Stammering in adults treatment at home

We treat stuttering in adults

Stammering is a fairly common problem, if there is one, then do not panic and give up. It is possible to treat stuttering in adults at home, which will lead to a significant improvement in communication skills.

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Important! Stuttering manifests itself as a speech disorder after the first spoken sound. In a discussion with a person suffering from the described problem, muscle tension is often felt. He may lose control over the speech and verbal organs of the body.

Reasons for stammering

In a healthy person, speech centers, thanks to unconditioned reflexes

, work synchronously. In the stutterer, synchronism is disrupted, there is a stumbling in the process of speech expression of thoughts. There are several main factors contributing to stutter in adults:

  • heredity( a person stutters from childhood);
  • diseases that affect the nerve impulses, organic pathologies( tumors, head trauma, stroke, contusion, meningitis, encephalitis and other neuroinfections);
  • logoneurosis( stress, fear, anxiety, anxiety, emotional shock);
  • sexual characteristics( statistics say that men are more likely to have a disease);
  • did not undergo treatment at an early stage of stuttering.

What are the types:

  1. Speech disorders in case of problems with the nervous system.
  2. Violations due to the fact that a person in childhood was retrained from left-hander to right-hander.
  3. Problems due to stress, severe fatigue, which are chronic. To stuttering can lead to fear, depression, trauma.

Stammering in adults

What are the ways to treat

? The methods of treating stuttering in adults at home( see video) have existed for a long time. Preserved the most effective methods that will really help at home significantly improve communication skills.

Breathing exercises to relax the organs of speech:

  1. Become straight, relax your hands. Back make a round and a little bend forward, relax your head, along with her neck and shoulders. A quick breath is made using only the nose. Return to the starting position and breathe out noisily, already through the mouth. Repeat 12 approaches eight times.
  2. Become straight, hands on the hips. Keep your back straight. Turn your head to the side, inhaling, exhale smoothly when moving the head to the other side. The body, during exercise, should be as relaxed as possible. In this case, three approaches are sufficient, but three to ten times.
  3. The next exercise is done sitting on the floor. To sit down it is necessary in a pose of a lotus, hands to lower on a knee and as much as possible to relax. On a deep slow inhalation, fill the lungs with air as much as possible. On exhalation, push the air with your stomach.

Important! In the process of carrying out the described exercises, the diaphragm is loaded, and the vocal cords are relaxed. They do not close during a conversation, the speech becomes smooth and calm. Gymnastics should be done in the evenings, 2-3 hours after meals.

Herbal teas

Various relaxing herbs help in the treatment of stuttering. Teas act like a gym, relaxing and calming a person. A good collection for oral intake can be prepared on the basis of calendula flowers, melissa leaves. Add birch leaves, licorice and sweet clover. Pour a tablespoon of collecting a mug of boiling water and press for several hours. Drink to 2-3 tbsp.spoon before eating.

Melissa from stuttering

You can brew a collection based on chamomile, oregano, anise, motherwort, balm and St. John's Wort. One tablespoon pour boiling water and three hours to insist in a mug. Drink half a cup up to four times for one day.

In a thermos for two liters to put a handful of hips, the same number of berries of Kalina. Pour boiling water and leave for five hours. Drink tea with lemon, adding honey for sweets.

Tea with lemon from stuttering

Aromatic oils

If you inhale fragrances that soothe, give confidence, relieve stress and irritability, it will help with stuttering. The session of aromatic therapy should be conducted in the evening.

Essential oils add to the bath, some add decoctions of wormwood, lavender, thyme, sage. It is important that the water is not very hot, and the time of the procedure is not more than 15 minutes. Baths are given a course for 14 days.

Essential oil from stuttering

A simple but effective and pleasant treatment for stuttering in adults at home can be done regularly. Procedures can be made a way of life, then from the problem there will be only a small trace.

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