Treatment of exacerbation of( acute) colitis of the intestine, how to treat?

Increasingly among inflammatory pathologies of the digestive organs is diagnosed an intestinal disease, like colitis, which for the most part proceeds in a chronic form with a regular change in periods of exacerbations and remissions. The acute period in the development of this disease is characterized by severe symptoms, which disrupts the patient's habitual lifestyle by their unpleasant manifestations, and therefore is subject to immediate treatment in the hospital.

From patients suffering from this pathological inflammation of the colon, one often hears the question: "How to treat an exacerbation of colitis and what should I do not to remember about abdominal pain and other unpleasant symptoms as much as possible?"Specialists in this case recommend to use complex therapy, which contributes to:

  • Complete elimination or significant reduction of the inflammatory process on the walls of the digestive organ ;
  • Withdrawal of severe symptoms accompanying exacerbation of colitis;
  • Treatment of impaired intestinal motility and strengthening of the muscles of its walls .

Also therapeutic methods in the acute form of the disease contribute to the elimination of the general physiological signs of this disease, which are expressed in weakness, malaise, fever and loss of appetite.

How to treat an exacerbation of colitis?

Inflammatory bowel disease that lasts for a long time in a state of remission allows the patient to forget about the possibility of resumption of this disease with its severe symptoms. Many, having relaxed, allow themselves to admit some errors in the recommended diet. Such violations in the therapy of the disease lead to the occurrence of seizures, and with them and unpleasant manifestations that prevent a person from leading a normal full life.

Therefore, do not forget that in order to prevent the onset of exacerbation of colitis it is very important even during the remission of the disease to continue the recommended treatment by a specialist, which consists of a special diet, as well as exercises of exercise therapy that help maintain intestinal muscles in tone.

To ensure that the effect of preventive treatment of colitis is most noticeable and the disease has not worsened as long as possible , dishes containing vegetable fiber should be maintained in the diet, and avoid eating any products that irritate the intestines.

Therapy for exacerbation of colitis

Therapy for this pathology should result from the following indications:

  • The degree of activity that is present in this disease ;
  • Localization and prevalence of the inflammatory process ;
  • Presence of any complications caused by the disease.

Also in the treatment of exacerbation of intestinal colitis, the following features of the patient must be considered: individual drug or food intolerance, concomitant diseases, sex and age of the patient. Evaluation of these factors in choosing the mode of therapy is necessary to increase the probability of successful solving the specialist such tasks as:

  • Elongation of the remission periods ;
  • Reduced manifestations of clinical signs of the disease ;
  • Improving the quality of life of patients.

When prescribing drug therapy for the treatment of exacerbation of colitis by a doctor, the nature of the causative agent affecting the occurrence of recurrence of the disease, as well as the symptomatology of the disease must be taken into account:

  • Staphylococcal infection requires the mandatory assignment of derivatives of nitrofuran ;
  • In the event that the exacerbation of colitis is triggered by a prosthesis, Nevigramon or Biseptol will be prescribed for the effectiveness of treatment by a specialist.

In addition, regardless of which agent triggered the onset of colitis, the patient is shown and the treatment with assisted by with a short course of antibiotics. All therapeutic medications in adults are designed to restore the microflora of the digestive organ after suppressing the negative effect produced by the pathogen, as well as reducing the intestinal irritation caused by pathological processes that have arisen due to exacerbation of colitis.

All activities, such as , for the medical treatment of acute colitis, and the selection of a special diet, as well as a set of exercises for exercise therapy, should be selected by a specialist immediately after all the diagnostic tests necessary for diagnosing have been performed. The patient also requires their strict observance and avoidance of any errors that could lead both to the occurrence of relapse of the disease, and to the development of undesirable consequences.

If the technique for the treatment of exacerbation of colitis is matched correctly and take into account all the individual characteristics of the , both the disease and the patient itself, it guarantees the or complete recovery, or the opportunity to forget about the symptoms of the disease for years to come.

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