How to find the prostate at home?

We find prostate for massage at home

Today, most men know about the prostate gland( prostate), as well as the need for proper care for it. But not every man knows exactly where the prostate gland is located and how to find the prostate at home. This trend is due, first of all, to a lack of information. Especially it is necessary to know if symptoms of prostatitis are detected and it is necessary to start treating prostate at home.

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Prostate in every man has individual dimensions that change throughout life. In most cases, the size of the prostate in sexually mature men is between 40 and 50 mm. And thus the

back part of a prostate closely adjoins to a rectum of the man that gives the chance to examine it rectally.

How to find the prostate yourself

In fact, self-detecting the prostate is not so difficult, as it may seem at first glance. As already mentioned above, the prostate gland is closely adjacent to the rectum, therefore, in order to find it, you must enter the index finger into the anal passage. Approximately 5 cm from the beginning of the entrance you can grope rounded formation of a small size. This is the prostate gland. In healthy men, it has an elastic, but rather dense structure.

Prostate where is located

If you press a little on the prostate gland, the man will feel discomfort or even pain. Such symptoms indicate that the prostate has begun inflammatory processes.

Important! With progressive inflammation in men, the pain will be pulsating, harsh and severe. This pain is difficult to confuse with pain in the rectum. This may be the first sign and symptom of acute prostatitis.

During a self-examination, which is conducted to find the prostate gland, you can perform a special therapeutic massage that will allow a man to improve the functionality of the prostate gland, as well as significantly increase the level of sexual activity of a man.

How to find the prostate for a massage yourself - preparation for the procedure

The method of rectal digital massage for detecting the prostate gland has been used in medical practice for a long time. In order for the procedure to be as effective and painless as possible, especially if it is performed at home, a man should be prepared. There are several general recommendations that must be followed before taking a proctologist and before an independent procedure to find a prostate:

How to find the prostate yourself

For a prostate massage, and before you can find a prostate yourself, a man should undergo special antibacterial therapy.

It should be borne in mind that in order to find the prostate it will be necessary to perform a rectal examination, so before starting the procedure, it is absolutely necessary to clean the rectum( empty the intestine).If the natural way to perform this procedure is not possible, then it is worthwhile to put a small cleansing enema( to thoroughly clean the rectum).For enema use warm boiled water, which adds a few drops of vegetable oil( you can take the most common sunflower or olive oil).

The prostate is behind the bladder, so during the procedure it should be as full as possible. It is thanks to the filled bladder that the prostate gland will be placed as close to the rectum of a man as possible, so it will be easier to find it. And if the prostate gland is sought for the purpose of performing therapeutic massage at home, then the filled bladder will significantly improve the quality and effect of performing massage procedures. As practice shows and numerous recommendations of proctologists, about 40-60 minutes before the direct procedure of rectal examination should be at least 1 liter of liquid.

Immediately before the procedure of rectal examination it is necessary to perform standard hygienic procedures( take a shower, treat the anal entrance with a damp warm towel or hygienic wet wipes).But during the procedure itself the skin around the anal entrance should be not only clean, but also dry.

A few hours before the procedure of rectal examination( at least 1.5 hours), it is necessary to refuse meals and only water.

Warning! The presence of anal cracks or hemorrhoids will make rectal examination more painful at the initial stage. However, these painful sensations will very soon pass and not be reflected on the quality of the examination aimed at determining the location of the prostate gland.

Step-by-step recommendations for performing a rectal examination yourself

Advice! To perform an independent rectal examination, you can take any other convenient position. For example, standing, lifting one leg, or sitting. During the choice of the optimal posture, it is worthwhile to focus on your individual feelings, because this procedure should not bring the feeling of discomfort.

  1. Immediately before the start of the examination procedure, the man should take the right posture. As practice shows, the most optimal position, which allows the most relax the muscles of the anal passage and in the rectum - is lying on its side, knees tightly pressed to the stomach.
  2. An independent rectal examination is performed only in specially prepared medical gloves( the index finger should be generously lubricated with petroleum jelly to ensure the most comfortable entry into the rectum).
  3. The index finger is inserted into the rectum by no more than 5 cm. If the man followed the recommendations beforehand and drank a large amount of fluid to fill the bladder, the finger can be inserted and less than 5 cm. But he must reach the boundaries of the prostate. The finger is inserted into the rectum slowly, and not too deeply. These measures are necessary to ensure that the men during the examination did not experience any discomfort or pain.
  4. The procedure for the first examination of the prostate lasts no more than 30 seconds. This time is enough to feel the prostate gland with easy massage movements, to determine its actual state( soft or firm structure, actual size, etc.).

Useful tips

About the frequency of self-massage

If the prostate gland should be found in order to perform a self-healing massage, then the first examination is performed according to the above described sequence. And the next day the procedure is repeated. Only during the execution of massage procedures, prostate stroking is performed. And each subsequent procedure of therapeutic and prophylactic massage is no more than 40 seconds. This time is quite enough to stimulate the functionality of the prostate gland in men.

About pain in massage

If a man feels pain while determining the location of the prostate gland, this indicates the presence of inflammatory processes in this gland. In addition, the pain in the prostate can indicate a chronic prostatitis in the acute stage. In the presence of chronic prostatitis the consistency of the prostate gland becomes softer.

About scars and seals

If there are scars under the finger, or small areas with seals, this indicates the presence of inflammatory processes, or it is symptoms of congestive prostatitis, and also about the possible presence of stones in this gland.

Prostate gland enlarged

If both lobes of the prostate gland are symmetrically enlarged in size, but the consistency remains homogeneous - these are the first signs of a disease such as prostate adenoma.

Important! Uneven gland outlines, or increased texture density may indicate the development of prostate cancer.


If at least one of the above symptoms has been detected during an independent rectal examination, an expert should be consulted immediately. After all, each of the possible diagnoses requires mandatory additional confirmation by laboratory tests.

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