Sore throat without fever and cold, cough and perspiration: causes

Pain sensations in the throat occur in all people. They may be the only symptom or characterized by other symptoms. In any case, the occurrence of discomfort on the background of normal temperature should cause a person to see a doctor.

Sore throat without temperature - the physiology of the process

Discomfort, aching or stitching in the throat is considered a manifestation of the inflammatory process. Pain becomes a reaction to a tissue structure disorder. For the appearance of a symptom, even a slight disturbance in the structure of the cells is sufficient.

Reasons for

There are many reasons that cause this symptom. For treatment to be effective, it is important to establish a key factor.


Pain on a background of normal temperature often speaks of catarrhal angina, to the appearance of which lead streptococci. The sizes of palatine tonsils increase, there is an intensive discomfort which amplifies at a swallowing. Without surgical treatment on the tonsils can occur wh

ite plaque, ulcers or plugs.

Symptoms of sore throat


Stomatitis, periodontitis

Inflammation of teeth and gums can be characterized by such a sign. Harmful microorganisms enter the oral cavity with the help of saliva and penetrate the throat. There ulcers are formed and inflammation progresses. This process is characterized by acute pain, burning. It often increases with swallowing.

Foreign object

In some cases, the sign is the result of a foreign object damage. This is usually due to the ingress of fish bones, which can remain in the pharynx. Against this background, there is severe pain and discomfort when swallowing. Man wants to cough to get rid of the lump.

Throat injury or burn

Fish or chicken bones that break mucous membranes can damage the throat. Also the cause of stretching and irritation of the pharynx is swallowing of very large pieces of food. When eating too hot food, there is a risk of burning the larynx. This causes pain when swallowing, but the temperature remains normal.

Viral infections

When a virus enters the body, it encounters a throat obstruction. As a consequence, there is general weakness, body aches, increased fatigue. Gradually, other manifestations of viral diseases - rhinitis and pain in the throat - join.

About the causes of sore throats in our video:

Allergic reaction

Mucous often suffer from the action of allergens. The cause may be tobacco smoke, dirty or dry air. Often there is an allergy to food, the impact of pollen from plants. In this case, not only allergic rhinitis begins, but there is discomfort in the throat.

Vegeto-vascular dystonia

One of the many symptoms of this ailment is the appearance of a coma in the lumen of the throat, which leads to a violation of breathing. Usually the reasons for this state lie in the psychological health of a person. Sometimes vegeto-vascular dystonia provokes not only a sore throat, but also signs of suffocation.


At the initial stage of the ailment, there is a feeling of numbness and stiffness in the throat. This is due to pronounced edema. Some patients suffer from intense pain, in which it is difficult to speak.

After a few hours the voice disappears completely or becomes too hoarse. A distinctive feature of laryngitis is normal temperature on the background of pronounced inflammation of the larynx.

Symptoms of laryngitis


Chronic tonsillitis

For this pathology inflammation of the tonsils is characteristic. The provoking factor may be viruses or bacteria. In any case, the symptom becomes a pain in the throat, which is not accompanied by a rise in temperature.

Chronic pharyngitis

This pathology is characterized by chronic inflammation of the pharynx tissues. It is she who usually provokes a pain syndrome against the background of normal temperature. The cause of the disease is considered to be infection with harmful microorganisms. Often, the symptoms of an illness occur with nasal congestion, when the patient has to breathe for a long time with his mouth.

Symptoms of pharyngitis



Longer and more permanent discomfort can be caused by more dangerous disorders. Tumor lesions of the tongue and throat cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the mouth. Often this problem affects heavy smokers.

Other causes of

Pain syndrome or throat swelling that is not accompanied by an increase in temperature may indicate such pathologies:

  • influenza;
  • aphthous stomatitis;
  • mononucleosis;
  • HIV infection;
  • Hilger syndrome;
  • syphilis;
  • herpetic infection;
  • pathology of the esophagus - reflux, spasm, achalasia;
  • tuberculosis;
  • scarlet fever.

First signs of cold

To improve your condition, you need to follow simple recommendations:

  1. Do not strain your voice, trying to keep silent.
  2. Give up smoking.
  3. Drink plenty of warm liquid. It can be ordinary water, tea with lemon, juice. This measure will provide a softening of the throat wall.
  4. Rinse with antiseptic solutions.
  5. Drink anesthetic if necessary.
  6. To adhere to bed rest. Thanks to this, the restoration process can be significantly accelerated.

What to do if the throat hurts, says Dr. Komarovsky:


To improve the prognosis, you should consult a doctor. The specialist will conduct an examination and a questioning of the patient, after which he will appoint additional studies.

Required analyzes of

To determine the causes of discomfort, it is necessary to pass a number of tests:

  • general tests of blood and urine;
  • swab from the throat;
  • biochemistry.

Additional studies of

In addition, the following procedures may be required:

  • chest x-ray and neck area;
  • HIV test;
  • listening to the airways;
  • gauges of esophagus;
  • assessment of the level of acid in the esophagus.


The choice of therapy tactics is carried out depending on the etiology of the disease. In the viral or bacterial nature of the disease, the following tools should be used:

  1. Anesthetics for the treatment of pain - phenol, benzocaine. Such drugs will reduce the sensitivity of the affected area.
  2. Menthol - with it you can cool your throat and reduce discomfort.
  3. Antibacterial agents in the form of sprays and antibiotics - contribute to the elimination of inflammation and the focus of the disease. Their use helps to reduce the threat of complications.
  4. Tablets for resorption. They can contain enzymes - for example, pharyngept, hexalysis or lysobact. Also there are means with non-steroidal ingredients - for example, strepfen. In addition, you can choose drugs that include lysates - in particular, imudon.

Sore throat pain

pharyngocept analogues

Improve the condition with a throat injury allowing rinsing. For this purpose, you can use these compounds:

  • salt and soda - to make the product you need to mix 1 small spoon of ingredients with a glass of water;
  • lemon juice;
  • honey;
  • iodine - this preparation in an amount of 2-3 drops is mixed with a glass of water.

If severe weakness should be well sweat. To do this, take a crimson tea, lie down under a warm blanket and try to sleep. Thanks to this, it will be possible to cope with the pronounced inflammation.

Than the status of

is dangerous. The appearance of this symptom should be the reason for the visit to the doctor. Otherwise, there is a risk of developing dangerous complications, among them:

  • purulent tonsillitis;
  • kidney damage;
  • cardiac dysfunction;
  • development of rheumatic heart disease.

When the sore throat is dangerous:


The prognosis directly depends on the cause of the onset of the symptom. If the disease is viral or bacterial, adequate treatment will provide a favorable prognosis. If the reason lies in a serious violation, the forecast depends on the degree of its severity.


To prevent the occurrence of pain in a child or during pregnancy, you need to eat vitamin-rich foods. Especially useful is vitamin C. A large amount of this substance is found in citrus fruits, cranberries, cowberries. It is also useful to eat garlic.

Pain sensations that are localized in the throat region are observed extremely often. This state can only be eliminated after the cause of its occurrence is established. Therefore, timely access to a specialist plays a key role in the forecast.

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