Stages of ringworm and its treatment with folk remedies: in adults, in children

Ringworm does not choose a specific place, and can equally affect the smooth skin and hairy areas on the human body.

Ringworm Stages

To begin with, we'll talk about the stages of ringworm:

  1. Initial;
  2. Progressive and
  3. Active.

This video will tell you about the reasons for the appearance, stages and treatment of ringworm:


To learn about the initial stage of the disease can only be done by specialists, and the first symptoms can appear after the end of the week incubation period. Any blemishes on the skin or non-standard pimples are best not to be treated independently, but to know the opinion of a dermatologist.

  • For this stage, edema in the focus area and inflammatory processes are characteristic.
  • The color of single, overlying skin spots, from pink and red to lilac.
  • The shape of the spots is round, the edges are clear.
  • Nodules and vesicles may appear around the edges of the lichen, and the hair in the hearth discolour and fade.
  • Bubbles with drying form a crust on the surface.
  • Elasticity is lost and hair can break off and fall out, in some cases they become thinner and curl.
  • Where the hair is damaged, there are black dots, and on the outside these roots cover a patch of gray or whitish shade.
  • Peeling may occur, accompanied by slight burning and itching.
  • When the disease is transferred to a chronic form, foci in the occipital part of the head are noted.
  • When the symptoms come to nausea, the center of the spot fades and the rash resembles a ring.

On how ringworm looks at an early stage in an adult and a child can judge by the photo below.

Ringworm in humans - initial stage( photo)


With this stage of foci becomes larger, they can multiply and spread throughout the body.

About the first signs of ringworm will tell the video below:


At this time, clearly visible places of alopecia, foci are covered with scales, the skin looks unhealthy.

About the symptoms and treatment of folk remedies of ringworm in humans at home, we will tell below.

First symptoms of SL

The appearance of the first symptoms of lichen can occur a few days after infection or after 4-5 weeks. Symptoms will depend on the area of ​​skin that has been affected. There is a characteristic spot of bright color on the skin, it can not disturb the ill at all.

  • If the nails are affected, then after the appearance of a dull spot on the edge, the softening and destruction of the nail plate begins.
  • When the deep form is affected by the tibia of women, and the foci are at a depth of 3 centimeters.

For treatment in the home of ringworm in children and adults, folk remedies and methods are described below.

the initial stage of ringworm on the head( photo)

Treatment at home

  • For the treatment of skin use a mixture of yellow sulfur and olive oil, which is applied to the surface 2 times a day until completely dry. Sulfur powder is purchased at the pharmacy, then sent to a container and heated in a water bath. Hot melted mass mixes well with olive oil. The rashes themselves do not wet the ears, but you can remove the remnants of the mixture from the skin with a cotton disc moistened with oil.
  • Another method of to fight rashes can become vinegar-based compresses. In an acidic environment, the fungus quickly dies, which speeds up recovery. Take a gauze napkin or folded bandage in several layers and attach the wetted material to the place of injury. Regularly carry out this procedure, especially if large areas are affected.
  • For the treatment of scalp , herbal decoctions and infusions are used. Mix the string, celandine and horsetail in the ratio 4: 2: 1, and then from 2 tbsp. Spoons of shredded herbs are prepared with infusion. To do this, pour the mixture with boiling water in the amount of glass and insist for about an hour, filter and treat the scalp.
  • Propolis is mixed with alcohol and insisted for several days in a glass container. With the help of cotton swabs, foci are treated up to 4 times a day. The course lasts 10 days.

When depriving it is important to adhere to a certain diet and maintain the immune system. Seasonal fresh vegetables and fruits will replenish the vitamin base, and meat and dairy products will restore the amount of protein in the body. Limit the use of spices and food with dyes and preservatives.

On another method of folk treatment of ringworm tell this video:

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