What to do if the ear is swollen: inside, outside, lobe, near the jaw

The ear is one of the sensitive organs. In this area, specialists quite often record various inflammations, swelling, and diseases. However, the pain that occurs in the ears is very difficult to tolerate. If pain accompanies swelling, consult a specialist. Do not delay with an ENT visit.

Puffed ear

Diseases of the ear causes of ear swelling are commonly referred to as the most complex. A tumor can occur for all sorts of reasons. Ear edema is recognized as a dangerous phenomenon that can provoke partial loss of hearing. Very carefully should be treated and to treat diseases of the ear, improper therapy can significantly worsen the condition of the patient.

The appearance of a tumor in the ear is affected by a variety of causes:

  1. Infections. Most often, infection of the ears penetrates from the nasopharynx. The arisen inflammation affects the auditory tube. Penetrating into the organs of hearing, pathogenic microorganisms provoke inflammation, which sometimes leads to hearing loss. Usually, inflammation occurs
    with weak immunity, hypothermia, insufficient amounts of vitamins( A, C).
  2. Doing sports. In the cold season, the ears can be squashed during outdoor activities. Inflammation doctors fix in people diving to great depths.
  3. Injuries. Pathology sometimes occurs after strokes, bruises, mechanical trauma.
  4. Allergy. Swelling of the ear can be caused by certain irritating factors( allergens).A tumor can appear in people of different ages. This pathology is known as "Quincke's Edema".Particularly harmful to health, he is not, but the help of a professional to remove it will not be superfluous.
  5. Radioactive effects. The edema caused by this factor experts consider very dangerous. Among the provoking factors that can cause a tumor of the auditory organ, we will point out the effect of radioactive substances, ultraviolet irradiation, chronic diseases, inflammations, neoplasms of various types: malignant / benign.

Exterior( shell)

The swelling of the organ indicates a certain disease. It does not act as a full-fledged disease, but merely as a symptom of the inflammation manifested within this organ.

Causes of

In adults, puffiness of the ear is observed quite often. It is represented by the "swimmer's syndrome".This symptom is manifested in people who are fond of diving, swimming. With "swimmer's syndrome" inflammation is noted inside the ear, provoking discomfort, pain.

One of the causes of swelling in the outside of the body is external otitis. This pathology also provokes a feeling of discomfort inside the ear. Otitis externa are provoked by various factors:

  • microtraumas in the vicinity of the ear shell, cuts, microtraumas of the auditory canal. In these wounds it is easier to penetrate microbes, bacteria;
  • Inflammation of the hair follicle, fistula appearance;
  • infection inside the ear. It usually falls in the genyantritis, SARS, runny nose;
  • chronic diseases in which the nasopharynx, ears, dermis are infected;
  • penetration of water inside the ear. Microbes grow faster in a moist environment.

The ear can swell as a sign of otitis media. This pathology is more often recorded in children. The main cause of its development is a runny nose, as well as bacteria that penetrate through the nasopharynx, outside with water, ear sticks.

The ear can swell from insect bites, foreign matter, the formation of sulfur plug, injury, allergies. In these cases, the ears are not only swollen, but itch and blush.

Edema of the lobule can occur due to erysipelatous inflammation, atheroma, hemangioma, puncture of the cartilage.


The diagnosis of ENT is based on the data that it receives:

  • as a complaint from the patient;
  • in the study;
  • with anamnesis data.

On the photo the swollen outer ear

swelled up the outer ear


The middle ear is located between important parts of the hearing aid( eardrum, inner ear).Inflammation of this area is represented by otitis media. This disease is often recorded in children.

Causes of

Often, infection of the mucosa of the middle ear is observed with a cold. Even the average otitis manifests itself in the presence of such factors:

  • trauma;
  • infection.

In this part of the hearing aid, the infection can penetrate the following ways:

  • is hematogenous;
  • is meningogenic;
  • is traumatic.

Average otitis is observed in different species( acute, chronic, exudative).

Symptoms of

The main sign that worries the patient is a very severe pain inside the body. Pain also affects the head from the side of the painful organ. In addition to pains, there are also:

  • temperature increase;
  • shooting pain inside the ear;
  • hearing loss.


Average otitis is diagnosed on the results obtained by the doctor with otoscopy. This examination is performed by means of ENT instruments.

In the exudative form of the disease, protrusion, smoothness of the contours of the membrane, hyperemia are seen. Thanks to otoscopy, the specialist will know about the presence of pus, will see the perforation of the membrane.

Read more about the causes and symptoms of otitis media in our video:


The labyrinth is located inside the pyramid of the temporal bone. On both sides it is surrounded by a drum cavity, auditory canal( internal).He is responsible for controlling the balance. Often manifested by the disease of the inner ear is labyrinthitis.

Causes of

Injury to the inner ear can develop under the influence of viruses, bacteria. Experts can not name the exact cause of the appearance of this disease. Usually it occurs when there is an infection of the upper respiratory tract( influenza, common cold).

Symptoms of

Labyrinthopathy worries the patient with the manifestation of such sensations:

  • dizziness. It manifests itself suddenly;
  • tinnitus( tinnitus);
  • vomiting;
  • temporary hearing loss;
  • nausea.


To diagnose a specialist, you need to conduct a survey of the patient, read his complaints. Especially important are the following diagnostic methods:

  • Hearing research.
  • Electronstagmography.
  • Magnetic Resonance Study.
  • Audiometry.
  • Test response of the auditory department of the brain stem.
  • Computed tomography.

For reasons and first signs of labyrinthitis, see in our video:

Dangerous consequences of

If a tumor is found inside the ear, it is recommended to consult a specialist. Of folk methods, the heating of the inflamed organ is usually used by means of salt placed in the sock.

You can use lavender rose oil, sage( excellent antiseptics), horseradish juice( to improve blood supply), cabbage leaf. But the use of funds from the people can sometimes only aggravate the situation.

Inflammations developing inside the middle ear can provoke such complications:

  • rupture of the tympanic membrane;
  • destruction of small auditory ossicles;
  • hearing impairment;
  • cholesteatoma;
  • transition of the infectious process to chronic;
  • meningitis;
  • spread of infection to the bone.


If treatment is started on time, strictly follow the instructions of a specialist, it is possible to eliminate a symptom such as an ear tumor in the shortest possible time. If you engage in self-medication, without establishing the exact cause of the tumor, various complications may develop. Sometimes the hearing may be lost.

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