Catarrhal proctosigmoiditis - symptoms and treatment with folk remedies

In the catarrhal form of proctosigmoiditis, the focus of the pathological inflammatory process is in the sigmoid colon. The treatment is specific and is conducted taking into account the results of an additional diagnostic study. A patient with suspected of this form of the disease is required to make irrigoscopy to establish the individual characteristics of the intestine. If you do not take timely measures for appropriate therapy of this pathology, catarrhal proctosigmoiditis can cause the development of the following diseases:

  • Paraproctitis, in which the pathological process will not only affect the walls of the rectum, but also the pararectal tissue;
  • Hemorrhoids, accompanied by very painful symptoms and prolapse of the rectum;
  • Internal bleeding caused by ulceration of the intestinal walls, as well as perforation of the ulcer.

Less fatal, but also a painful consequence of catarrhal proctosigmoiditis not receiving appropriate treatment, will be cracks in the anus.

Methods for treatment of proctosigmoiditis

If there are signs of anxiety that indicate that the patient is likely to develop proctosigmoiditis, urgent medical attention is required to undergo appropriate diagnosis, helping to identify the presence of the disease at the earliest stages. In the event that the diagnosis is confirmed, the specialist will select the appropriate treatment, due to which the patient will have a chance to forget for ever the severe manifestations of the disease.

Treatment of catarrhal proctosigmoiditis is performed depending on the nature of the lesion and the severity of the course of the disease either inpatient or outpatient. The whole therapy is selected taking into account that it was possible to influence the cause of the disease. This form of the disease is better than the rest can be treated and causes a fairly small number of complications.

In the therapeutic complex, besides medications, such activities as diet, exercise therapy, physiotherapy and massage should be included. It is recommended by experts and the use of folk remedies. They are used both to eliminate the symptoms of catarrhal proctosigmoiditis, and to reduce the inflammatory process on the walls of the intestine.

Traditional medicine for catarrhal proctosigmoiditis

To help patients with catarrhal proctosigmoiditis at home, it is advisable to use such products as self-prepared herbal decoctions, sedentary baths with phytospores and purifying or curative enemas. All of them are able to provide sufficiently effective help to the damaged intestine, as well as not to cause addiction and side effects, but they should be used only after consulting a specialist. This is necessary for the reason that the course of catarrhal proctosigmoiditis is individual for each patient and can vary in the presence of the main symptoms.

Herbal decoctions intended for ingestion are the main folk remedy used for this disease. The best anti-inflammatory effect is the infusion, prepared from the flowers of chamomile and marigold, which is taken on a tablespoon before each meal. A good effect on the inflamed intestine is also provided by such herbs as tansy, string, plantain and nettle.

For sedentary baths, herbal decoctions are also used. Most often for this purpose it is proposed to use the field horsetail. The effect they give is the removal of inflammation caused by catarrhal proctosigmoiditis, as well as a reduction in the pain symptom. The water in this procedure should be warm, the reception of hot or cold baths is inadmissible, and the duration of it is not more than 20 minutes.

Very good reviews, both patients and specialists, have in the treatment of catarrhal proctosigmoiditis and folk remedy such as microclysters, in which herbal decoctions are also used. For them, suitable medicinal plants, such as oregano, lemon balm, chamomile and calendula. This method of therapy with catarrhal proctosigmoiditis is considered very effective, since the effect occurs directly on the inflamed mucosa. But when using it, you should follow certain rules to make the effect better: after the liquid is injected into the intestine, lie down for 10 minutes first on the back, then on the stomach and sides.

In this case, the absorption of the necessary medicinal enzymes will occur much faster, and this will facilitate the prompt disposal of the patient from the symptoms of catarrhal proctosigmoiditis and healing of inflamed mucosa. If this procedure is carried out correctly, a significant effect will appear in a few days.

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