Is it possible to drink alcohol at the reception of Wobenzym: interaction, consequences, responses

Wobenzym is a powerful natural preparation that is a mixture of enzymes and vitamin-like substances. It is actively used as an immunomodulator, analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug, most often as part of complex therapy. The list of indications for this medicine is quite wide - from banal sinusitis to cardiovascular diseases and postoperative complications. Therefore, many patients are concerned with the question - how to combine Wobenzym and alcohol and what the consequences can be caused by the mixing of therapeutic enzymes and ethanol.

Description of the drug Wobenzim

Wobenzym is a complex preparation containing a whole range of useful enzymes of plant and animal origin: pancreatin, lipase, bromelain, trypsin, etc. Also, the vobenzima pill contains rutozide( a group of vitamin P), strengthening the vascular walls and reducingblood coagulability.

Wobenzym is widely used as part of antibiotic therapy, hormonal, regenerative, sometimes it is also used as an independent drug.

The main indications for the appointment of Wobenzym as an auxiliary therapeutic agent:

  1. Various inflammatory processes( prostatitis, cystitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, pancreatitis, etc.).
  2. Sexual infections.
  3. Thrombophlebitis( thrombosis in combination with inflammation of the vascular wall).
  4. Subacute stage of myocardial infarction and angina.
  5. Hepatitis.
  6. Inflammation of the joints.
  7. Atopic dermatitis and acne.
  8. Multiple Sclerosis.
  9. Complications after operations( inflammation, swelling, adhesions, etc.).
  10. Contusions, fractures, burns, sports injuries, etc.

The dosage and duration of the enzyme course are very individual and are prescribed by the doctor after the most thorough study of the medical history. Age, diagnosis, chronic diseases, etc. are taken into account. The longest treatment course of Vobenzima( for chronic ailments) can last up to six months. The only exception is that such a powerful cocktail of plant-animal enzymes is banned for children under 5 years old.
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Alcohol compatibility

To write to the patient Wobenzym can doctor almost any specialization. As part of complex therapy, the therapeutic agent is actively used in urology, surgery, traumatology, pulmonology, gynecology, neurology, cardiology and even oncology.

The reason for the popularity of this polyenzyme is in a wide range of action:

  • stimulates the activity of immune cells and stops the inflammatory process;
  • improves the permeability of vascular walls;
  • normalizes the composition of the blood and improves its microcirculation;
  • accelerates the resorption of bruises and bruises;
  • improves the supply of tissues with oxygen and nutrients;
  • normalizes fat metabolism and promotes the assimilation of useful polyunsaturated fatty acids;
  • increases the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy( due to the increased concentration of antibiotics in the focus of inflammation);
  • reduces side effects from antibiotics and reduces the risk of dysbiosis;
  • smooths the side effects of hormonal drugs;
  • stimulates the production of natural interferons, that is, triggers the mechanism of adaptive( acquired) immunity.

Alcoholic beverages can completely destroy the healing and restoring effect of Wobenzima. This is due to the fact that alcohol strikes not only on specific organs and tissues, but also on the entire immune system with which Wobenzym "works".


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  1. Ethanol breaks the full exchange of proteins in lymphocytes( immune cells), which causes the body to produce less immunoglobulin - protective proteins. As a result, the immune system can not recover after an alcohol attack and becomes more susceptible to the effects of pathogenic microbes - viruses and bacteria.
  2. Often, Wobenzym is prescribed together with drugs that strongly affect the liver - synthetic hormones, antibiotics. If you use them with alcohol, the liver will have to simultaneously process both medicinal toxins and alcohol poisons, and this can cause liver disorders and even toxic hepatitis.
  3. All products of drug decay are excreted from the body by the kidneys - these organs also experience a double load when the rules for taking medications are violated. As a result - swelling, problems with urination and kidney disease.
  4. Wobenzym can be discharged simultaneously not only with antibiotics, but also with conventional anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs often cause side effects from the digestive system. Alcohol has a direct destructive effect on the gastric mucosa and intestines, in combination with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs, it can provoke nausea, vomiting, strengthen the hangover and ensure serious poisoning.

Possible consequences

The instructions for the use of the polyenzyme Wobenzima do not contain any information about the compatibility of its active components with alcohol. Near the drug itself, there are almost no "side effects", only a small urticaria, which passes right after the last tablet. All enzymes in the drug in response to ethanol and its degradation products do not enter, so the risk of side effects is minimal. But does this mean that the drug can be consumed with alcohol?

Doctors and pharmacists explain that the main effect of taking alcohol on the background of Wobenzym treatment is the zero effect of the drug. The harmful effect of alcohol will negate the therapeutic effect of polyferment and will not allow the immune system to recover.

But Wobenzym is very rarely prescribed as an independent drug, usually it is part of complex therapy, and it is quite powerful - antibacterial, hormonal, etc.

Depending on the nature of the main drug, taking hot drinks during treatment can provoke such consequences:

  • abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • increased alcohol intoxication;
  • painful hangover even with a small dose of the drug;Dizziness and headaches;
  • impaired coordination and confusion;
  • urination disorders and swelling;
  • allergic reactions( itching, dermatitis).

Rules for the admission of

Instructions for the use of most pharmacy drugs strictly forbid taking alcohol in parallel with the drug. In some cases, it is necessary to abstain from alcohol for several days and even weeks, until the decay products completely leave the body.

But Wobenzym - a preparation of natural origin, does not enter into dangerous reactions with alcohol and in principle they are compatible. Therefore, all the rules for simultaneous intake of alcohol and Wobenzym will depend on which medication is the main in complex therapy - antibiotics, hormones, anti-inflammatory, etc.

Polyenzyme preparation Wobenzym is often prescribed as part of complex therapy for severe illnesses, during which alcohol is banned in principle, since these substances are not compatible. This, for example, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, thrombophlebitis.

In other cases, the possibility of taking hot drinks depends on the medications that the patient takes in parallel with Wobenzym. If it's antibiotics, hormones, anti-inflammatory and some other drugs, the doctor will strictly prohibit alcohol during treatment. Otherwise, unpredictable side effects may appear, and the therapeutic effect will simply disappear.

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