hearing loss. Also, a sudden loss of hearing can lead to an infectious and catarrhal disease, which has worsened as the person continued to exercise physical exertion.

If the hearing is lost every time during training, the explanation may be as follows:

  • improper breathing during exercise;
  • unsuitable for load exercises;
  • poor physical fitness;
  • problems with blood pressure.

Every training should be approached with special care. If you had a long break or you just decided to start playing sports, then do everything gradually. Excessive workloads without training can significantly shake and without that, not particularly strong health.

What happens in the body with pressure drops:

Causes of congestion during

lays ears while swimming training In addition to the typical causes that can cause congestion during training, there are other, more global ones.

This includes specific diseases that have a viral, infectious origin. Also, congestion can cause ailments associated with injuries to the head, spine.

The most common causes of deafness in training:

  • otitis media;
  • sulfuric tube;
  • inflammation of the Eustachian tube;
  • lymphadenitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • hypertension;
  • cervical osteochondrosis;
  • trauma to the skull;
  • heart disease;
  • vascular disease;
  • vegetative-vascular dystonia;
  • abnormalities in the auditory nerve.

Other possible reasons are:

  • ingress of water into the ear( swimming);
  • strong cotton( shooting);
  • sudden rush of blood to the head;
  • sharp differential pressure.

Under optimal conditions, the stuffiness in the ears should pass immediately or within the first hours after the end of training. If this does not happen, then it is likely that only a doctor can help with the problem.

If, in addition to the obstruction, additional symptoms were added in the form of soreness, malaise, burning and firing, then this indicates a clear pathology.

Why lays ears during training, see in our video:

What to do with this

For each problem, there is an approach to elimination. So, if you find a sulfur plug, you should contact the doctor to perform the procedure for removing it. It is not recommended to remove the plug yourself, as this can cause an inflammatory process.

If during the examination, it was possible to find out that the patient suffers from an abundant production of sulfur in the ear canal, then in this case special drops are prescribed to him.

If water enters the ear canal, you must urgently remove it. This is done by a standard shaking of the head. With prolonged fluid in the ear canal, rapid development of bacteria and the onset of infection are possible.

With cervical osteochondrosis and spine ailments, there is a violation of the blood supply of blood vessels, which leads to a sharp decrease in pressure during training and hearing loss. Usually in such cases, hearing is lost for a short time. It is also not recommended to engage in significant power loads in vascular dystonia.

Any disease should be examined by the treating doctor. After you have received the necessary treatment plan, do not be lazy to clarify the nuances of sports, if you plan to continue to devote time to it.


laid the ears When practicing absolutely any physical activity, you need to soberly approach your physical fitness.

You can not deal too much. Thus, you not only will not achieve positive results, but also harm yourself.

It is also desirable to follow the following recommendations:

  • not engage in certain sports in the presence of contraindications;
  • breathe correctly while exercising;
  • drink enough water;
  • to eat properly and fully;
  • not ignore the dizziness and ripple in the temple, which appeared during training;
  • warm up before the main workout;
  • not deal with a barely borne cold;
  • should alternate rest and exercise.

The determination of the optimum permissible loads is set individually. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it will be useful to pass a preliminary examination in the clinic and find out the current state of the body.

When an examination and treatment is needed

Specialist help is needed when the stuffiness of the ears becomes a real problem and does not recede for a long time. When the absence of hearing is accompanied by painful sensations inside the ear canal, you feel unpleasant pulsation and burning, then, definitely, the doctor's advice does not interfere.

In some cases, a doctor may advise using vasoconstrictor medication if you have had otitis media for a while. Drops perfectly relieve swelling, normalize the pressure in the middle ear and return you to a normal state, allowing you to continue the session.

If you have a cold, exercise should be stopped until a full recovery. Ignoring such requirements often leads to serious illnesses and even death.


With the rational implementation of sports, there are no health problems. The main prevention, which will allow with a high probability of avoiding the stuffiness of the ears, is the appropriate workload, the correct ratio of work and rest, and nutrition.

If zalozhennost provoked the disease, then it must first be cured with a cavity. After a check-up, the doctor will decide whether you can continue to do so. It is best after a recovery to arrange a kind of "quarantine", which will allow the body to fully recover from the illness and gain strength.

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