Antibiotic Sparflot: instructions for use, analogues, price, reviews

Sparflo belongs to the category of antibacterial drugs. This drug is part of a group of fluoroquinolones. With its help, you can cope with various disorders of bacterial origin. However, appoint only the doctor.

Composition, form of release, package

The preparation is manufactured in the form of tablets that are coated with a coating. They have an oval shape and a light yellow hue. Each blister contains 6 pieces. The package contains 1 blister.

Each tablet contains 200 mg of sparfloxacin. Additional ingredients include starch, cellulose, magnesium stearate and other substances.


The drug is produced by the Indian company Reddy's Laboratories.


form of the drug sparflot The drug will give good results for such infectious-inflammatory disorders:

  1. Pathology of the respiratory system. These include tuberculosis, pneumonia, relapses of obstructive pulmonary pathologies.
  2. Diseases of the middle ear and nasal sinuses caused by the action of gram-negative flora.
  3. Eye infections.
  4. Pathologies of the kidneys and urinary tract. Indication can serve as cystitis, pyelitis, urethritis.
  5. Abnormalities of the genital organs. The drug is often prescribed for prostatitis and adnexitis.
  6. Diseases of the digestive system and biliary tract.
  7. Abscesses, leprosy, infectious form of dermatitis, pyoderma.
  8. Pathologies of bone tissue and articular apparatus. One of the indications can be osteomyelitis.
  9. Gynecological diseases. They include chlamydia and gonorrhea.


The medicine can not be used by far. Absolute contraindications include the following:

  • complex forms of kidney failure;
  • increase in the QT interval and other disorders that contribute to arrhythmia;
  • epileptic seizures;
  • lack of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase;
  • age is less than 18 years - this is contraindicated due to the incomplete development of the skeleton;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • Hypersensitivity to ingredients.

In addition, there are relative restrictions. In such situations, sparflo is used with great caution:

  • chronic kidney failure;
  • atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels;
  • circulatory disorders in the brain;
  • convulsions;
  • permanent exposure to insolation.

Mechanism of action

Sparflo belongs to the category of antimicrobial agents, which are called quinolones. The drug contains an active substance - sparfloxacin, which has a strong bactericidal effect.

Due to the use of this drug, the enzyme components of bacterial cells that participate in DNA replication are inhibited. The substance has activity against bacteria. It also helps to cope with mycoplasmas and chlamydia.

Sparfloxacin can be eliminated even with those microorganisms that are resistant to beta-lactam antibiotics. In addition, the drug has a clear bactericidal effect against mycobacteria.

Instruction for use

Sparflot The drug is used inside. Tablets can be drunk regardless of food. It must be done entirely with water. Duration of treatment is determined by the complexity of the pathology and the data of bacteriological analyzes.

In case of recurrence of chronic bronchitis or pneumonia, a single application of 400 mg of the drug is indicated. Then take 200 mg per day for 10 days. If the creatinine clearance is less than 50 ml per minute, the same volume is prescribed, but the interval should be 2 days.

With tuberculosis on the first day you need to prescribe 400 mg funds. After that they switch to 200 mg for a month. This drug should be combined with anti-tuberculosis drugs.

For lesions of ENT organs, 400 mg should be taken once. After that they switch to a dosage of 200 mg for 10 days.

When infected with chlamydia or bacterial prostatitis, one should take 400 mg of the drug once. Then the doctor will write out 200 mg for 10-14 days.

For lesions of the urinary system, single use of 200 mg of the agent is indicated. Then they switch to 100 mg for 10-14 days.

If non-gonococcal urethritis develops, 200 mg of the substance should be used on the first day. After this, 6 days are taken for 100 mg of the drug.

Acute gonorrhea urethritis is the basis for applying 400 mg of the drug. In a day you need to take 200 mg. The total exchange rate is 600 mg.

When leprosy is shown at 200 mg once a day. The therapy should last 12 weeks. When the epithelium and soft tissues are damaged, 400 mg of the agent are prescribed on the first day. Subsequently, 3-9 days are taken in 200 mg.

Side effects of

The use of sparflot can cause unwanted consequences:

  1. The nervous system reacts to the remedy with depressive conditions, headaches, increased drowsiness. Also, people complain of high fatigue, migraines, problems with the perception of pain. In some situations, there are syncope, tremors, nightmares, increased anxiety and even hallucinations.
  2. From the side of the heart and vessels, it is possible to increase the interval of QT, tides to the skin of the face. There is a risk of developing tachycardia and clogging the cerebral arteries.
  3. The digestive system responds to the use of the drug with hepatitis, a decrease in appetite, attacks of nausea and vomiting. Patients often have dyspeptic symptoms, abdominal discomfort, flatulence. There is also a risk of cholestatic jaundice and hepatonecrosis.
  4. In case of damage to the urinary system, hematuria, crystalluria and hypercreatininaemia may appear.
  5. From the side of bone tissue and muscles there is a risk of the appearance of myalgia, arthritis, tendovaginitis.
  6. The hematopoietic system responds to the use of thrombocytosis, leukocytosis, hemolytic anemia. Eosinophilia and leukopenia may also occur.
  7. In patients with sensory lesions, tinnitus appears in the patients, hearing deteriorates, vision is impaired.
  8. When allergies occur, there is a risk of swelling of the face and larynx, the appearance of rash on the skin, drug fever. Some people develop erythema nodosum.
  9. Dermatological problems are manifested in the form of photosensitization.


There are no antidotes in this case. If there is an occasional overdose of the remedy, symptomatic therapy is indicated. In complicated cases, hemodialysis is prescribed.

Special instructions

During therapy and 3 more days after it is completed, avoid exposure to ultraviolet light. There is information that the use of fluoroquinolones can lead to rupture of tendons. Therefore, any suspicious symptoms should be the basis for cancellation of the drug.

To prevent the appearance of crystalluria, the daily volume should not be exceeded. It is also important to drink a sufficient amount of liquid.

During therapy, it is necessary to refrain from hazardous activities that require increased concentration.

The drug should not be taken during pregnancy and lactation. It is also contraindicated for patients under 18 years of age.

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Drug interaction

When combined with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory substances, the threat of convulsive syndrome increases. The only exception is the combination with aspirin.

You should not drink sparflon with drugs that extend the QT interval. These include tricyclic antidepressants, astemizole, bepridil, etc. When combined with antimicrobial agents, there is often a synergistic effect.

When combined with cyclosporine, serum creatinine is increased. At the same time you need to monitor the indicators twice a week.

With the combination of sparflo with antacids, iron preparations and sucralfate, there is a risk of reducing the uptake of sparfloxacin. Therefore, sparflon should be drunk for a couple of hours or 4 hours after applying these medications.

Metoclopramide increases the absorption of the agent and reduces the time to reach the limit level.

Reviews about the

product Reviews about the drug confirm its high efficiency. To get the desired results, patients recommend that they strictly follow all medical recommendations.

Prices for Sparflo

The price of the drug varies depending on the price policy of the pharmacy. However, on average, it is 300 rubles.


Synonyms for a drug that has a similar effect but have another active component include

  • abactal,
  • pefloxacin,
  • abiflox.


Finding cheaper analogs is quite difficult, because their cost is approximately at the same level.

In the photo analogues of the drug Sparflo

Analogs of the drug sparflot

Synonyms of the drug

This group includes substances such as sparfloxacin, respira, sparbact.

Conditions for dispensing from pharmacies

You can buy the drug by prescription.

Storage Conditions and Shelf Life

Medium stores out of children's access area in a dark and dry place. Temperature - no more than 25 degrees. Shelf life - 3 years.

Sparflot is an effective medicament that can cope with bacterial pathologies. To avoid negative consequences, take the substance only if prescribed by a doctor.

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