Diet 4a for chronic colitis of the intestine, nutrition menu for treatment

Exacerbation of chronic colitis occurs mainly due to irregularities in diet. It is characterized by the development of a strong inflammatory process that occurs on the walls of the intestine and makes it difficult to work. Therefore, any treatment for this disease should be conducted only against a specially selected diet, which provides maximum shame to the damaged digestive organ.

Also correctly selected table with this pathological inflammation is intended to alleviate the unpleasant and severe symptoms accompanying the disease:

  • Correctly selected diet for a patient with hr.colitis contributes to the normalization of the stool. With the prevalence of diarrhea, the menu includes products that have an astringent effect, and with constipation, on the contrary, it is laxative;
  • The increased gas production, which is always present in this chronic disease, is reduced by eliminating the products that cause it from the diet.

To ensure that the dietary table used in nutrition for chronic colitis is the most rational, it should be selected only by the attending physician, who will take into account both the specificity of the disease and all the nuances of its course.

Diet 4a for chronic colitis

This table is universal, as it is used for various inflammatory diseases of the digestive system. Especially good is food to eliminate fermentation and putrefactive processes in the intestine. It is quite strict, therefore it is appointed by a specialist for a very short period, not exceeding usually a week.

The use of diet 4a is aimed at removing from the mucous membrane the manifestations of acute inflammation, which always arise when a chronic colitis recurs. At this type of food the following dishes are recommended:

  • Liquid cereals, cooked on water from various cereals. Salt and sugar are added to them in a limited way;
  • Dry bread crumbs;
  • Mucous soups, for the preparation of which water or very weak broth is used;
  • Vegetables in boiled and wiped form;
  • Decoctions of wild rose, black currant and dried fruits;
  • Dietary meat types are well boiled and crushed.

In the menu for chronic colitis in the acute stage, a small amount of fat-free cottage cheese and a steam omelette are also allowed. All dishes of this table should only be freshly prepared, preserved the greatest amount of nutrients and vitamins, and served in a slightly warm form, so as not to cause a thermal injury to the damaged intestine. Also, all portions should be made minimal, this facilitates the digestion process.

Dietary nutrition for chronic colitis

The guarantee of complete recovery is compliance with all rules in cooking and in their use. Only with this condition it is possible to achieve an early and longest remission. Therefore, often patients with a chronic type of inflammatory bowel disease are asked the question: "What happens when xr. Colitis can be eaten and which way of cooking is preferred "?

Since this diet is aimed at providing the greatest shine for the intestines and at the same time providing the patient with adequate nutrition, the foods should be easily digestible and contain an optimal amount of vitamins, microelements and nutrients. Diet 4a must meet the following requirements:

  • The carbohydrate content in it should be significantly limited, as in chronic colitis accompanied by an inflammatory process, they are poorly digested by a damaged digestive organ;
  • In the appointment of this diet table, the use of any seasonings and spices is prohibited, and the salt should be consumed in minimum quantities;
  • Diet in chronic colitis of the intestine involves the exclusion from the diet of all foods and foods that are active stimulants of secretory function and contribute to the intensification of putrefactive and fermenting processes;
  • Prepare dietary meals for patients with exacerbation of colitis proceeding according to the chronic type, should either be steamed, or by means of boiling, and then wiping.

The diet in this disease is recommended fractional, often and in small portions, and meals and beverages must be allowed to cool down before use to room temperature. It should also be remembered that facilitating the digestion of food is achieved not only by using dietary dishes in the diet, but also by their thorough chewing. Therefore, all patients with this bowel pathology are advised to eat slowly, thoroughly chewing food.

Sample menu for chronic colitis

The question of patients about what can be cooked with such a scarcity of permitted products for a patient with hr.colitis also sounds quite often. Despite the fact that the set of permitted products with a diet of 4a is minimal, one can create truly delicious and full dishes, the use of which will not force a person with this chronic bowel pathology to feel flawed:

  • Breakfast should be at least minimal in volume, butfull, to give the patient the necessary energy charge for the whole day. The best is the porridge welded on the water and wiped, but before serving it you can add a small amount of milk and some jam. Also, a patient with chronic colitis can be offered an egg soft-boiled;
  • For dinner, in addition to mashed soup with vegetables, meatballs cooked for a couple of dietary meat or fish varieties are allowed;
  • Dinner also provides a fish or meat dish, cooked with a boiled vegetable garnish, for example, mashed potatoes.

Between obligatory meals, small snacks should be arranged, for which baked fruit or decoctions of them with rusks are suitable. Before going to bed it is recommended to drink a glass of kefir.

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