Rod corn treatment at home

We get rid of the corn callus

Corns appear due to the fact that the skin was subjected to mechanical irritation. In some occupations the appearance of calluses is a useful defensive reaction of the skin, but in most cases, such formations bring discomfort. Therefore, the treatment of core corns at home, for those who have it, will be a conscious necessity.

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Important! The most difficult to treat and remove is the inner corescrew. In addition, that it is difficult to get rid of, such a callus also gives a strong pain.

The appearance of education

In order not to confuse the core corn with other types of such fo

rmations and, accordingly, to choose the correct folk treatment, you need to carefully consider the corn. It is a round large area on which the skin has become so coarse that it clearly shows a groove with a cork.

What is core corn

Most often there are such educations on the toes. Especially, in the space between the first and second, third and fourth finger. But the corneal calluses are on both the sole and on the pads of the fingers, I can appear on my hands( much less often than on my legs).

Interesting! The main reason for the appearance of education is uncomfortable shoes, which, moreover, does not fit in size. For example, such formations often appear on the feet of a lady who constantly wear heels.

It can not be said that the treatment of core corn at home will be easy and fast. This education is rather difficult to deduce, but, when choosing the appropriate method and the regularity of its application, all efforts will necessarily succeed.

What is offered in the cosmetic cabinet


In the process of carrying out a hardware pedicure, a specialist using a special milling cutter can try to drill corn. The cutter is chosen precisely for the size of the callus, so do not be afraid to damage healthy foot tissues. It is important that no part of the core remains inside, otherwise, the corn will appear again.

Drilling core cores

Laser removal of

If the callus is in a neglected state, then laser treatment helps. Using a laser beam, you can remove the rod along its entire length, no matter how deep it is. Additionally, the laser destroys all harmful bacteria, so that the absence of inflammation at the site of removal is guaranteed.

Liquid nitrogen treatment

Quite old and, in modern conditions, the least preferred method. It consists in the fact that the affected tissue is frozen with liquid nitrogen for 30 seconds. The downside is the frequent impossibility of precise exposure, so that healthy areas of the skin are affected.

Removal of corns in the home

It is understandable that when the described education appears, not everyone immediately rushes to the doctors in the beauty salons. There are a lot of folk methods that help to cure the core callus at home by own strength.

Important! If you choose a method of independent mechanical action when removing corn, it is always important to first steam out, soften the skin. Also, it's worthwhile to ensure that you do not enter an infection in an open wound, remove the entire stem completely.

What offers a pharmacy for home removal:

  • gels and liquids, freezing formations. The active ingredient of such agents is salicylic acid. It is important to follow all the precautions listed in the manual to avoid damaging healthy areas of the skin;
  • corn plasters. The tool is modern and quite effective. The action of the patch is also based on salicylic acid, plus other natural ingredients that enhance its effect. If the skin is damaged, then the use of patches should be discarded.


For treatment, it is not necessary to have a regular patch, but specially impregnated with various antiseptics( often use salicylic acid, which successfully cures keratinized skin and contributes to its exfoliation).In parallel with antiseptics, oils for softening can also be used. Apply a patch on an exceptionally problematic area, after thoroughly washing and wiping your feet. The course of treatment varies from 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on the depth of the rod.

Corneal plaster

Salipod is a patch impregnated with sulfur, salicylic acid and other components. Instruction for use says that for effective action it is necessary: ​​

  • thoroughly wash the area with corn, wipe with a towel;
  • rub with alcohol to get rid of fat;
  • cut a piece similar to the problem area;
  • remove the film and paste on the affected area;
  • secure with a bandage or a regular adhesive tape.

Contraindicated to stick to healthy skin, apply on wounds, pregnant women, do not use with drugs against diabetes and tumors.

Popular recipes against ingrown corn


With soap and soda

If the stem of the lesion is not yet very long, then this recipe should be suitable. In hot water add a tablespoon of soda and the same amount of soap( grate first on the grater so that the soap quickly dissolves).Take a bath for the feet or hands( depending on where the corn is located) for half an hour. After the procedure, rub the corn with pumice stone. After 5-10 such procedures, corn should fall off on its own, but only if its root is not very long.

Soda from corns

With mustard

For this treatment, you need to dissolve mustard powder in hot water. Take a bath for the affected area for 30 minutes, then rub it with a pumice stone. The number of procedures for achieving the effect is 5 or more.

Mustard from corns


There are several ways to heal corescrews due to propolis:

  • rasp the corn, melt a small piece of fat together with propolis and blind the ball, smash the cake and put on the corn, fix with bandage, leave it till morning;
  • before the procedure, make a foot bath, wipe them dry, then soak the therapeutic patch with propolis and salicylic acid, glue it to the sore spot and go with it for 2 days.


You should take a regular adhesive plaster, and apply an acetic, not diluted essence to its active part in the minimum amount. Stick on the corn, walk all day, at night to remove, and in the morning again to act with vinegar.

Vinegar from corns


It will help with corns, which just started to develop. Also, the yellow juice of this healing plant helps to get rid of warts, papillomas. It is necessary to put juice directly on the affected area, seal with adhesive plaster.

Purity will help from corns

Garlic and onion

Again, this method of treatment of corn on call at home will be effective if the rod has not yet managed to go deep. You need to make a gruel from onions or garlic( just grate the vegetable on a fine grater).Apply gruel to the steamed corn, bandage with a bandage. The number of procedures is from 10 and more.

When successfully managed to get rid of an unpleasant, painful and ugly education, be sure to think about the prevention of such calluses in the future. Believe me, prevention is much easier and faster than any of the described recipes.

Garlic from corns

Treatment depending on the place of origin

If the corn was formed at different sites of the foot, then the treatment should be assigned differently.

On the little finger of the foot

In order not to spread the fungus and not carry the infection to another area, consult a dermatologist. Often prescribe drugs based on salicylic acid, which are applied to the problem area, to avoid irritation of healthy skin. Modern methods of rod removal, which use laser, hardware, cryodestruction.

On the heel of the

The corn on the heel can be removed using three procedures:

  • drill - with the help of the cutter remove the keratinized skin and impose an antifungal agent, after 3 days all discomfort disappears;
  • laser treatment - often used for advanced stages, the laser burns the rod and destroys the bacteria that have accumulated around;
  • cryodestruction - burned with liquid nitrogen.

Corn on the heel

In the early stages you can buy a patch "Salipod".To use, wash the heel carefully and wipe dry, attach the patch( exclusively to the keratinized area), wear it for 3 days, then remove, unzip the leg and pull out the rod. Pit with iodine and paste adhesive plaster.

Between the toes

Removal of the core corn is a complex process, especially between the fingers. At home, you can only remove the top, and the root, for sure, will remain. Therefore, the treatment should be handled by a dermatologist or a qualified pedicure specialist. The operation is almost painless, in some cases more than one visit is required. A special apparatus drill a rod and impose an antiviral or antifungal agent. Or you can use the methods of cryotherapy and laser therapy, in both cases removal is rapid, destroying all microbes.

On the finger

To get rid of the core callus on the finger, you can use several methods:

  • folk remedies( before you go to sleep, remove the callus, put the garlic on the bandage and fix the bandage, remove the bandage from the sutra);
  • by mechanical means( steam out in trays with sea salt, treat with pumice keratinized area and soften with olive or linseed oil);
  • with medicines( use of solutions of Condilin, Collomac and creams based on Vaseline, salicylic acid and natural oils);
  • by hardware( cutting the corn with a milling cutter or laser removal).

Corn on the fingers

At the child

It is not necessary to start at once treatment of a core callus at the child in house conditions, it is possible, it натоптыши.Help to understand this dermatologist. If it turned out to be a corn callus, at an early stage it can be treated with folk remedies. Depending on the age of the child, an effective method will be selected, and ointments and corn liquid may also be prescribed. With deep rods, laser therapy can not be avoided. This is a gentle way to remove corn with a low probability of its appearance again.

Prevention of coronary calluses

What to do for prophylaxis:

  • to keep feet hygiene;
  • to give up uncomfortable shoes, constantly wearing high heels;
  • choose shoes only in size;
  • use foot cream, which has an emollient and nourishing effect;
  • try not to allow constant sweating of the feet;
  • if appear on the feet of rubbing, corns with liquid inside, they need to be quickly removed;
  • before hard physical work is best to put on your hands gloves.

The main methods of treating ingrown calluses at home help to get rid of young formations. If the core of the callus goes deep, you can try these folk methods. But, in the absence of effect, you should consult a specialist.

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