How to treat children from 1 year-1.5 to 2 years( photo) from worms, what to give to a one-year-old child, what are the symptoms, medications, pills, drugs, remedies and prophylaxis?

As is known, the possibility of penetration of parasites into the human body can not be ruled out at any stage of human development, from being in the womb of the mother. However, if for an adult, and for a child, since the age of seven, nature has provided for a number of protective functions, then for preschool children these protective forces of the body are not enough.

Glaive infestations, depending on the extent of the lesion, cause different lesions, but especially they are dangerous in childhood. The greatest risk of helminth infection lies in wait for children aged one to two years, when they actively begin to know the world around them, go from crawling to walking. At this age, the kid wants to try the objects around him to taste and closely communicate with living beings that meet on his way. Therefore, the probability of parasites in a child under 2 years is almost one hundred percent.

Especially dangerous are the consequences of parasite infection in a one-year-old. As depicted in the picture, parasites can appear in the pallor of the face, the appearance of characteristic dark circles under the eyes. Helminths in a child of 1 year are dangerous because immunity is not yet formed, and worms can seriously damage their health if they do not take timely measures. Parasites in a child in the year can appear only from infected adults or older children. In 1.5 years, parasites can penetrate in different ways in view of a significant increase in its motor activity.

Signs of worms in children per year

The main symptoms of helminths in children are:

  • excited state;
  • restless night sleep, difficult falling asleep;
  • reflex tug of legs to the abdomen;
  • redness and itching near the anus.

At the age of one to two years, the baby can complain of abdominal pain or headache. Symptoms of helminths can be a decrease in body weight with the remaining appetite or lack thereof, upset of the stool, skin rash. Having discovered the signs of worms in a 1 year old child, it is necessary to urgently go to see a doctor to find out how to treat the worm to the baby or take other measures. The same applies to the establishment of symptoms of worms in children under 2 years. In general, the signs of parasites in a one-year-old do not differ much from the signs of helminths in a baby for 1.5 years. The only thing that in the latter case are additional signs of helminths in a child of one and a half year are those that are associated with greater opportunities for infecting a baby's parasites at this age.

Worm preparations for children from the year

The danger of choosing helminth agents for babies is that most of the medicines used for helminthiases have strong toxic properties. It is clear that the safety requirements significantly narrow the list of used remedies for parasites for babies up to 2 years. For the success of antihelminthic therapy, the following rules should be observed:

  1. Taking medications at doses prescribed by the doctor, without any derogation at their own discretion.
  2. Closely examine the contraindications, which are indicated in the annotation.
  3. Taking medicine for worms up to 2 years old under strict parental control.
  4. In difficult cases, the doctor prescribes a set of drugs taken at a certain interval.

Among the most effective tools recommended by the World Health Organization( WHO) for the treatment of parasites in children under 2 years old, Pirantel takes the first place. It is used for the treatment of enterobiosis, nematodosis, ascariasis, is released as a suspension. The main advantage of Pirantel is that by gently affecting the helminths in the intestine, it paralyzes them and, together with feces, removes them from the child's body. That is, for such a medicine from helminths to 2 years does not require special training, and it not only destroys parasites, but also painlessly takes them out naturally. The necessary dose is calculated by the doctor individually and for children from 1 year from parasites the recommended dose is 125 mg or 2.5 milliliters. Contraindication to taking Pirantel is only the individual intolerance of its components.

A good remedy for parasites is Nemocide, with the same active substance in its composition, as in Pirantel. Apply it to treat worms in babies in the same way as Pirantel. Another popular remedy for worms is Piperazine, but it is recommended only with minor invasion. Tablets from helminths due to the difficulties of their use are mostly not recommended for use. It is much easier to use for children a preparation from helminths in the form of a suspension or solution.

Under the action of drugs, dead parasites can provoke side effects in the form:

  • of a single diarrhea;
  • temperature rise;
  • weak pain in the abdomen, in addition, it is possible vomiting, discomfort in the mouth.

For the termination of these side effects prescribe the reception of sorbents, but they should be given no earlier than after the expiry of the day from the beginning of treatment of worms in a child of 1 year. Otherwise, any cure for helminths will be ineffective. Such effective antihistamines as Polysorb MP, Enterosgel, which can be taken in syrup or drops, are recommended as the best preparations for parasites.

When choosing a medicine for helminths, first of all it is necessary to consider how safe it is for the health of the child and what side effects it causes. Better than the cures for worms complex courses help. Worms are also helped by combinations of antihelminthic drugs taken with interruptions in a few days. To treat worms in children in 1 year, it is necessary under strict medical supervision. What to do from parasites to a child in a year can not be solved independently. What to give from worms to the kid in 1,5 years from worms, is solved by the doctor on the basis of analyzes and the collected information.

Prevention of worms in children under 2 years old

To avoid problems, what to give from parasites and how to treat worms in children under two years of age, care should be taken to prevent. Regardless of the age of the baby, the main thing is to observe the elementary standards of hygiene of all members of the family and maintain the cleanliness of the room where the child is. These rules are very simple and include:

  1. Washing hands with soap after coming from a walk or visiting the toilet.
  2. Short-cut clean nails of the baby.
  3. Daily wet cleaning indoors.
  4. Smoothing with hot iron of bed and underwear, in which the baby slept at night.
  5. After emptying, thoroughly wash the baby.
  6. Daily wash toys.

Prevention of helminths up to a year of life can be limited to these measures. At the age of one and a half year old, doctors recommend that once every six months, prevent the infection of parasites with medicines. This is especially true if the baby is attending a preschool, where a child is 1.5 years old, helminths may well be transferred from other children.

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