Hemorrhoids in the initial stage - symptoms, prevention and treatment

The initial stage of hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids - a fairly common disease these days. The disease proceeds chronically, passing in its development several stages, each of which is distinguished by certain symptoms. In a neglected state, hemorrhoids are difficult to treat and require radical surgical measures.

However, in the initial stage, getting rid of the disease is simple enough with the help of conservative therapy. Therefore it is important to know how to treat hemorrhoids at the initial stage, and not postpone the trip to a specialist in the long box.

Causes of

Unambiguously, the causes of hemorrhoids are unclear, but there are many factors, apparently contributing to its development :

  • intestinal dysfunction, manifested in the form of frequent constipation;
  • sedentary lifestyle, especially if a person for a long time is in a sitting position;
  • lifting weights and performing other physical work related to straining.

Naturally, hereditary factors are important, and for women an additional factor is pregnancy

and childbirth. In other words, all the effects that increase the pressure in the abdominal cavity, contribute to hemorrhoids. This effect is exacerbated by the use of alcohol and overly spicy food, as this leads to an acceleration of the blood flow in the anal area and has an irritating effect.

The initial stage of hemorrhoid causes

Symptoms of

Many people ignore the initial stage of hemorrhoids, because at this stage the symptoms are not yet very clearly manifested.

Most patients begin to experience itching in the anus, burning sensation, irritation of the skin, discomfort. At defecation moderate bleeding is observed. At the initial stage of the development of the disease, the hemorrhoidal nodes still have small dimensions, so they simply do not feel them.

Exacerbation of signs of hemorrhoids occurs under the influence of certain unfavorable factors, for example, after physical activity or consumption of alcohol. It is worth noting that in men and women the disease proceeds in the same way. The symptoms of the initial stage of hemorrhoids may temporarily disappear, and this condition can last for several years, during which the patient seems to have nothing to complain about.

Unfortunately, this is the reason that patients in the first stage of hemorrhoids rarely consult a doctor. However, the disease does not go away, but, on the contrary, passes into a more severe stage, in which suffering increases dramatically, and the process of treatment becomes more complicated.

How does the initial stage of hemorrhoids look like: photos

We offer detailed photos to see what the initial stage of hemorrhoids looks like for women, and also for men.


The initial stage of hemorrhoids photo


Treatment of hemorrhoids in the initial stage of

Different types of hemorrhoids need to be treated differently depending on the stage of the disease. It is clear that for the therapy of stage 1 requires much less effort than for a running process. But in any case, the condition for the successful fight against the disease will be to eliminate the risk factors that lead to the disease or its aggravation.

Hemorrhoids at the initial stage are treated with suppositories, ointments and tablets. Which of them to use, knows only the attending physician. They differ in the spectrum of action, chemical composition and application rules. Among the ointments the most universal, absorbable and anti-inflammatory effect is possessed by Heparin ointment, Levomecol and Bezornil. To remove the pain, candles and gels are widely used - Anestezin, Ultraprotect and Lidocaine. With concomitant bleeding, candles with adrenaline, sponge from berylastine can be prescribed.

To stop the development of the disease will help to change the way of life towards physical activity, regular running, long walks. It is necessary to adjust the diet with an increase in the content of dairy products and plant foods rich in fiber( vegetables and fruits).From the menu it is necessary to exclude dishes with a high content of animal fats, not to eat sharp, salty, fried dishes. Food should be balanced and varied, with a high content of vitamins.

hemorrhoids in the initial stage of treatment

Minimally invasive methods

For the treatment of the second stage of hemorrhoids, complex minimally invasive methods, such as sclerotherapy, infrared coagulation, latex ligation, etc., are added to complex therapy, including ointments, suppositories, gels. The third stage is treated by minimally invasive methods and surgical operations.

How to treat the initial stage with folk remedies?

Folk methods that can be used at home are especially good at the first stages of hemorrhoid development. It is during this period that it is recommended to use natural painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs in combination with medication. However, before starting their application, it is better to discuss your choice with your doctor.

  1. In order to remove unpleasant symptoms in the early stages of hemorrhoids, it is recommended to take sedentary baths. Even simple warm water will have a beneficial effect on the patient's condition, but it is better if it is a decoction of medicinal herbs: chamomile, aura, yarrow.
  2. With the internal form of the disease, candles made on the basis of natural components of can be used: raw potatoes, lard, honey. Useful microclysters, which include a decoction of chamomile or marigold, potato or beet juice, propolis, sea buckthorn oil.
  3. To treat the initial hemorrhoids, can be treated with herbal ointment prepared at home by . To do this, the oak bark, flaxen flowers, water pepper taken in equal parts are mixed 1: 1 with hot interior fat, heated in a water bath for 12 hours, the ointment is filtered andCools down. Keep it in the refrigerator.

Treatment of hemorrhoids, like other diseases, must be carried out at the initial stage. This will provide an opportunity to prescribe an effective course of treatment and a set of drugs. In case of burning, small bleeding, discomfort and painful sensations in the anal area, it is worthwhile immediately contacting the appropriate specialist.

The initial stage of hemorrhoids treatment


Complex treatment of hemorrhoids, as well as its prevention, necessarily includes a certain diet that must be observed to increase the effectiveness of therapy and prevent relapse of the disease. During treatment from the diet should be deleted:

  • fatty foods;
  • spices and condiments;
  • too salty dishes;
  • canned food;
  • alcohol.

In addition to the diet, the best preventive methods are active lifestyle( sometimes it is enough to just get up every hour from the workplace and be a bit like), a balanced diet that does not allow the appearance of digestive disorders and, as a consequence, constipation. It is necessary to observe the simplest principles of personal hygiene. Such prevention will help to avoid the appearance of hemorrhoids.

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