The Best's activity index for Crohn's disease

Crohn's disease usually occurs with a different severity, which you need to know in order to find the right therapeutic tactics for the patient. It is assessed by the activity index, which includes 8 signs, each of which after the calculations gives a certain number of points:

  • The frequency of liquid stool for a week;
  • Pain in the abdomen;
  • General health;
  • Concomitant Crohn's Disease is another symptom;
  • Symptomatic antidiarrheal agents used to treat the disease;
  • Body Mass;
  • Hematocrit;
  • Resistance of the abdominal wall.

In order to correctly determine the index of Crohn's disease activity, the quantitative ratio of each characteristic for a week is calculated and multiplied by a certain coefficient. After that, the results are summarized.

In medical practice, most often with Crohn's disease, in order to calculate the index of activity of this disease, the Best method is used. But, although he has the greatest number of positive reviews, 100% of the result does not give. In any case, with the appointment of adequate treatment, the data of diagnostic studies, as well as the results of laboratory tests, are taken into account.

If the patient has Crohn's disease, according to the Best's activity index, 3 degrees of severity of the disease are identified:

  1. If the calculations give 150-220 points, the inflammatory pathology proceeds in an easy form. When it is treated, specialist intestinal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed, as well as a mandatory diet that facilitates the work of inflamed digestive organs;
  2. An average degree of Crohn's disease is given with an activity index that corresponds to 220-450 points. Treatment of the disease that occurs in this form is carried out by antibacterial and hormonal drugs, and immunosuppressants are prescribed;
  3. When the total activity index for Best in Crohn's disease is more than 450 points, the disease is regarded as very severe. With this form it is usually used surgical intervention with subsequent medication.

With the remission of this pathology, the score is less than 150, and in the absence of its results, the calculations are close to zero. It should be taken into account that even if the independent calculation of the severity of the disease has given definite results, it is strictly not recommended to engage in self-medication, as this can cause irreparable harm to health.

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