What should I do if I put my ears on a cold: treatment with folk remedies

Catarrhal diseases overwhelm almost every one of us at least once a year. Each of them is characterized by a number of symptoms: a runny nose, a cough, a sore throat. More rarely, there is such an unpleasant symptom as stuffiness of the ears. Most often, stuffiness appears in the rhinitis, disturbing not only normal hearing, but also exposing a person to the appearance of other diseases.

Embedded ears

Ejaculation of the ears is a blockade of the ear canal, which significantly affects the quality of hearing perception and the free penetration of sound vibrations through the membrane of the tympanic membrane.

This disorder occurs due to the appearance of inflammation, swelling of the mucous ear. Due to this, there is a violation of the functional characteristics of the auditory canal, they are distorted, which in the future leads to a worsening of the hearing, and after and its possible total loss.

In the presence of polyps, infectious diseases, diseases of the nose, inflammation of the n

asopharyngeal mucosa occurs. In the future, the inflammatory process passes to the Eustachian tube, where it affects its walls. As a result, the vessels narrow, which leads to the formation of stiffness.

What happens in the body

Cold congestion

Provoking factors

Prolonged congestion almost always indicates the presence of an inflammatory process. If for a long time ignore this problem, then the risk that the infection will simply spread, provoking the development of multiple complications is great.

The inflammatory process is able to deliver not only temporary troubles with hearing, but also cause specific diseases, namely:

  • Eustachiitis;
  • Otitis;
  • Functional hearing loss( complete and partial).

Causes of

Sometimes the stuffiness of the ears does not carry any particular dangers. These cases include:

  1. Sharp pressure drop - occurs when flying on airplanes, passing by train through a tunnel. This stuffiness usually passes itself some time later. To accelerate the appearance of improvements, it is recommended to use chewing gum, methodical swallowing of saliva or ordinary water.
  2. Water entering the ear canal - most often occurs when bathing in the shower or after diving in the sea, river, lake. Passes by itself, if you remove the water that has got inside;
  3. Gray plug - appears when the hygiene of the ears is not observed. The sulfur plug is usually removed when you visit the doctor. The procedure for removal, which was carried out independently, may not bring the desired effect.

However, there are also other reasons that may pose a threat to human health and life:

  1. Colds - provoke congestion due to narrowing of blood vessels and increased concentration of mucus;
  2. Wrong and sharp nose cleaning - a sharp pressure imbalance also can lead to stuffy ears.

Recommendations for treatment of congestion of the ears and feedback on procedures in our video:

Treatment of

Ejaculation of the ears is a symptom, but not a separate problem that needs to be addressed separately. That is why, in order to get rid of zalozhennosti, the problem should be treated in a comprehensive manner.

If the congestion was caused by a cold or infectious disease, then it is necessary to start surgical treatment to suppress the main symptoms of the disease.

You should first visit a doctor. After collecting an anamnesis and examining the auricle, he can accurately determine the cause of the stuffing and advise the necessary drugs and drugs that can suppress the disease and return normal audibility.


When appointing medical treatment of the ear, the doctor necessarily conducts the diagnosis. It is necessary to determine the root cause, that is, the factor that led to the stuffiness of the ears. To do this, the doctor carefully examines the ear cavity and eardrum, then proceeds to determine the area of ‚Äč‚Äčlocalization of the pathological process.

Often, the ear is stuffy when there is a sulfur plug. To treat this problem, the doctor can prescribe drops that will soften the sulfur, and after the plug can be easily removed. Also can be prescribed:

  • antipyretic;
  • nasal drops with stuffy ears during colds;Anesthetics for
  • .

It is also often attributed to patients and some folk remedies that help cope with zalozhennostyu.

Folk remedies

Of the folk remedies against the stuffiness of the ear, there are a few basic methods to distinguish:

  • Geranium plant, which perfectly helps with ear congestion. It can be used even if the patient has a slight inflammation. For treatment, it is required to tear off a piece of geranium, gently stretch it in your hands and insert it into your ear, after having turned into a tube.
  • Horseradish and honey - another remedy for stuffiness. It is necessary to squeeze out the horseradish juice and bury it in the ear 3 drops once a day. But honey should be used like this: a cotton swab needs to be moistened in honey and put in your ear for the night. In the morning, the swab should be removed and the ear washed with warm water. The onion helps on occlusion of the ear due to otitis. This residual symptom often occurs in patients who have suffered from ailment and even underwent full-fledged treatment. Onions need to grind and squeeze out juice from it. After the juice should be mixed with vodka in the proportions of 3 to 1. Bury the mixture should be 2 drops in the morning and in the evening.

Each patient should remember that every case of ear disease is individual, and therefore it is necessary to approach the treatment of the symptom accurately. That is why, before choosing any folk method, it is better to consult a doctor and consult with him. So you can protect yourself and keep your health.

Folk remedies for the treatment of congestion of the ears

treatment of stuffiness of the ears


The obstruction of the ear is not such an innocuous symptom as it may seem at first. This symptom can lead to complications, including infection, deafness and even meningitis. Therefore, not only antibacterial drugs, drops for the nose and ears, but also some physiotherapy are used for treatment.

Especially often physiotherapy is prescribed for children. This is explained by the painlessness of physiotherapy methods, as well as their effectiveness in treating the stuffiness of the ears and other ailments of the auditory organs. The most commonly used heat treatment( heating of the patient's ear with special methods) and light therapy( application of ultraviolet and infrared rays).

A simple procedure that will help with ear congestion

physiotherapy with stuffy ears

Possible complications of

Complications of ear congestion happen quite often. Stasis usually leads to inflammation and further damage to the tympanic membrane, which causes loss of hearing.

What should I do if my ear is laid? Simple ways in our video:


Preventive measures can effectively resist colds at any time of the year. This, in turn, helps a person to protect themselves from the consequences that these diseases can bring. Reducing the incidence of disease helps to strengthen the immune system, and strengthen the body as a whole.

So, the prevention of colds includes such measures:

  • hardening;
  • proper nutrition;
  • sufficient intake of fortified foods;
  • rejection of bad habits;
  • physically active life;
  • regular examination at the clinic every six months;
  • prompt treatment to the doctor as needed.

Prevention of catarrhal diseases allows you to get rid of all the unpleasant symptoms and consequences that can occur with them. Thus, a rational approach to one's own life and constant care for health will exclude the possibility of infection and the possibility of euthanasia.

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