The best medicine for sore throat: for a baby, effective in pregnancy

Sore throats are a common sign of viral and bacterial infections. If they are present for a long time, you should definitely contact an otolaryngologist. The specialist will conduct diagnostics and select effective medications.

Inflammation - physiology

Pains provoke irritation or sore throat. This is due to the action of bacteria or viruses. Sometimes the cause is damage.

This symptom is the response of the body to the action of various factors. In mucous membranes, there are many nociceptors, which, when excited, cause discomfort. Stimulation of pain receptors of the nervous system gives a signal about the entry of harmful microorganisms into tissues.

Drugs for Sore Throat

There are quite a few useful substances that can be bought inexpensively, helping to cope with these symptoms.

Efficacy of throat pain agents

means for sore throat

Sprays, aerosols

All sprays or aerosols are considered very effective agents that help cope with discomfort. Before using the medication, you need t

o rinse your throat, which will ensure that the drug enters the affected cells.

Due to the use of such drugs, it is possible to achieve antiseptic effects, to cope with pain and inflammation. Use of aerosols and sprays is in addition to the main methods of treatment. The most effective means include:

  • a stoneware;
  • stopangin;
  • inhalipt;
  • tartum verde;
  • terafloor.

Aerosols from a sore throat

aerosols from sore throat

Tablets, lollipops

The most popular drugs that are used for sore throat include tablets and lollipops. They should be taken with the viral nature of the disease. In the composition of such funds there is phenol, which allows to control the course of the disease.

Also, medicines help to cope with bacterial pathologies, facilitating their flow.

The action of such tools is sufficient for about 30 minutes, after which the signs of pathology return. Therefore, they are used as a supplement to other substances.

The most effective medicines from this group are:

  • pharyngosept;
  • septolet;
  • grammidine.

Lozenges from a pain in a throat

medicine for a sore throat

Syrups, medicines

Even in the absence of a cough syrups are capable for some time to ease painful sensations in a throat. Most often they include ingredients that are capable of provoking drowsiness. Therefore, when treating such drugs should be careful.

With a dry cough, you need to use drugs that act on the cough center of the brain. Due to this, it will be possible to cope with the symptoms of the disease and make the dry cough wet. The dextromethorphan is the active ingredient of such drugs. It does not provoke addiction and helps to quickly cope with the ailment.


Such agents are most often used in the development of angina. In this case, doctors advise taking a streptocid tablet and crushing it thoroughly to a powder state. The product is mixed with honey and taken at night.

As the disease progresses, a special powder is used to treat the tonsils. After the procedure, you need 5 minutes to try not to swallow saliva, otherwise the substance will wash off.

If the sore throat is caused by viral infections, special powders are suitable:

  • terafl;
  • charrex;
  • fervex;
  • antigrippin.

Sore throat pain


How to choose a remedy for a child

When viral infections that provoke pain and flushing of the throat membranes in children are prescribed such substances:

  1. Tablets. With reddening of the throat, substances for resorption are used. This category includes septothete, pharyngept, or their analogues. They are used from 3-4 years.
  2. Antiseptics. Such solutions are used for rinses. To the best include furatsilin, malavit, furasol.
  3. Sprays. For the treatment of throat diseases, it is possible to choose aerosols in which anesthetics are available. An excellent option will be stopangin, inhalipt. Such substances can be used from 2-3 years. It is important to consider that in the sprays can be present benzocaine, which provokes in children allergic reactions.
  4. Inhalation. For their conduct, physiological saline is usually used. The procedure can be performed for children of any age, as well as nursing mothers. It promotes the moistening of mucous membranes and the normalization of respiration.

If sore throat is accompanied by fever and tonsil flushing, antibacterial therapy may be required. It should be selected by the doctor after performing the appropriate studies.

Features of the application

The use of funds depends on the dosage form. Antiseptic substances are sold in the form of lozenges, tablets, sprays. The effect of drugs lasts about 4 hours. Doctors advise to remember the sense of proportion, since excessive use of funds can cause problems with the liver.

Before starting therapy, you should read the instructions carefully. Usually within 2-3 hours after applying antiseptic it is forbidden to eat and drink. Otherwise, there is a risk not to get the desired effect.

Such drugs can be used for bacterial and viral infections. They differ enveloping characteristics and help to soften the mucous membranes. In addition, the use of such substances helps to strengthen local immunity.

Review of popular means for sore throat in our video:

Indications and contraindications

Usually, drugs for the throat are prescribed in the following cases:

  • stomatitis;
  • acute and chronic tonsillitis;
  • gingivitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • adenoiditis;
  • laryngitis;
  • periodontal disease.

In addition, these drugs are often used for irritation of the larynx due to allergic reactions, the influence of harmful factors, injuries.

Contraindications are always indicated in the product instructions. Most of the funds for treating throat are forbidden to apply in such cases:

  • lactation;
  • erosion or ulcerative lesion of the digestive system;
  • pregnancy;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • allergy;
  • fructose intolerance.

Reviews and the effectiveness of

Numerous reviews on the use of various categories of medicinal substances from the throat suggest a high effectiveness of such therapy. Thanks to the use of such drugs, it will be possible to cope with pain, a cough or a sore throat.

How to treat a sore throat at home, see in our video:

What you can take with the first symptoms of

If you have the first signs of pain, you should immediately begin treatment. If this is not done, there is a risk of chronological process. For the therapy, such categories of medicines are used:

  • antiseptic medicines;
  • anesthetics;
  • immunostimulants;
  • combined substances;
  • folk remedies.

A simple remedy for sore throat that can be used with the first symptoms:

What you need to know

All local drugs have a superficial effect. In this case, inflammation can develop in deeper layers, in which such drugs do not penetrate. Therefore, in some situations, local funds give a weak and temporary effect.

More serious therapy is needed in such cases:

  • formation of rashes on the body and mucous membranes;
  • appearance of painful swelling under the jaw;
  • increase in temperature to 38 degrees, change the appearance of the tonsils;
  • unilateral pain, congestion and runny nose, fever;
  • prolonged presence of pain in the throat - up to 6-7 days.

Means for sore throats help to cope with this unpleasant symptom and improve the prognosis of pathology. However, sometimes such drugs are not enough. In this situation it is important to consult a doctor on time.

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