Hearing aid selection: pocket, channel, digital, reviews

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Everyone who has hearing impairment must undergo a detailed medical examination. According to his results, a doctor can appoint a hearing aid. Today, there are quite a few varieties of these devices that can improve the quality of life.

Hearing aids

Hearing aid is a complex device that can compensate for hearing problems. Many people confuse these devices with budgetary sound amplifiers. However, the latter only increase the volume of sounds, while the hearing aids make the speech more clear and distinct, clearing it of extraneous noise. This is very important for people with hearing loss with varying degrees of hearing loss, and having a disability.

Scheme of operation of

Hearing aids are equipped with a microphone that catches the sound. After that, the signal hits the amplifier. This item increases the volume of sounds and transmits them to the phone. It is there that they transform into sound vibrations.

Scheme of operation of digital hearing aid

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Types, characteristics of

All hearing aids can be divided into two groups - analog and digital. The first group of devices is considered obsolete. They have a simple principle of action, which consists in the same increase in the volume of sounds at all frequencies. In conditions of increased noise, this causes severe discomfort. Control volume level helps only a special regulator.

Analog devices are much inferior to electronic ones. Hearing usually decreases unevenly at different frequencies. Analog devices can not be adjusted to this feature.

Digital devices have several indisputable advantages. They are compact in size and easy to use. Such adaptations can be customized to suit individual characteristics. The sound quality that is transmitted by these devices is much higher. Thanks to their use, you can make speech more legible.

In addition, these devices have the ability to fully automate. In this case, the person does not need to adjust anything - if necessary, the device will do it.

Modern hearing aids

Depending on the setting method, these types of devices are distinguished:

  1. Unprogrammed device - it needs to be adjusted manually by means of special regulators.
  2. The programmable device is connected via a cable to the computer. The setting of this device is carried out in digital form, which allows you to take into account the peculiarities of hearing.

By way of amplification, there are such groups of devices:

  1. Linear - increase the intensity of sounds regardless of the volume by the same amount.
  2. Non-linear - equipped with automatic gain control. Their work depends on the level of the sound signal.

Depending on the method of sound transmission, there are such types of apparatus:

  1. Device of bone conduction - used in conductive hearing loss. In this case, the phone is made in the form of a bone vibrator. It is located behind the ear and snug against the mastoid process. After that, the amplified signal is transformed into a vibrational signal, and not a sound signal.
  2. Air conduction device - used to correct various types of auditory disorders. The sound from the phone comes through the earmold, which is placed in the ear canal.

Depending on the location of the device, there are such types of hearing aids:

  1. Zaushny device - is characterized by ease of use and reliability. Such devices can be placed behind the ear. With their help, it is possible to compensate for any hearing impairment. Such devices are suitable for all age categories, including for children.
  2. In-the-ear device is a compact mini device that is placed in the auricle. Such models can compensate for quite severe hearing impairments. The body of the device is made on an individual impression, which exactly repeats the structure of the ear. Thanks to this it is possible to achieve maximum comfort.
  3. Intrachannel device - located inside the ear canal. Such models have the smallest sizes. They are not visible to others, because they are inside the ear canal. With the help of such devices it is possible to achieve excellent sound quality and excellent speech intelligibility.

Types of hearing aids

Recommendations for choosing

To select a hearing aid, you need to consider many criteria. According to the principle of operation, such devices are digital and analog. The first category allows you to get a better sound. Such models can be customized for individual needs of the individual. Many manufacturers of such equipment completely abandoned the manufacture of analog instruments.

When choosing, it is necessary to determine the number of devices. Of course, binaural application of devices for two ears has a number of advantages. So, it helps to identify the source of sound, provides good intelligibility speech, copes with the effect of the shadow of the head.

Nevertheless, this type of application of hearing aids is not shown to everyone. Some people in general face certain difficulties or do not experience in them a special need. Of great importance is the price of the device - it will be much more expensive.

When choosing a device, you must take into account its power. This indicator should have a sufficient stock. This will help to compensate for hearing loss, since the device is usually purchased immediately for several years.

Of no small importance is the number of channels. By this term we mean the frequency range in which gain can be adjusted. Due to the large number of channels, it is possible to configure the device depending on the specific hearing impairment. This allows you to achieve maximum intelligibility of speech.

Another key parameter is the compression system. It consists in uneven amplification of sounds, which have different loudness. Due to this, the device can be adjusted so that quiet sounds can be heard, while loud ones do not cause discomfort.

Another important feature is the possibility of noise suppression. The presence of this system makes the use of the device more comfortable in conditions of increased noise. There are devices that can suppress noise and at the same time enhance speech.

When selecting, be sure to pay attention to the presence of a microphone system. These elements can be directional or non-directional. The best option is the adaptive focus, which varies automatically depending on the situation. It is also very convenient to use devices that allow you to independently control the direction of the microphone.

When choosing a device manufacturer, you should give preference to well-known companies that have a huge experience in manufacturing such devices. Such organizations have a wide choice of devices and accessories for them. In addition, these companies provide a guarantee for their products and have an excellent system of service centers.

How to connect a hearing aid

Heavy Duty

One of the main parameters to consider when buying a hearing aid is power. It should be sufficient to amplify sounds now and subsequently, because hearing problems can progress.

Today, on sale there are devices not only medium or low power, but also high-power, pocket or behind-the-ear devices. The latter category is used with a significant deterioration in hearing. Usually they are used with a hearing loss of up to 120 dB.

Look in our video reviews about different types of hearing aids:

Correctly selected hearing aids help to compensate for hearing loss and return to the full life of .To solve this problem, it is recommended to consult a doctor in time. After careful diagnosis, the specialist will choose the optimal device that compensates for hearing impairment.

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