Dehydration with diarrhea( diarrhea) in a child, signs, medicine, how to avoid?

In children, dehydration with diarrhea occurs very quickly. Therefore, if a child experiences severe diarrhea and vomiting with fever, indicating that the ailment is caused by a viral infection, it is necessary to urgently consult a specialist, as soon as he can determine whether the baby develops dehydration or signs of another pathology. Young parents are always interested in how dangerous such a condition is and is it possible to avoid it? From dehydration with diarrhea, small patients suffer much more often. Even in our time, this syndrome in infants often ends in a fatal outcome.

In addition to losing a large amount of liquid, the process of dehydration is fraught with the fact that together with water during the diarrhea the necessary salts and trace elements are washed out. And this leads to the disruption of the operation of all major systems. As a result, the baby may have a loss of consciousness, the heart rhythm will break, cramps and other life-threatening phenomena will appear. Dehydration with diarrhea in a child develops in the event of a viral or bacterial intestinal infection. Dehydration is provoked in this case by the following factors:

  • These microorganisms produce poisons that poison the cells of the body. In this regard, there is always a significant increase in temperature, which is a protective reaction. But because of this, the moisture so necessary for the body is lost;
  • Intestinal infections always occur accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea, which is also a protective reaction. But at the same time, this symptomatology intensively removes water from the body, which is the prerequisite for the emergence of dehydration.

Also with this type of pathology, loss of appetite occurs. Thus, the body prevents the repeated entry of pathogenic microorganisms from outside. Because of loss of appetite, the necessary moisture with food and drink stops coming into the body of the crumbs.

Symptoms of Dehydration with Diarrhea

All young parents need not only to know, but also be able to recognize the main signs of dehydration in children, in order to provide emergency help in time. Dehydration that occurs in infants with diarrhea can be identified by the following indicators:

  • Unexplained anxiety or lethargy;
  • Crying without tears and blinking eyes;
  • Dry mucous in the oral cavity;
  • The frequency of urination becomes much less frequent, and the secreted liquid has an intense smell and a dark color.

All these signs, which appear in a child with prolonged diarrhea, indicate the development of dehydration. If one or more of them appeared during diarrhea, an urgent appeal to the doctor is needed, which will prescribe adequate treatment at home or in the hospital. This will depend on the degree of dehydration of the baby's body that has arisen. But before the arrival of a specialist, you need to provide emergency aid. How to do this, also interests many parents.

Drug for dehydration with diarrhea

In order to prevent the aggravation of the dehydration process, it is necessary to begin immediate reception of rehydrating agents. It can be both purchased pharmaceutical preparations of the Regidron type, and self-prepared solution. All of them are the best medicines for dehydration with diarrhea. How do these drugs work?

After entering the body of the baby, the solution begins to restore the electrolytes washed during diarrhea. Put the level of salts at the expense of these drugs is filled. Also, these agents correct and normalize the acid-base balance. The sugar contained in this drug solution returns the cells to the acid balance by keeping the citrates at the level that is necessary for work. These solutions not only save the child from dehydration with diarrhea, but also very quickly return the child lost as a result of the ailment of force. From the experts' recommendations to such a drug as Regidron it is clear that he simultaneously acts on the exhausted body of the baby, both as an antidote and as a rehydrate.

To avoid dehydration with diarrhea, pediatricians are advised from the onset of development of a diarrhea baby to provide him with a plentiful drink. To consume liquid in this case, children should very often, after a few minutes, but with small sips. As a liquid, in the absence of a solution of electrolytes, it is very good to give kids non-carbonated water, broths of dogrose or compotes of dried fruits. If they start to give them children often and in small portions from the moment of diarrhea, it will help to avoid dehydration, which can provoke diarrhea. But it should be remembered that all offered to the crumbs during this ailment the drinks should be slightly warm, otherwise the effect from their use will be minimal.

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