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The material intended for absorbing the exfoliating exudate for various types of bedsores, ulcers and skin lesions ensures the cleanliness of the wound, eliminates the possibility of the formation of pressure sores and promotes the healing of the affected area as soon as possible. And among such materials should be separately to consider the adsorptive bandages Biaten, which has a high absorbency and preserve the health of the unaffected skin.

Used for the rapid elimination of wet ulcers in which there is a secretion of purulent exudate, the Biatain bandages have proven themselves in the treatment of many skin lesions, eliminating the processes of inflammation, contributing to the rapid healing of even long-term ongoing pathological processes. Their use provides the skin with the necessary dryness, does not allow the necrotic tissue to worsen. Even with prolonged wearing of such a bandage, there are no noticeable abnormalities in the state of healthy skin adjacent to the wound site: it absorbs the exud

ate easily, the bandages do not interfere with the movement and breathing of healthy skin areas.

Features of the preparation

Biathen bandages, according to those who have already used them for their intended purpose, are great when wearing compression linen of various types, without interfering and not losing their qualities laid down by the manufacturer. The skin, cleared of purulent contents of ulcers and wounds, is restored more quickly, the process of its regeneration is not slowed down by inflammation. Thanks to the adhesive edge, the absorbent bandages of Biaten quickly and firmly attach to the body, without interfering with movements and having the ability to absorb a significant amount of exudate.

The absence of skin irritation when attaching such a dressing to it is provided by using a special adhesive compound that does not cause an allergic reaction, which allows using such dressings even with especially sensitive skin.

Characteristics of Biatene

As an absorbent tissue with a high capacity for absorbing liquid contents, adsorbing Biaten bandages can cope even with a large area of ​​lesions. The spongy surface of the Biathen bandage has the ability to expand without flowing liquid beyond the napkin, the bandage edge has an adhesive layer with an anti-allergic composition.

The overall size of this bandage is 15x15 cm, the absorbent surface itself is 11x11 cm. It can be used to absorb exudate on wounds of considerable size.

Forms and cost

Biathin absorbent dressings are available in several varieties, which makes it possible to apply them for different types of lesions and different sizes of injuries. All of them have an increased rate of absorbency, keeping the skin dry and contributing to its early recovery.

The most popular can be considered, according to customer demand, napkins with external dimensions of 15x15 cm, absorbent surface of which is 11x11 cm: this is quite enough to completely eliminate purulent discharge of wounds in the active state. At the same time, the adhesive edge is impregnated with a special medical composition that does not cause any allergy or damage to the delicate tissues. There are also options for napkins 18x18 cm for particularly large skin lesions.

Biaten absorbent dressings are used to remove wet surfaces and clean them, the wound can be 7-8 cm in diameter, and due to its high absorbency, the napkins are suitable for use for 7 days without losing their qualities. Also available are options for napkins that do not have a sticky edge: they are designed for use in places of injury, where tissues surrounding wounds or ulcers are hypersensitive. Their size can also vary from 10x10 cm to 15x15 cm.

The cost of napkins can differ slightly for different vendors, but their average price ranges from 420 to 890 rubles per package, depending on the size of the napkins. Very popular, according to reviews, Biaten AG( a sponge with silver ions), the average price is 660 rubles.

Pharmacological actions of

Having excellent absorbency, bandages with the adsorbing property of Biaten can be used not only to eliminate purulent exudate from damage, but also to cleanse the wound of dead skin particles, stop the inflammatory process and reduce the area of ​​the lesion. Their action is based on an absorbent surface of great bulk, which makes it possible to leave the dressing on the wound for 7 days, without a decrease in absorbency.

Thanks to the antiseptic impregnation of the absorbent surface, the absorbent dressings have proven themselves in the fight against the current inflammatory process. This allows you to cope with even significant lesions on the wound area.


Due to the superabsorbent properties of wipes for the wetting wound Biaten provides dryness of the skin, prevents irritation of healthy skin and has no allergenic constituents either in the absorbent surface or in the sticky layer, which is a colloidal solution with a neutral composition. When removing the dressing, even sensitive skin does not feel a significant mechanical and chemical effect.


Neutral surface provides rapid absorption of wound exudate, which is retained inside the dressing due to its three-dimensional device. The rapid effect of such napkins is due to the use of modern materials, which quickly eliminate excess fluid even with its considerable volume.


Use of adsorbing napkins Biaten is indicated for any wetting wounds and ulcers that have exudate irritating areas of healthy skin. The use of dressings is particularly effective in the following conditions:

  1. Wetting ulcers of of any origin, in which active separation of wound exudate is noted.
  2. Trophic ulcers of of any size, requiring regular care for the wetting areas of the skin and the removal of secretions of their wounds. Bedsores , formed in bedridden patients. The formation of wet sites in such patients complicates the process of caring for their skin.
  3. Any mechanical damage to the skin , accompanied by the release of liquids from the wound surface.

Instruction for use

The use of a dressing consists in the preliminary removal of the protective coating from its active surface, laying it on the wound. In the presence of an inflammatory process, the separation of necrotic tissue, the wound surface should be cleaned with disinfecting compounds by blotting movements, and only then should the bandage be installed.

For a more active effect, dressings can be used in combination with various healing agents that are applied to the wound with a preliminary cleansing of the discharge.


  • Contraindications include significant areas of damage, which should not use napkins with a sticky layer to prevent the occurrence of an allergic reaction and worsen the overall condition of the wound.
  • Also, the use of a napkin is recommended without the use of other medications for a pronounced inflammatory process with the allocation of a large amount of wound exudate, it will be sufficient to use a swab to remove the secretions.

Side effects of

The presence of a sticky layer can cause some irritation on the sensitive skin, so if you tend to allergies of any kind, you should use a napkin without a fixing layer.

Special instructions

Wipes with adsorbing action Biaten can be used in pregnancy and lactation, as well as in childhood, because they have no pronounced allergic effect and are neutral when used.

Interaction with other medicines

Biathin napkins can be used in combination with drugs that stop the inflammatory process and have a healing effect.


Many buyers notice the clear cleansing effect of adsorbing napkins Biaten, due to their use it becomes possible to normalize the regenerating processes in the skin rather quickly, to prevent the increase in the area of ​​the lesion when purulent exudate enters a healthy tissue.

The ease of using such napkins and the possibility of their long-term presence on the damaged surface is also noted without deterioration of the absorbent properties. The choice of napkins of various sizes, with silver deposition to speed up the stopping of the pathological process in the skin and with or without the presence of a fixing layer, can also be considered a virtue of these absorbent dressings.


To absorbent dressings of a similar effect, one can include wipes of high absorbency of the company Hartman, TenderVet.

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