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Radevit is a dermatological agent for external use that saves face skin from allergic reactions after applying cosmetic creams. The remedy has gained popularity because of the ability to eliminate not only acne, but also the stains that remain after their appearance. Anti-inflammatory properties, rapid regeneration capabilities are the main features of a medical skin care product. Instructions for use, the price of cream( ointment) Radevit, its analogs and reviews about it - the topic of today's article.

Features of the preparation

Composition Radevita

Like every drug, Radevit cream-ointment includes 2 groups of substances: active and auxiliary. The first group includes the vitamin complex with the inclusion of those vitamins that affect skin cells:

  • palmitic salt of retinol is the concentration leader in the preparation( 10 mg).Retinol salts are the main source of vitamin A, responsible in dermatology for the inhibition of aging processes, protection from the negative influence
    of exogenous factors. As a fat-soluble substance, retinol retains moisture in the skin, participates in the renewal and regeneration of cellular structures. Quickly removes damage to skin cells and increases skin immunity;
  • acetate salt of α-tocopherol ( vitamin E) is contained in an amount of 5 mg in the preparation. An irreplaceable substance in the synthesis of the collagen protein, which gives the skin an elasticity property. Vitamin increases the action of vitamin A in relation to skin immunity, improves the morphological properties of the skin;
  • the main regenerative factor of the mixture of substances - ergocalciferol or vitamin D2 is able in a short time to update the cellular elements and restore their damaged areas.

Excipients strengthen the action of basic substances, facilitate the penetration of substances through the skin barrier, create a comfortable consistence for use:

  • butylhydroxytoluene and butylhydroxyanisole are E 321 additives with antioxidant properties. By its action, the effect of vitamin E is increased, the content is 10 mg;
  • wax in emulsified state - 80 mg;
  • Vaseline oil - 50 mg;
  • purified water - 1 g;
  • ethanol - 1 g;
  • propanetriol - 10 mg.

On the features of the drug Radevit will tell this video:

Dosage forms

The external preparation has an ointment base, when squeezed out of the tube it looks as a yellowish or whitish color. Radevit is packed in tubes of polyethylene composition with a capacity of 35 mg, 20 mg and 10 mg. Most of the pharmaceutical product is distributed in a tube of 35 mg, packed in cardboard packs.

Ointment of such capacity in different regions of Russia is sold at an average cost of 380 rubles, in Moscow the average price for the drug is 398 rubles.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacological action of Radevita is based on the action of active vitamin components. After applying vitamin D, the skin is moistened, the protective properties of the skin are raised, and the inflammatory processes are stopped. Vitamin E, regardless of origin, stimulates the inhibition of the formation of free radicals. Vitamin E has a cumulative property and, due to the hydrophobic qualities of the cellular structures of the skin, delays the evaporation of water. The quantitative content of retinol in the ointment is justified due to:

  • increasing the regenerative properties of skin structures;
  • release of the skin from the upper epidermis, which is a cornified dead cell layer, as a result of which the skin changes its tone and texture for the better;
  • increase in the dermis layer in the total quantitative state of the layers;
  • reduce the depth of furrow wrinkles and retouch the overall wrinkled face pattern;
  • skin elasticity enhancement;
  • protects collagen protein from ultraviolet and infrared radiation;
  • synthesis of skin proteins( elastin and collagen) and hyaluronic acid.

To achieve the corresponding effects, a long treatment course is required.


There is no data on the excretion of the products of the Radevite decay. In the absence of hormonal components and toxic substances, the physiological maintenance of active components of Radevite is not a danger or caution in use.

On whether it helps radevit from wrinkles, and whether the cream is suitable for the face, lips and other parts of the body, let's talk below.


Among all the facts of the use of Radevite are 2 groups:

  1. Radevit as the main treatment and
  2. additional use of ointment in cosmetology.

The following diseases are successfully cured by Radevit:

  • thermal and chemical skin damages;
  • recently received wounds;
  • damaged skin or mucous membrane with erosive phenomena or cracks;
  • dermatitis and dermatitis of nervous and seborrheic origin;
  • is a non-infectious dermatosis;
  • recuperation;
  • cold, dermographic urticaria;
  • bullous dermatitis;
  • effects of ointment treatment with a corticosteroid base;
  • ichthyosiform erythroderms.

Additional symptoms that are indications for the use of the ointment are:

  • insufficient moisture capacity of the skin;
  • increased delamination of the epidermis of the skin of the face and lips;
  • daily care for extremely sensitive skin;
  • cosmetic effect of rejuvenation and concealment of wrinkles;
  • weathering.

After prolonged use of the ointment, the skin acquires a quick regenerative effect, the feeling of itching disappears, pain, irritation and other conditions of discomfort are stopped.

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Instruction for use

The concentration of vitamins in the skin refers to the dynamic indicators during the day. The lowest concentration is observed in the morning hours, during the division of skin cells. It is at this time that the skin should be provided with the necessary vitamins, but, given the time penetration through the skin barrier and the duration of the synthetic processes of vitamins in skin structures using the components of the ointment, the best application time on the face is late at night( before bedtime).

Application of Radevite should be done by soft, massaging circular finger movements on the problem area of ​​the skin. With the available medical( not only cosmetology) indications, the ointment can be used twice a day. If there are cracks in the skin, you should first treat the wound with antiseptic solutions, and then spread the area with Radevit.

The duration of treatment is determined in accordance with the severity of the disease and the degree of manifestation of symptoms.

One-time use of Radevite for these categories of women is worth consulting with a doctor.


It is not recommended to use the drug during oral or trickle ingestion of vitamin A analogues, body conditions with excess of vitamins A, E and D. People with individuality to average dosages of vitamins should find analogues of ointment with no such vitamins, but similar in producing effect. It is not recommended to use the drug in an acute inflammatory period.

Side effects of

Patients exhibiting individual allergic reactions to the components of the drug after the application of Radevite can detect hyperemic reactions, itching in the field of ointment application. Sometimes there is an increase in symptomatic reactions: soreness, swelling, etc.

Special instructions

Radevit is stored at a temperature lower than other drugs. The optimum temperature for the storage period is 4-10 degrees. Both room temperature and freezing are not allowed. Storage of the ointment for more than 4 years reduces the effectiveness of its effect. Children should not have access to accidental use of the ointment.

Interaction with other medicines

It is not allowed to increase the vitamin saturation of the body with Radevite together with the intake of vitamins A, E and D by other methods,a large dose can lead to hypervitaminosis.

With regard to the joint use of vitamin ointment with hormonal agents, caution is also required. In some cases, the effects of cutaneous hypervitaminosis require the use of salicylates and preparations with glucocorticosteroids.


Most of the patients' reviews indicate the rapidity of symptom management after Radevite. One of the patients surprisingly describes the disappearance of signs of allergic action of the ointment, expressed in large reddening, flaking, puffiness, excessive peeling of the upper layer of the skin.

After applying Radevita, a terrible cosmetic picture on the face, hardly compatible with the possibility of being in the workplace, receded, retouched and allowed the patient not to miss a working day with little consequences of the ill-fated ointment on the skin of the face. The validity of Radevit did not exceed one night. A day later the patient forgot about the effect of the original ointment prescribed by the doctor.

About cheap and expensive analogues of Radevit we'll talk below.


In the absence of Radevit ointment at the chemist's point, you can use analogues of the drug for active substances, drug effect, etc.: Vishnevsky liniment, Cynovid, Acriderm, Metuluracil, Romazulan, etc.

More information about Radevit is contained in the videobelow:

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