Loratadin: instructions for use, reviews, analogues, contraindications

Loratadine is considered an effective antihistamine drug that helps cope with allergic reactions. This tool begins to act pretty quickly - the effect is achieved in just half an hour.

Otolaryngologists prescribe medication to eliminate mucosal edema. At the same time, self-medication is not recommended, since there is a risk of side effects.

Indications for use

The following are the main indications for the use of the drug:

  • indications for loratadin allergic rhinitis;
  • elimination of puffiness in pathologies of ENT organs;
  • is a hay fever;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • urticaria;
  • itching dermatosis;
  • angioedema;
  • pseudoallergic processes caused by the release of histamine;
  • reactions to insect bites.

Dosage Forms

In 1 tablet of the drug there is 0.01 g of loratadine. The auxiliary components include starch, calcium, lactose. In the outline package there are 10 tablets of the drug.

In addition, the drug is produced in the form of a syrup of 50 or 100 ml. It is in containers of dark glass.

A metering spoon or glass is also included. In 5 ml of the drug, 5 mg of the active substance is present.

Schemes of application

Adults and children over 12 years of age are prescribed 10 mg once a day. In 2-12 years, the dosage is selected depending on the weight. So, at a weight of less than 30 kg, 5 ml of the drug is prescribed. If the weight exceeds 30 kg, the use of 10 ml of the agent is indicated. In any case, the drug is taken once a day.

Interaction with other drugs

When a combination of loratadine with drugs that inhibit the enzymes CYP3A4 and CYP2D6 or are metabolized in the liver, the blood concentration of all drugs may change.

Microsomal oxidation inductors reduce the effectiveness of loratadine.

Side effects of

In some cases, the agent provokes unwanted health effects:

  1. interaction of loratadine with other drugs The nervous system reacts to the administration of the product with headaches, increased drowsiness, or fatigue. In more rare cases, attention may be disturbed, nervousness, increased anxiety, insomnia, fainting, depression. Also, a person may have impaired vision, develop conjunctivitis and other complications.
  2. In case of damage to the digestive system, dry mouth, increased appetite, weight gain .Also people react to the use of the drug with nausea, stomatitis, a violation of taste sensations, vomiting. Sometimes there are problems with stool, hepatitis and even liver necrosis.
  3. The respiratory system responds to the use of the drug with nasal congestion, a sensation of dryness in the nose, and bleeding. There is also a risk of dyspnea, chest pain, bronchitis, cough, laryngitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis. A person can develop bronchospasm, infections of the respiratory system, dyspnea.
  4. When the genitourinary system is affected, the shade of urine changes, and pain occurs when urinating. Also can decrease libido, impotence, dysmenorrhea. In rare cases, there are swelling.
  5. The musculoskeletal system reacts to the application of the drug with back pain, myalgia, convulsive calf injury, arthralgia.
  6. In case of damage to the heart and blood vessels, hypotension or hypertension may develop. In rare cases, there is tachycardia or supraventricular tachyarrhythmia.

If you have allergies to the drug may appear hyperemia, rashes on the skin, itching, dermatitis, urticaria. There is also a risk of developing angioedema. In rare cases, anaphylaxis is observed.

In addition, the drug is able to provoke dry skin and hair, general deterioration of well-being, chills. People develop excessive sweating, chest pain, and weight gain. Sometimes there is a risk of the appearance of alopecia, an increase in breast size and erythema multiforme.


The main inhibitions on the use of loratadine include hypersensitivity and the period of breastfeeding. With caution, you need to prescribe a remedy for pregnancy and liver failure.

Advantages of

Loratadine is included in the category of long-acting antihistamines. The effect persists throughout the day.

Storage conditions

The product should be stored in a dry place outside the children's access zone at a temperature of not more than 25 degrees. The drug can be used for 2 years.

Price for Loratadin

The cost of the drug affects the dosage form, manufacturer and pricing of the pharmacy. On average, it ranges from 15 to 150 rubles.

Why allergies occur in our video:


To effective analogues, the remedies include such drugs:

  • claritin;
  • loratadine-acrichin;
  • loratadine teva;
  • loragexal.

Loratadin is considered an effective medication that helps cope with swelling of the mucous membranes and improve the condition with ENT diseases. In this case, self-medication can not be done, because there is a risk of side effects.

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